Night of the Assassins

Night of the Assassins

Horror mystery about the residents of a Louisiana castle who are being murdered by a masked killer. When the family arrives for the reading of Marion's will, his wife is strapped to the face of a cliff and drowned by the tide. More murders follow, and as Inspector Bore investigates, he discovers some dark secrets in the family's past.

Horror mystery about the residents of a Louisiana castle who are being murdered by a masked killer. When the family arrives for the reading of Marion's will, his wife is strapped to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (it) wrote: Good that i've seen it once now ....was interesting , but not enough highlights . Just Oke

Zachary M (ru) wrote: I'm a huge John Steinbeck fan. My favorite of his works' is The Pearl, a story about a common man coming into great wealth and suddenly finding all those around him wanting to have some or all of his good fortune. That's exactly what this movie is.It's a tale about greed. How people and family you once thought where your friends turning on you and doing anything in their power to sabotage you. It's also about discovery. Discovering a different side to your parents and really yourself that you never knew existed. The stark black and white also highlights the bleak atmosphere of the town and the story. Showing how the thing you thought you knew best where in fact secretly terrible. The story's climax is one of hope and optimism. An optimism for a renewed respect and appreciation for your family and the discovering who you can really trust in life. Well, at least it has a happier ending than The Pear.

Kenny N (fr) wrote: No stars. I like horror anthology movies, but this garbage heap is one I'd wished I'd ignored. I hate every story, I hate the terrible performances, I hate the jumbled writing, I hate the tone deaf direction, I hate the cheap soundtrack, and above all, I hate the absolute lack of SCARES. This movie is disgusting, sure. Upsetting...disturbing...diseased even...but NOT SCARY!!! And also not fun. I haven't the faintest idea who would enjoy sitting through this headache inducing parade of unlikable characters and confusing stories. It's obviously not me though. But I'm a fan of "Creepshow" and "VHS." Where there were scares and stories and SOMETHING of some sort. Not just all this dead air. I recommend those instead. Skip this. You will live a happy healthy life without this, trust me.

Marcus B (ca) wrote: Think poor man's '10.000BC' with some REALLY bad acting. The big mystery is how Sean Bean got caught up in this mess.

Erik S (it) wrote: Colombian pacific zone trapped on a movie.

Joy B (es) wrote: good script and cast/performances in what could have easily been a play. writer/director john sayles deserves a pat on the back.

grace a (de) wrote: it was really bad! one of the worst why the hell do you have it on ur list!?!?!?! >:(

Becky T (kr) wrote: An easy-to-watch movie, and exactly as predictable as you'd expect. Good for a Saturday afternoon.

James H (ru) wrote: A fantastic Spielberg film that blends original ideas from the future with real life problems. I think over time this could be seen as one of the greats as it is well acted, brilliantly directed with enough twists and turns to blow anyone's mind. I would put this in Spielberg's top 10 best films.

Glenna B (jp) wrote: fantastic and emotive, challenges your darkest world and cleverly combines vanilla, s&m with humour and class. Great film !!!!

Chelsey (es) wrote: loved it seen it a thousand times

Evan K (ca) wrote: i'm sorry, man, but this film is sorely underrated. Not really. It blows. But, hey, I find it terribly amusing.

Juli N (ag) wrote: 3 hours may seem like a long time but when the film is this high quality it leaves you wanting more!

Kevin N (ru) wrote: I imagine Bunuel had a ball making this film, as he got to exploit all his usual criticisms and questions about sexuality, religion and the upper-class while keeping everything under the structure of a classic melodrama. It's one of his more playful films, but there is a shockingly dangerous side to it as well. Though the whole story is stylistically very tongue-in-cheek, the comments being made about the risk of fetishism pushed too far and the selfishness of human nature are quietly obscene. The film revolves around the coincidence of two lust-induced murders, though only one of them is investigated as such. Each character has his or her own sexual fantasies, and they all chase after each other with timid but gripping desire. Jeanne Moreau is scary-good, an actress willing to expose both her innocent prettiness and her dominant ferocity for self-fulfillment. Michel Piccoli is perfectly cast as a cautiously horny nervous wreck, a man so repressed of his own physical needs that he practically screams his intentions in ticks and stutters. I'm not sure just how much of Octave Mirbeau's novel was faithfully adapted here, but I can't help but guess that the source material was only ever intended by Bunuel as a facade for his macabre assault on the bourgeoisie, fascism and the animal instinct of desire.

Lauren S (it) wrote: Not my favorite out of the DC universe, but it was still an enjoyable film.

Manjish A (kr) wrote: LOvely storyline... Leo's awesome as always :)

Janis A (gb) wrote: My favourite Tennis movie and for me, one of my favourite love comedies too.

Lauren S (fr) wrote: A fantastic film that completely turns classic horror tropes on their heads and subverts the horror genre as a whole. The meta is amazing, as is the gorgeous cinematography and some kick ass camera work. It was especially fun to view after having finished watching all eleven Friday the 13th movies.

Mat K (it) wrote: You wonder why they decided to set this one in Canada. There is nothing particularly Canadian about it. It could have just as easily been set in Scotland, or Whales. However the screenwriter did do enough research to make it plausible and none of the accents made me squirm in agony. It is a good Holmsian mystery with plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing. The lighting, camera work and their willingness to go dark makes this movie a cut above many of its counter parts.