Night of the Living Dead 3D

Night of the Living Dead 3D

Both an homage to and a re-imagining of the original 1968 film, this update follows a group of survivors trapped in a farmhouse battling a siege of undead 3D!

Both an homage to and a re-imagining of the original 1968 film, this update follows a group of survivors trapped in a farmhouse battling a siege of undead 3D! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night of the Living Dead 3D torrent reviews

John M (gb) wrote: Well shot, compelling, and educational look into the competition to become a grand master sommelier.

Alejandro L (it) wrote: Comdie tchque sympathique et sans grande prtention

John Eric D (mx) wrote: What's cool about black dynamite is its funny comic sketch with those old skul funky music, old skul camera angles and made Michael Jai White an African American Bruce Lee. White's genius knows what the viewers wants these days and he digs it.

Allen G (jp) wrote: A striking lead performance takes, an otherwise questionable film, beyond its capabilities and leaves us with a rare indie character study that is understated yet powerful when it wants to be.The film overall is every bit as lost and misguided as its title character but its unconvincingly depressing and over-mature themes are simmered down somewhat thanks to a completely convincing performance from Gyllenhaal. It is too indie though and damages itself in entirely preventable ways leaving us quite annoyed that the good scenes are diamonds in the rough as opposed to commonplace here. There is nothing particularly original here yet it all feels different, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. The desperation on show takes centre in the end sadly but the glimmers of something really special are memorable.You will not struggle to find a film that betters this one in every way but this one is still hard to dismiss and eventually becomes worthy of the moderate praise that it requests. It dangles on the ledge and falters often but in the end it stays on its feet.

Jeff G (ag) wrote: Seeing Paranoid Park reminds me of this wonderful film I saw a few years back. This is more realistic movie about sk8rs and street kids in the NorthWest. Very low-budget, poor acting and lighting, but despite all that it's a very mesmerizing film, because it captures the isolation and loneliness of Northwest street kids with such honesty. These people feels so real that it's almost like I've met them before. It succeeded not in production value or storytelling, but the mood it captures. Possibly better at that than Paranoid Park, but that's mainly because homeless kids are far more interesting than teenage sk8rs from the 'burbs.

Warren M (gb) wrote: Funny if you're in the right mood.

Abel D (br) wrote: Indecisive as to its target audience, Cabin Boyis at once a colourful comedy caper on the high seas, with production values that recall old Technicolor adventures, and yet, loaded with racy gags and an almost adult cynicism that horribly clashes. Doesnt help that the plot is inconsequential, and the characters all various shades of bland.

Michael C (es) wrote: There's this underlying beauty in the freak show known as 'Santa Sangre'. We focus on the journey the main character Fenix has to endure; from his mother's death, to being raised in a mental institution, to the lingering ghoul of his mother trapping him in her "loving" care after his release from the institution. This artsy, surrealistic tale is filmed with a quality so tender yet horrific by director Alejandro Jodorowsky gives off the impression of a traveling circus, when in reality, it's a much deeper story about the need to be free of your demons.

Kevin S (mx) wrote: A very good movie, one of my favorites of Mariel Hemmingway

William W (gb) wrote: Over the course of my cinematic love affair, I have really enjoyed the few films I have seen, either starring Pam Grier, one of my favourite B-movie American actresses, or that were directed by Jack Hill. I can't get enough of especially the films of which they collaborated, 'Foxy Brown' and this, both of which I consider up there with the 'Shaft' trilogy and 'Super Fly' as masterpieces of the 'urban action' genre of the 70's. She, just 24 when she made this, certainly was one of the most beautiful and exciting women ever put on celluloid, and while I also love both Hill's short film 'The Host' and 'Switchblade Sisters' (viewed on one DVD as part of Quentin Tarantino's 'Rolling Thunder' reissue series), here his pacing and filming are on an entirely different level altogether.It's a shame for us cinephiles that he chose at such an early age, 42 and clearly in his filmmaking prime, to retire from the business to both write novels as well as explore meditation with his wife, but I'm thankful for the films he made. The soundtrack (and most particularly the killer title song) by one of my favourite jazz/funk singer/musicians of the period, Roy Ayers, is up there with Curtis Mayfield's for 'Super Fly' as essential listening for lovers of such music.Say what you want about him as a filmmaker, but I for one am glad that Tarantino has revived interest in both the actress (casting her as the star of 'Jackie Brown') and the director (through his aforementioned reissue series). It is an under-recognized way that Tarantino has significantly contributed to contemporary American cinema of all sorts, and has helped these unsung heroes from prior generations, who would otherwise be neglected and ignored unjustly from contemporary cinephilic attention.