Night of the Groping Dead

Night of the Groping Dead

After discovering that Misty has a magic stone called the "The Crack of Dawn", Queen Zombie Ruby sends her army of zombies to get it, get her, grope her and turn her into a zombie too.

Zombies are loose and ready to grope and eat. Beware if you get anywhere near them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night of the Groping Dead torrent reviews

Tony D (br) wrote: I really liked this movie! I didn't watch it because I read what you other boneheads wrote. My bad! I realize it has a specific audience, I am one of those. If you don't like the first 15 minutes, simply change the channel.

Paul T (mx) wrote: Why are polarizing, anger-driven TV shows (that look like news) so popular? We're all dumbfounded, yet the ratings don't lie. But who DOES lie? And is that an omen to the future of American politics and media? Painstakingly photographed and edited, Patriocracy exposes the dirty little secrets of where 21st-century media meets politics.

Srikanth D (ag) wrote: Not Watched but looking to watch it

Yuri B (gb) wrote: This was a really great family film. John C. Reilly & Sarah Silverman's voices & inflections were absolutely perfect... & Silverman is very underrated.

Hannah D (mx) wrote: This is very understated, but it is beautifully made. It often felt like I was looking at a painting! It is rather slow, but does not get boring at all. Rachel Weisz really steals every scene as the love-deprived housewife, who is prepared to jeopardise her comfortable lifestyle by having an affair with a former RAF pilot.

John P (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie with a well done story, well explained character development, and plenty of action

George B (it) wrote: Pretty well made for such a low budget film. Some of the effects were good but most of the acting sucked.

Joanna W (au) wrote: Really disturbing documentary which is a must see for anyone that thinks that they are desensitized from all is all I can say. One of the best movies I have ever seen...and longest (4 HOURS!)

deanna d (it) wrote: proof that sometimes critics' reviews are just pure bs. there must be some sort of internal grudge against david duchovny, because this was everything a coming-of-age film should be. beautiful, fearless, and touching.

John L (au) wrote: Interesting curio if you lived through it, as is Joe Park's naivete/chutzpah. But it's only barely interesting.

Donnie B (kr) wrote: Visionary and beautiful in ways that most films never even think to dream of approaching, James is imagination married with visuals with the best of outcomes.

Alex N (es) wrote: Great Movie. I love the action, the acting, and nearly everything about it.Sure, it's not the best movie in existence, but it's far from the worst.It's sequel definitely fell flat in comparison.

Jack F (au) wrote: This movie is a fun ride. Many say it is not worth watching but I disagree. It is fun from the the time it starts and continues on. Crazy fun characters all around.

Will D (it) wrote: Elegant art cinema, the imagination and poetry of the images on offer are truly astounding. But be wildered.

Matthew G (de) wrote: This is one of the first movies I can remember...

Brennan J (nl) wrote: Break out the manhattans and cigarettes for this one.

Jessie C (jp) wrote: Nosferatu is a 1922 German film directed by F.W. Murnau, written by Henrik Galeen, and starring Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, and Greta Schrder.Liked it, didn't love it. There are so many times during horror films when I think of a smarter plan of action than the characters did, and this movie was just the same.I totally understand that it is a classic, and it definitely deserves to be. It's important to note the time this movie came from while critiquing it. Things in the film that may seem amateur now were ground-breaking back then.The film unfolded in a somewhat confusing manner. Something I've noticed about watching these earlier films is that the pacing is strange. It will be moving incredibly slow and/or including scenes that weren't really necessary, and then things that should take a long time happen in a snap with no explanation. I know that's vague but when watching, be prepared for seemingly random behavior stemming from somewhat ambiguous motives. I thought I was having difficulty suspending disbelief, but you can only blame it on that so many times before you have to accept that the film just isn't filling in all the blanks. It was successful in creeping me out, that's for sure. Interesting enough but I did find myself ready for it to be over a while before it actually was. It has awesome special effects for 1922. There were interesting, creative angles. It is a classic for a reason, definitely, and I'll recommend it, I guess. Bechdel test: 0/1Did not pass. Only one female character and her sole reason for existence was to worry about her husband and be in utter despair. Did I enjoy it? 1/1Do I ever want to see it again? I would watch it again, yes.Do I ever want to include it in my own collection? It's already included but I don't think I would intend to buy it if it wasn't. 7/10Bye love you-Jessie Carlson

Emma P (mx) wrote: A good film based on Katy Perry's life. Would recommend to and Katycats.

Mandela W (gb) wrote: So this is similar to a tarantino flick but it doesn't posses the same wit and humor as his films have. Only good thing was that the editing is tremendous scenes flow so well into each other like each one dives into the other. this MUST be commended. the cast was hit or miss. some stoodout while others faultered immeasureably such as Taraji P Henson and Ray Liotta hell even common wasn't intriguing me here. pretty crazy to see joel edgerton's earliest role. I liked ben afflecks new york accent and he pulls off the swagger of a new Yorker well despite being a bostontonian. he was pretty good during his limited time on screend. Alicia keys is not bad in here. she has real pose and can deliver lines really well. her voice just grabs your attention as it should since she is a musician as well. I was impressed by her. she should do more action films or at least crime films Jeremy piven is decent here but not much dimension with his character. he just seemed like a sleazebag. actually he reminded me a bit of his character on entourage. ryan Reynolds was his usual witty self here but not often you see him playing cops.the story itself was a bit of a mess I must say. the writing is lackluster to say the least. The direction was muddled. Coming off of the fantastic and hard hitting Narc Joe Caranhan struggles with his story telling here among this cast of newbees and vets. it really became a bit of hot mess. the action scenes were pretty good though.Aaaaand the final verdict.....Smokin Aces SUCKED!!