Night of the Dog

Night of the Dog

Six men set out for an epic night with the boys, and end up getting dragged through the broken glass of their pending relationships. Through the course of one intense night, they undergo ...

Six men set out for an epic night with the boys, and end up getting dragged through the broken glass of their pending relationships. Through the course of one intense night, they undergo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob J (gb) wrote: A great documentary about data privacy and corporate/government abuse (with zero mention of Ed Snowden too).

Kpv B (us) wrote: This narrative of the events following Jessica lal murder case is pretty simple and straight forward with no big dramatization. Vidya is terrific as the sister fighting for justice while Rani over does her part. Amit Trivedis Killer soundtrack is big bonus.

Ashley M (fr) wrote: Terrible. I ended up not watching the last half of film, and sleeping. From the start of film i knew it was going to be rubbish. The film is in b/w with some colour now and again.

Eric L (es) wrote: re-live the same day over and over. Great juve humor

AnneKaisa H (fr) wrote: Ihan paras Miike-leffa ikin! Perustuu pleikkarin Yakuza-peliin, joka on kans aivan mahtava:D Lytyisp t jostain dvd:n...

Neil G (br) wrote: Perhaps one of the best movies I have seen in my life so far. This movie captures the spirt of hope while being a true epic. A must see for any movie lover, watching this movie is truly an experience of great story-telling, yet has elements of truth to it.

Panta O (us) wrote: I cannot believe that this film is so underrated... I found the story of Walter Koontz (Robert De Niro) - highly decorated "local hero" police officer - amazing! Well developed and done with warmness - warmness missing from most of the movies today! The real story starts when one night, Walter hears gunshots upstairs, and while ascending to help he suffers a stroke. Awakening with the right side of his body paralysed is something he is not used to, and his poor speech and posture gives a massive blow to his ego... so much that Walter becomes ashamed to be seen in public. Rusty (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is one of Walter's drag queen neighbours and the two are at-odds constantly due to their differing lifestyles. Rusty has a desire to undergo a transsexual operation, but lacks the money to do so. When Walter comes to Rusty to use his musical talents for voice lessons to overcome his impediment, the pair while at first argumentative and uncomfortable with the other begin to become friends. Good acting from two real stars, but nothing spectacular. The screenplay is sometimes very rough around the edges... but it is real as it can be... Joel Schumacher did well in that part, but the directing was too formulaic, and that is the reason for the lower rating! This film could be so much better if he was a little bit braver!

Alessandro B (de) wrote: I've seen this film several times, and it is always a pleasure. My five star rating may seem a bit excessive, but I linke films that engross me in a historical events against the backdrop of the personal vicissitudes of its characters (and vice-versa). Another element in its favor is the beautiful Elgar like score, which no doubt enhances the ideas and feelings of the movie for people who like music as much as I do.

Devin M (ag) wrote: Masterfully capitalizes on the feeling of nostalgia but comes up just a bit short in taking advantage of the great potential of its different storylines in terms of overall coherence and balance.

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: The first Sex and the City! LOL Though this is rather dated, it is still very entertaining and witty! By the end it got rather rediculous and silly, but still entertaining.

Robert C (au) wrote: It's more boring than the title would suggest.

Steve C (nl) wrote: The directors cut MUST be seen. 20th century fox should be ashamed they made Scott cut and butcher the film the way he did. Please watch the directors cut. For anyone to say its a masterpiece is an understatement.

Joe H (de) wrote: A scathing critique of America's rabid media consumption, utilizing a real-life 50's game show scandal to fundamentally challenge audience perception and bring light to classic and oft-ignored showbiz conflict: honesty vs. entertainment. In an age of exaggerated, sensationalist TV, this 90's film is more applicable now than ever, and leads one to wonder how "real" reality TV is, or more troubling, how "real" reality TV can even be. Redford's directing is slick and restrained, lending the film a thoughtful immediacy to its thematic conclusions. Additionally, the entire cast is exceptional. John Turtoro, Ralph Fiennes, and Paul Scofield in particular give some of the best performances of their careers. In an immensely crowded decade, Quiz Show remains one of the greatest and most compelling films of the 90's, whose lasting themes are still applicable and indeed, fundamental.

Brian C (us) wrote: Fantastic Canadian horror movie from the twisted mind of David Cronenberg. A woman with a vagina-type opening in her armpit has a penile like appendage that sucks blood from people and gives them super-rabies, which she received from a botched plastic surgery.Yep, and it just gets crazier and crazier. Surprisingly well acted, and filled with subtle themes on the medical profession, police states and promiscuity.