Night People

Night People

A US intelligence officer, stationed in Germany, is caught in a political dilemma when the Russians kidnap a young Army private, the son of prominent American businessman. In exchange for the soldier's return, the Russians attempt to barter a trade for an elderly German couple who they want for treason.

Post WWII yarn about a young GI abducted by the Soviets in West Berlin and hauled off to the East. His recovery gets complicated as Colonel Steve Van Dyke (Peck) tries to sort out the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jim C (jp) wrote: I thought this was a pretty decent movie. If you enjoy the books and the character it's pretty good. My only criticism would be that the studio picked one of the weaker books as the basis for this movie. So many good Reacher books to choose from. If they do a third installment hopefully they pick a stronger book.

AJ G (it) wrote: My sister keep going on and on about how great this movie was but although I didn't think it was bad, in my option it only deserves a 3 star rating. There were so many hole in the story's general concept that made it hard to believe not to mention some of the concepts like "twinness" that just made it down right cheesey.

Barry N (ca) wrote: This film is far from being genius, but I will say that the plot was highly original. I love the idea of comics being together in one world and they treat comic strips like films. While the animation was abysmal, the film was decent enough to keep me interested.

Barney o (it) wrote: WHAT I LIKE: Perhaps most shockingly, this film makes the WW2 setting work and consequently grounds Steve Rogers in his shoes better than any Marvel movie has to date. Because everything's established so well, there's also some genuinely emotional parts that provoke a rare attachment and sadness amongst the Marvel audience. Think it's all gone soft though, and you'd be wrong, because Johnston packs this full of well-choreographed action scenes and retro montages that bring style to the substance too.WHAT I DON'T LIKE: It may not be the most mature affair if we're being honest...VERDICT: What a surprisingly good film; 'Captain America: The First Avenger' is just as full of heart as it's leading hero. A great start to a brilliant trilogy.

Raffy John M (ru) wrote: A lovely story. A girl who prejudiced a man and ended up falling with the guy. Good movie!!!

