Night Sun

Night Sun

Based on Leo Tolstoy's novel, Father Sergius, Night Sun stars Julian Sands as Sergio, a nobleman in 18th-century Italy who is expected to marry a duchess, Nastassja Kinski. Upon learning that she was previously the King's mistress, Sergio turns his back on society and becomes a monk. While at the hermitage he tries to resist all sexual temptations before him and soon becomes known as a miracle worker. Eventually he succumbs to a young seductress and knowing he is undeserving of the adulation, leaves the hermitage to travel around as a homeless beggar.

Young nobleman Baron Sergio Giuramondo, after discovering that his bride-to-be was the king's mistress, leaves Naples in disgust to become a monk. But his quest for perfect solitude is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer F (mx) wrote: You have to wonder how a movie like this got green-lit. We enjoyed it. Not something you'd watch more than once, but definitely worth seeing.

Jochen W (ag) wrote: 252 berbordende Kinominuten, geschult an den blichen Verdchtigen der literarischen Postmoderne: Pynchon, Borges, Auster. Im Grunde ist Llins' Debt eine Anthologie dreier Kurznovellen, plus gelegentlicher short-story-Abschweifungen, im Erzhlstil auch ganz und gar literarisch gehalten: Es gibt nahezu keinen gesprochenen Dialog, dafr einen omniprsenten Offkommentar eines Erzhlers mit m?igem Durchblick. Die metaphysische Apotheose bleibt schlussendlich eher aus, alles verliert sich im Vagen, ein Epos ber das Verlorengehen. "The road will take you away."

Stephanie L (ag) wrote: No wonder Lizzie's father ignores her, she's so annoying! If I heard her whine 'Father' one more time I was going to break my t.v.

Shaun B (ca) wrote: Two hilarious actors star in a very unfunny fantasy film.

Cody C (gb) wrote: Feels like an absurdly high budget episode of Tales From The Crypt. And the songs don't really go with it. There's some stuff that's great to look at for sure, but it's just not a good movie. Maybe if the leads had had more chemistry and their banter had been more interesting this coulda been something.

Diana D (gb) wrote: It took me almost a year and 4 tries to get through this movie.

Aj V (de) wrote: Although this was their last real movie together, the Marx Brothers still had their charm in the fifties, and this movie is hilarious. The story revolves around Harpo for a change, but Groucho and Chico have good roles as well. This movie is really funny, I liked it, and if you like the Marx Brothers you should see this one. I don't know why some people don't like it, I suppose it wasn't what they expected, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

Dyan D (it) wrote: Interesting to see a single-mother cabaret-singer protagonist in such an old film... the morality of ten years later couldn't have handled that. Not a favorite, but you just can't go wrong with Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant.

jay n (ag) wrote: Worth seeing for the odd pairing of John Wayne and Rita Hayworth. They actually interact well but Rita's part is minor considering her star status and the story is weak. Claudia is lovely but totally unbelievable as Duke's daughter speaking with her natural Italian accent while supposedly being raise by him, he of course talks like John Wayne. Not a terrible film but diffuse and without a strong point of view, that may be because the film was begun by Frank Capra and finished by Henry Hathaway so there was no clear vision as to the shape the film was suppose to offer.

Hendra L (de) wrote: One of my childhood's movies that amazed me the magic of movie making.

Tim R (de) wrote: A great start for Roger Moore in the Bond franchise.

Gary S (it) wrote: Just plain funny, she does it again

Ben D (au) wrote: heard it was awesome

Olivier M (fr) wrote: tout le monde devrait possder un lecteur VHS pour voir ce film

Josh S (jp) wrote: that was a classic cartoon