In Nightscape, an emotionally guarded drifter, Kat (Galesh), crosses paths with a phantom car responsible for a wave of supernatural violence. The drifter must learn to trust again if she is to end a lifetime of bad luck and help her new found companions survive the growing chaos and carnage.

Emotionally guarded drifter Kat discovers a phantom car responsible for several deaths, and is forced to rely on others in order to escape its wrath. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Net S (gb) wrote: Tits n arse in the woods and a fine performance from Ranger Bob!

Kate L (de) wrote: What is this film about? Not so sure, is it really meant to have a message: an exploration of fractured relationships and a commentary on life in Paris perhaps? This is an art film and in that respect one should take not being able to identify with the characters and the almost cliche use of cinematic conventions on the chin. If you are sharp I'm sure you could discern the very obvious reasons behind these uses. This film drags at times, and the dialog isn't great, it just didn't rock my boat.

you suck Sierra Went (nl) wrote: it's ok not all that great

Harjit G (ag) wrote: based on resorvior dogs. Couple of songs are good. If you have seen RD then don't bother otherwise enjoyable.

Matthew H (es) wrote: This movie is only good if its Christmas time and your feeling festive. The only acting in the movie that is any good is from Gandolfini & O'Hara. Affleck being the star is laughable. At least its only 90 minutes. Check it on tv during the holidays or something but don't bother hunting this movie down or anything, because its just not worth it.

Alexander S (us) wrote: I don't know why all the hate, but this movie has yuletide glee to spare.

Heather B (au) wrote: Heartwarming and cute.

Greg W (mx) wrote: dated but still enjoyable chick flick

Andy T (it) wrote: Twisted, suspenseful, and absolutely brilliant, Alfred Hitchcock made the best film of his legendary career with a great script, beautiful cinematography, Bernard Herrman's chilling score, and Anthony Perkins's immortal performance as one of cinema's most notorious villains.

Tanner B (it) wrote: Snatch. (2001) ???D: Guy Ritchie. Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones, Rade Serbedzija, Alan Ford. Funny follow-up to LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS puts several criminals in a fight to find a priceless stolen diamond. Sounds conventional, but it ain't! Fast-moving, slick entertainment, with style, energy, and cleverness to spare. Pitt is especially amusing, playing an Irish Gypsy with an accent that's totally inaudible. Written by the director.