Harry W (au) wrote: Although I expected 3000 Miles to Graceland to be a crap film, I can't miss anything that has Kurt Russell in it and I enjoy Kevin Costner films so I figured it couldn't hurt to watch,3000 Miles to Graceland seems to want to be a comedy film in aprts becauuse its concept is clearly comically oriented, being a film about Elvis impersonators robbing a casino. It is not a premise that should go straight up and serious but seems to be a caper film at first. Eventually though, it becomes clear that Demian Lichtenstein takes the film way too seriously. Without the Elvis element to the film, 3000 Miles to Graceland is just another generic heist film. It takes no time for this to happen because while the film starts out with potential, it loses sight of the Elvis concept immediately after the opening heist and so from there the audience really has nothing to look forward to. What begins as a violent heist film quickly dissolves into a boring crime drama that deviates between being both that and a road movie. It can never settle on precisely what genre it wants to be and therefore is a very shaky and tonally inconsistent experience. The one thing that actually is consistent in the film is its lackluster quality.From a techincal perspective, 3000 Miles to Graceland has a colourful style to it thanks to a versatile array of costumes for all the Elvis impersonators and some nice scenery which is captured with effective cinematography. But in terms of script, it does literally nothing to help out a film of the quality that 3000 Miles to Graceland maintains. I use that term with hesitation because the film was solid crap due to the fact that it was not exhilerating enough to survive as a legitimate crime tale and since it was not even the slightest bit funny and therefore completely neglected its comic potential. 3000 Miles to Graceland fails to be a film in eiter of its central genres and stands to do nothing but bore the audience to death while it wastes the talents and charms of both Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner. For some reason, the focus of the story is so scattered that neither of them are consistent with screentime. It doesn't really matter all that much though because there is not a single character in the film that is really the slightest bit compelling, so therefore the actors are no better. The film has some decent scenes, most of them being scenes where shootouts occur or Courtnex Cox Arquette is subtly flashing off her body, but there is very few of those over the course of the excessively prolonged 125 minute running time and distinctive lack of entertainment value. The fact is that 3000 Miles to Graceland is not an especially dumb film, it is just that the film had potential and sacrificed it all to be a generic waste of talented actors' time.3000 Miles to Graceland is a slow, long and boring waste of $62 million or $42 million depending on where you source the evidence. Either way, any sensible viewer would question the background of where the money came from. There is a reason that you've never heard of director and writer Demian Lichtenstein before. It's because he made this piece of crap, this overlong and overblown waste of money which boasted nothing positive to justify its creation. Its existence genuinely puzzles me, and the only good thing it did was kill Demian Lichtenstein's career before it got out of hand and before he squandered further millions on blind ambition.The cast in the film manage to do nothing to help 3000 Miles to Graceland either.Kurt Russell has had a longstanding association with Elvis having played him in the 1979 biopic about him as well as playing him briefly in Forrest Gump. 3000 Miles to Graceland appears to be a desperate attempt to cash in on that and team him up with Kevin Costner, but it simply does not work. This is Kurt Russell's number one sellout because while it doesn't affect my opinion of him as an actor, it reminds me that even he has to succumb to big budget crap at some point in his life. This is his low point because it is a waste of both his talents and his legacy as a strong Elvis figure. Kurt Russell's presence might appeal to fans on the surface and the most die hard may keep watching jsut because he's in it, but there is nothing that he has to work with and nothing he can do with the part which means that it is one of his most forgettable performances.Kevin Costner does no better. Kurt Russell at least has the legacy of being good in Elvis Roles, one thing that Kevin Costner does not. So therefore on the surface it sounds funny for him to be in an Elvis-themed comedy role. The film fails to go anywhere past the surface in the role because the role does not have anything to give to him, and he has little to give back either. Kevin Costner was at a low point in his career by the point of 3000 Miles to Graceland, and it shows because the role is so terrible that it easily reveals just how little he can do. He is not the slightest bit funny, and the fact that it is genuinely him in the role does not do anything to help him either. Kevin Costner is not such an appealing cast member in 3000 Miles to Graceland, so the film serves as a worse film than Waterworld and The Postman combined despite what critics might tell you.Courtney Cox Arquette is undoubtably an asset in 3000 Miles to Graceland because her popularity was at peak at the time of the film's release due to her role as Monica Green on the great sitcom Friends. But the thing which is more emphasized in the part is her sex appeal. Her character is a very thinly sketched one and so her presence in the part does help to elavate her success in the role a bit, but there ends up being little that she does in the part except looking good in underwear. She does that part right, but she is not funny or compelling in 3000 Miles to Graceland and therefore just represents another actor wasting their time on a doomed vanity project.So despite having the presence o a talented cast, the actors in 3000 Miles to Graceland fail to illuminate the film as it suffers under the burden of an excessively pathetic script, glacial pacing, excessive length and an absolute lack of fun in the film whatsoever.

John B (it) wrote: Freaking LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Any KISS addict like me will LOVE THIS MOVIE!! ALL HAIL KISS!!!!!!!

Walter M (it) wrote: The scale of this film is epic. It's a good watch if you like movies like this. Beware though, it isn't a musical. It's more of an opera.

Schehad A (mx) wrote: Not worth watching - not even for 5 minutes!!

David W (jp) wrote: I don't think I'm Catholic enough to be scared by this...

darren m (ag) wrote: an evil look at Dr Jeykell and mr hyde played by the great anthony perkins and like always is awesome at it

Alejandro M (us) wrote: que tan distinto era todo 60 aos atrs...

Dano S (es) wrote: This is a great movie!

Marco P (ru) wrote: It's a crime that I've only just seen this. Before this I held Coppola's film the superior Dracula movie-- this one is just a loose adaptation but blows most Dracula films out of the water. The great Klaus Kinski provides a mesmerizing terror in his count, watch the dinner scene with him and Harker and try not to flinch. Bruno Ganz is a sturdy Harker and Isabelle Adjani a lovely Lucy.All actors bring their A-game to the table and Herzog successfully avoids the campy horror film label that it could have easily fallen into. Herzog's filmmaking style, accompanied by Popol Vuh's haunting soundtrack pay due homage to Murnau's classic.

Darren D (br) wrote: This film was total garbage. The acting was awful. No one in this film had a clue about acting but clearly though that their acting was great. What is the point of Asylum remaking superior films and turing them into abysmal trash. Words cannot describe how dreadful this movie is. -300 million/10.