Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

In this remake of the original classic film, a group of people are trapped inside a farmhouse as legions of the walking dead try to get inside and use them for food.

A remake of George Romero's 1968 black-and-white classic that begins in a cemetery, as the recently-dead return to life - from an unknown cause - and attack the living as their prey. One woman escapes the frightening zombies to take refuge with others in a farmhouse, as every cadaver for miles around hungers for their flesh. Will they make it through the night...that the dead came back to life? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Night of the Living Dead torrent reviews

Julian T (ca) wrote: Gotta love giant rubber snake movies. As far as that specific genre goes, this one's not bad. A ridiculous plot, horrible acting, shoddy script, and suspect effects combine with a well paced story to give the viewer all the awfulness of great and entertaining B movie. The highlight for me is the climactic battle between the 30 ft rubber cobra VS. Pat Morita, which is just as strange as it sounds. Still 200 times better than any SciFi Original of similar plot.

Joo P (mx) wrote: personal favorite homo-love story movie ...

Sugeiny T (gb) wrote: Diego Luna is fantastic! His character is such a freak i love him!!!! hahaha I enjoyed this movie very much! It's very well-developed!

Brian K (es) wrote: Sloppy, some laughs.

mike d (de) wrote: I thought is was supposed to be about happiness, not the lack of happiness. Kinda heavy.

ariane l (us) wrote: Isabelle hupert son meilleur, la jeune pianiste galement, il ne faut pas se fier aux apparences, popurtant dans se film, si!

Devonte S (kr) wrote: I love this and the 1st one!!!!

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Excellent movie. 4 Oscars! Incredible movie! Highly recommend.

Wes S (ca) wrote: A bit lacking, yet it's interesting and a unique film. There's not really enough dragon action though, and there's tons of flaws. The characters are a bit confusing, and the plot feels different from the usual monster flick. Still, it somehow ends up feeling right.

Steven C (br) wrote: Now this is a lot of fun. Luis Bunuel's final film, "That Obscure Object of Desire" charts the relevant yet rocky terrain of passion vs. obsession and love vs. absurdity. Bunuel does some really intriguing things with casting, cross cutting stories and the actors have fun with their wacky and juxtapositional dialogue. I love movies about 'emotional terrorism' and this is one of the earlier films to probe the theme. It's funny, timely (even though it was released in 1977) and intriguing.

Calvin C (ca) wrote: Considering when it was made, this is still a great science fiction fantasy with impressive special effects and a sense of old school fun and adventure. I like the real-time aspect of the story and though the characters are not too deep (Donald Pleasence is the only one with something fun to do), they aren't really the stars of the show anyway. It is a journey through the human body. Enjoy the ride.Grade: B+

Michael K (br) wrote: Still waiting for this one to come out on DVD in Australia as well.

Al H (ru) wrote: The perfect mix of drama and comedy.

Spencer P (de) wrote: Hands down one of the best Christmas movies ever. Solid storytelling, great performance from everyone, especially Alan Rickman, considering this was his first movie. One of my favorites.

Kimberly W (gb) wrote: This movie was hilarious! Definitely recommend watching it!

Don S (br) wrote: I'm afraid to say the effervescent and totally hot Anna Kendrick could not make this "comedy" with horror elements (zombies, wraiths, etc.) watchable. The Biblical rapture takes place, and those left behind must contend with the Anti-Christ (known as The Beast) until the coming of Jesus. Not really a concept to build a comedy around. Kendrick and her boyfriend try to stop the Beast, and supposedly this is where the hilarity ensues. Nothing funny. Not much good except Kendrick.