Nights of Cabiria

Nights of Cabiria

Rome, 1957. A woman, Cabiria, is robbed and left to drown by her boyfriend, Giorgio. Rescued, she resumes her life and tries her best to find happiness in a cynical world. Even when she thinks her struggles are over and she has found happiness and contentment, things may not be what they seem.

A waifish prostitute wanders the streets of Rome looking for true love but finds only heartbreak. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nights of Cabiria torrent reviews

Joelle J (nl) wrote: Saw it at the screening in Pittsburgh. Most incredible film I have ever seen. Soul stirring. Cried at least 5 times. 5 minute standing ovation at the end of the film. It's no wonder that it won Sundance Audience and Jury Award.

Owen R (au) wrote: Funny little film from Britain. Makes fun of Jewish and Muslim relationships in a modern setting. Worth Seeing.

Tim R (fr) wrote: A must see for anyone interested in genetics or genealogy. What an incredible species humans are.

Arend K (kr) wrote: A must see for anyone interested in biographies.

Barry J (mx) wrote: Bit strange seeing Simon Pegg play a Yank but what the hey...

John R (fr) wrote: 170121: During viewing, and without any prior knowledge, I found this film a bit disturbing. Experience with mental health issues threw me down the Schizophrenia hole and that topic is even mentioned in the film. Until the end, and during my research afterwards, I discovered the true meaning of the film? Yes, I did research because my mind was filled with questions that had to be answered. So, that's a good thing right? To be honest, I am eager to see this film again but just not right away. I need more time to relax, distance myself and ponder. Features some outstanding actors and a weird twisted tale. Sit back, relax and be patient. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself searching the Internet afterwards.

Timothy P (mx) wrote: A empty sci fi movie. Finally completed it after many attempts. 7 stars is an over-rating, mostly for the attempt at a complex story.

Mark R (br) wrote: Profound and powerful story that examines the conflict between Orthodox and Muslim in war-torn Bosnia. Incredible ideas and themes and a must see for all who care about developing and maintaining community.

Samantha H (ag) wrote: such an intense movie... i could watch it a thousand rimes over and still be like this is messed up!! a must see id say

Conner R (ag) wrote: Understandably, this is considered one of the greatest movies about journalism. I think it is mostly due to the fact that it takes an even position on both sides of the story. On the one hand you have Sally Field as Maggie just trying to get recognized with a hot story, but then you also have Paul Newman's Gallagher falling victim to suspicion of criminal acts. Sydney Pollack makes a case for both sides and ultimately decides that they both have reasoning for what they do. When Paul Newman eventually sets his mastermind scheme into effect, we see who the true victims are. It's really interesting to see what goes into a news story, but also see that they aren't just made up words, they're real people and real events.

Alex G (ca) wrote: I'm a monster movie fan and I wasn't a fan of this film. It was probably the dullest and slowest monster movie I've ever seen. The sequences with the Octopus were not exciting at all. This movie was hardly campy, and the use of music was absolutely terrible. For example, during that sequence with the sailboats and those kids die, they play this ridiculous music when the Octopus is going after them. Right after that, when one of the kids die, they make it all sad, and I was like what? Are you really trying to take this moment seriously after such a ridiculous sequence? A plus to this movie was John Huston and Henry Fonda being in it, but then again they weren't even that good.

Tishka F (ca) wrote: Boy was that voice creepy ....

Sirius B (us) wrote: Toshir Mifune is the man. Period. He's amazing with Kurosawa but just as good on his own.