An international terrorist has New York in a grip of panic and it's up to Det. Sgt. Deke DaSilva to take him down.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:English,German,French,Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   paris france,  

Deke DaSilva and Matthew Fox are two New York policemen who get transferred to an elite anti-terrorism squad. About this same time, Wulfgar, an infamous international terrorist shows up in New York looking to cause some chaos. Eventually Deke DaSilva comes face to face with Wulfgar and hesitates shooting him despite being told. But when bombs start going off he thinks again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nighthawks torrent reviews

Juli N (fr) wrote: The pice de rsistance of course is the Hitler Veg-O-Matic! It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries! But wait there's MORE! It makes you wee your pants from uncontrollable laughter!

Toby E (br) wrote: Although i enjoyed the characters quirky strange aspects and they were played well I just couldn't make it through the 1hr 50mins of the film. Perhaps its a culture thing. I'm usualy a fan of dark comedies but this failed to please. In the end fast-forwarded it to get the gist and ending.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Pretty stupid but had some appeal.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: This movie is depressing in the extreme. An Italian Jew (Andy Garcia as Modigliani) falls in love with a Catholic woman and it infuriates her father. He also starts a private war of one-upmanship with Pablo Picasso. It just keeps getting more and more depressing every step of the way.

AJ G (br) wrote: Magnificent films to keep watching

bill s (gb) wrote: The movie hinges on McKellen and he's more than up to it.

Ike S (ca) wrote: This movie should be used as a blueprint for big stunts, intense action and a great film.

Barry T (de) wrote: Divine was the best thing in this!!! He was so good and so funny!! But the rest of the film was camptastic. Worth a watch

J M (ru) wrote: i suppose burt lancaster was cock of the walk.

Jack P (it) wrote: Christian bale stars as the deranged serial killer working on wall street. By day he's an arrogant stock broker and by night he's a blood thirsty killer. As the film goes on we see christian bale rapidly becoming more and more out of his mind. A crazy, violent film with a twist that leaves you cross eyed.

Daniel L (it) wrote: A silly and incredibly fun b movie.

Lee M (ru) wrote: Sumptuous as a Merchant-Ivory production and savage as one of George Romero's zombie movies, Hands of the Ripper mixes the strain of psychological horror evident in Hammer's filmography (Scream of Fear, for example) with the increasingly graphic levels of gore demanded by shifting genre tastes and enabled by loosening production codes.

Hong Z (mx) wrote: After finish watching this movie, I totally love Willamette Stone.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Critics weren't kind to this movie but I found it to be alright. Not award winning by any stretch but interesting and sometimes funny in this adult romcom.

Stan M (ca) wrote: Great up until the end, where a cheesy ending occurs.

Jesse O (ca) wrote: I don't watch as many Australian movies as I probably should and, again, that's my own fault for only limiting, at least recently, my viewing habits to whatever is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. It's easy to rely only on that, particularly when you don't have the means to buy every movie you wanna watch. But I digress, the point is that there's very few, if any, Australian movies (of the ones I've seen of course) that I have not enjoyed. And, of course, I'm watching them through a filter as I'm sure I've only bothered to watch the good movies, but it's still worth pointing that out. But I digress, you don't wanna know about that, you wanna know (and that's being generous to my reviews) what I thought of this movie. Well, I guess it shouldn't surprise you, I thought that this was a really damn good movie. Euthanasia is a touchy subject in this side of the world. Hell, it'll probably never be completely legal in the U.S when the majority of the country identifies as christian. They believe that only a higher power has the right to decide. Not taking into consideration the fact that there are real people, with horrible, incurable diseases living their lives in complete pain. Talk about a selfish group of people. For my money, I don't have any problem with it as long as the person is at the point of no return. No amount of science or medicine will cure them. There's more dignity in that than just slowly wasting away in front of your loved ones, as they watch suffer. But the film really isn't even about a debate about the pros and cons of euthanasia, at least with a person in Rex's case, though there's some of that. It's Rex's journey to Darwin, after he finds out that he has, at the most, three months to live, where he will meet a doctor that will, hopefully, acquiesce to his request to die with a little bit of dignity. But, of course, as the cliche goes, it's the journey and the destination. The drive to Darwin, where the doctor he hopes to meet has a practice at, is about 3,000 kilometers from where he currently lives. Obviously, on the way there, as is wont to happen in these kinds of movies, Rex befriends Tilly, an aborigine, who is running away from his problems. One of the things that struck me most about the film is the fact that, at least in the locations it's set on, it's steeped in racism. The local bar that Rex drinks at with his friends does not serve aborigines. Tilly faces some racism as well on his journey with Rex. It's even more impressive when you take into consideration that aborigines are the OGs, as it were, in Australia. White people came much to the country after them and yet they still face scrutiny and prejudices in their own country. They don't go heavy-handed with the racism, they don't attempt to preach, but it is there. This also affects Rex's relationship with Polly, his neighbor, who happens to be an aborigine as well. Polly is an interesting character, because Rex leaves her behind and every time he is asked if he has anyone, family or anyone that cares about him, he says that there's no one. Which, clearly, affected Polly even if she wasn't aware that he was being asked these things. What the movie gets at, in spite of everything, Polly feels that she wasn't enough for Rex in his time of need, which is why she's so bitter when he does leave. I thought the Polly character was really strong. Ningali Lawford did a great job with the character, she was strong and vulnerable all in the same scene. As Rex continues with his journey, he comes to this bar where he meets this lovely barmaid Julie, who also happens to be a nurse. The journey finds Julie, Tilly and Rex all bonding. It's what you would expect, but it's really well done and the acting is fantastic. Michael Caton, who plays Rex, is phenomenal. Jacki Weaver is always great. Mark Coles Smith (who plays Tilly) has got a really charming personality and he's got a ton of potential. Emma Hamilton (who plays Julie) is also pretty great. So, if there's one thing you cannot complain about is the acting. No complaints there, the cast is fantastic. They also have a really strong script to work with. I hate to say that the movie plays out predictably, because it does and it doesn't, but there's nothing really surprising about how the movie plays out. Rex helps Tilly get his confidence back to try out for a rugby team, which he then fucks up before returning to the team to play. Julie grows attached to Rex and does not want to see him go through with this, due to her attachment to him and the fact that she feels he legitimately doesn't want to. And Rex gets to enjoy life more than he probably ever did at any time in his life through his friendship with Tilly and Julie. And, of course, the climax ***SPOILERS*** sees Rex deciding not to go through with it in order to spend his last hours with Polly, the woman he loves. This part of the film is fairly predictable, but I felt that the characters of Rex and Polly earned this moment, it's not something that was forced in for a sentimental conclusion. The last shot of the sunset is a little bit too obvious of a metaphor, but the movie ended just after that, so it wasn't too much of an issue. This movie obviously isn't perfect, and it was never meant to be, but this is very good. Its casting and its writing make this a movie I would definitely recommend.

Christina A (de) wrote: Very funny! LOL!!! ???