A scientific group set out on a journey into space to find a magical creature. What they find is a killer computer on the ship they chartered.

Professor hires a spaceship to get to the source of weird signals from deep space. The trip is cut short however when the ship's computer gets jealous because the captain is in love with one of the female passengers and it gets homicidal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nightflyers torrent reviews

Heather M (fr) wrote: These were some great cast performances and the story was adorable.

Matty M (nl) wrote: After watching Bulla clips on youtube i had to watch this, I found it funny in parts and enjoyed the film i think if you don't follow bulla on you tube the film would not be for you.

Private U (ru) wrote: One of the best Animated flicks I've seen in awhile. Extremely violent, bloody, and well animated. I enjoyed every aspect of this flick. PLUS it has indians fighting dinosaurs and cannibal cavemen, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

Matthew H (ru) wrote: It a movie about three homeless people who find a baby in the trash and try to bring it back to her parents. Plus its a Christmas movie. Whats not to love?

Zac H (gb) wrote: This movie delivers Power and compassion with in it's screenplay about an Irish man (or dad) trying to keep his children at home so he could watch over them since his stupid wife left him. It's about a man's will to stay strong through tough times, It's about a man's love for his children and he will do anything to keep them away from the family law system the church has. The acting and love that came out of this film is what makes this a great family flick. With great acting from Brosnan and Quinn, along with the rest of the cast. A movie that will leave a smile on your face :) and maybe a tear in your eye.

Mike C (it) wrote: Long before cop buddy movies were popular there was these two crazy and zany cops who do everything wrong trying to get their man. The film has plenty of action and adventure, including running a car off a bridge and into an apartment building, while still being a good comedy movie.

Muhammad K (ca) wrote: Humphrey Bogart the best as ever.

Marcus W (ca) wrote: Fassbinder decides to go meta. It doesn't work.

D M (fr) wrote: Yet another film combining Abbott and Costello with one of Universal's earlier horror film characters. As American cops involved in an exchange program in London, the duo are fired for their incompetence. Intent on redeeming themselves, they vow to catch the serial killer who has been plaguing the streets. When they finger a prominent doctor as the murderer, no one takes them seriously until it is verified by a news reporter. A chase across London then ensues. Strangely Dr Jekyll is just as evil as his alter-ego.

Van R (fr) wrote: Talk about a departure from the norm. This "Dracula" adaptation differs from all others because Lord Holmwood sends for Dracula so the Count can bite him and stop the nasty social disease that he has inherited from his father. Van Helsing (David Suchet) has been locked up in a room, a prisoner. This BBC production is about as far out as any "Dracula" adaptation has gone. The production values are solid, but traditional "Dracula" fans may find it difficult to enjoy because of the vast liberties taken.

Loren R (ca) wrote: Zum fnften Mal streift sich Bruce Willis die Polizeimarke um den Hals. Auf der Suche nach seinem Sohn muss er nach Moskau reisen. Dort erwartet ihm eine grosse berraschung: Sein Sohn macht etwas hnliches wie McClane selber und zusammen mssen sie Moskau aufrumen.Die Idee finde ich nicht mal so schlecht. Dieses Mal ist nicht Amerika das Anschlagsziel. Dieses Mal muss John McClane in Russland fr Recht und Ordnung sorgen. Wie schon im vorigen Teil, war seine Tochter die Nebenhandlung. Hier kommt sein Sohn zum Zuge.Aber alles ist irgendwie von der Stange. Alles nichts Besonderes. Ich vermisse den Zynismus des alten John McClane. Wie er fr alles eine Ausrede hatte und die Bsewichter nicht ernst nahm. Sicherlich ist Sebastian Koch ein guter Schauspieler, aber hier fehlt es ihm wirklich das teuflische und fiese an sich. Auch Kochs Filmtochter Yuliya Snigir ist hbsch anzuschauen. Aber das sie einen Kampfhubschrauber fliegen kann, sei dahin gestellt. Auch die Gesprche mit McClanes Sohn Jack bleibt leider nur oberflchlich und hat wenig Tiefgang.Die Action ist bodenstndig und an und fr sich nichts auszusetzen. Ausser natrlich der bertriebene Schluss. Aber auch hier hat man das Gefhl, es ist nichts Spezielles. Irgendwie hat die Die Hard" Reihe den Biss verloren. Das was die ersten drei Teile ausgemacht haben, ist irgendwie verloren gegangen. Man knnte meinen, John McClane drckt auf die Bremse. Das verdirbt leider den Spass.Fazit: Bodenstndiger Actionfilm, der leider im Schatten der vorigen Teile steht. Der fnfte Teil ist zugleich auch der schwchste der Reihe und hat den Biss leider verloren!

Gelwick e (kr) wrote: Best movie i have ever seen. Wish i could watch it every day. Grate message. Recommend it for everyone

Mike C (au) wrote: it is not a bad movie, it is beautifully shot, but ultimately it's biggest sin is that it is so forgettable.