Nikaah is a 1982 Hindi film produced and directed by B. R. Chopra. The film stars Raj Babbar, Deepak Parashar and Salma Agha in her Hindi movie debut role. The film also had Asrani, Iftekhar and Gufi Paintal in support roles. The films music is by Ravi. The original name of the movie was Talaq Talaq Talaq, but was renamed Nikaah on the insistence of Islamic clerics.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Urdu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Young and attractive Niloufer is swept off her feet when foreign returned business magnate, Wasim Ahmed, proposes to her, and she accepts. She is flattered by the attention and love that is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhishek S (nl) wrote: Looks like Trivikram's pen and screenplay has stopped for this film. The much hyped movie couldn't do the justice for the teaser. Routine and predictable scenes in the second half makes the movie bored, even brahamanandam's role was not clicked as in their previous combinations like athadu and jalsa. One time watch for the Powerstar Pawan Kalyan.

Radhika R (ag) wrote: One of those formulaic, cliche rom-com with no uniqueness of its own. The acting was surprisingly unconvincing, though I have to admit the leads complimented each other.

Vincent W (kr) wrote: many stereotypes from animated films come through yet again in this film. That being said, there were some excellent storytelling techniques used. The animation wasn't very inspiring. The voice cast did a good job. The sound design and music were good.

Eric R (es) wrote: I swear to god I'm not gay. This movie had some of the best aquard humor I have ever seen in a long time. The ending alone was worth the watch. And NO THERE'S NO PENIS, IT'S NOT A FUCKING PORNO!

Carlos C (es) wrote: Great first time direction by Mark Ruffalo! A spiritual, ironic journey into the world of faith healing, rock n roll, and the City of Angels!

Dave S (gb) wrote: Does a good job of telling these people's stories without resorting to an excess of direct interviews, reality TV style. Surprisingly affecting, but left me with lots of questions. The human interest side is there, but the movie never really explains how/why this high school has a cooking program in the first place, how the competition actually works, and also leaves the teacher as kind of a cipher. The movie is content to construct her as the outwardly cranky teacher who is really devoted to certain students, but I wanted to know more about who she was and where she was coming from, particularly when she casually and caustically drops comments about race and class in the context of cooking - how the students need to refine their palates to be less "ghetto", etc.

Chris D (br) wrote: It's bitter and it's shocking, but Lake Of Fire never takes the time to reveal what the people behind the camera feel about the issue (the director has stated he's unsure, even after filming), and the audience can't help but feel the same. In the end, I conclude that I'm neither pro-life or pro-choice, but maybe both. This is an issue that doesn't have a right or wrong answer, no matter which side claims absolutes. Fantastic portrait of the most divisive issue out there.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: A scientist (Hopkins) goes completely native in Africa and needs some psych work before he can safely re-enter good ole society. Enter uber-mind probe types Gooding Jr. and Sutherland for some of that luscious brain squeezin' we all love so much. But wait just one goldurn minnit, is it the scientist who's bonkers ... or is it us?Maura Tierney adds a warm touch to this predictable yet entertaining mangle that still succeeds (with a wink) because of the caliber of guns present.

Geof J (it) wrote: Betrays something of its stage origins, but opened up nicely, allowing a cerebral bunch of knowing and drugged-up Hollywoodland types to excercise sharp eyes and wicked tongues in the battle between sophistication and innocence. Mr Penn and Mr Spacey's film.

FilmGrinder S (gb) wrote: One of Lundgren's best.

Erin G (au) wrote: I. Love. This. Movie.

Kevin W (nl) wrote: Winner of the Palme D'Or in 1982, it's frankly a miracle that 'Yol' was made at all. Co-director Yilmaz Guney was formerly one of Turkey's most prominent and popular actors. Imprisoned in 1961 for publishing a Communist novel, his relationship with the state continued to deteriorate and he was imprisoned on a murder charge in 1974. During this period of imprisonment, he remained creative, writing screenplays which were directed by colleagues upon his advice. Though the film was directed by Goren, Guney later escaped from prison and fled to Switzerland where the film was edited. The film was banned in Turkey until recent years. One shouldn't think though that the film was rewarded with several prizes at Cannes because of its remarkable history. It's truly an exceptional film on its own merit.Made in the immediate aftermath of the 1980 coup by the army, which led to a state of emergency and the suspension of human rights, Guney's film is a realistic portait of Turkey at the time. The army remains active in all elements of public life. Curfews exist, roadblocks are everywhere and fear reigns given the arbitrary behaviour of the army. In this context, five prisoners from an open prison on the island of Imrali are given a week's leave. These are men from every corner of Turkey, all of whom seem to have unfinished business at home. One is Mehmet (Halil Ergun), who abandoned his brother in law during a botched robbery. His wife's family have now disowned him, and his wife is torn between her family and her husband. If she joins her husband, she will be cursed and no longer part of her family. Seyit (Tarik Akan) discovers that his wife prostituted herself in his absence. He is charged with deciding whether to commit the honour killing her family believes she deserves or whether to leave it to her. Seyit is torn between pity and hatred and must wrestle with his conscience on this matter. Another prisoner returns to his village in Kurdistan which is regularly attacked by the army, whilst another loses his papers and spends his entire leave in army custody, unable to see his family. Cutting between each prisoner's story, Guney weaves a tale of men who must deal with events that lead to their imprisonment and events that have taken place in their absence, with every possible emotion felt along the way.Guney's indictment of contemporary Turkish society is powerful. This is a country that is politically volatile, taking an uneasy route towards democracy, where the power of the army during this period extends of every aspect of daily life. This is a country which is trying to modernise in many ways, but still a hostage to traditions, and each prisoner must deal with this natural conflict. Though Seyit is not as vengeful as his wife's family, he agrees to commit the honour kill because it is he who has been dishonoured above all. Mehmet is torn by the guilt of the death of his brother in law, which he admits to his wife, who still loves him and is willing to risk losing her family to be with him. Guney's portrait of his country is not a sympathetic one, and as he makes clear over the final credits, it was a film made under the hardest possible conditions. Whilst Turkey has now firmly been established on the cinema map thanks to the films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Fatih Akin, 'Yol' is arguably the strongest and most powerful film to come from this country, at least in regards to what has been seen in the West.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Equus is very well-acted, well-directed, and well-written. I feel as though I should be rating it higher. But it is also a very British film and very much a product of its time. Equus conveys a very strong sense of pessimism, desperation, anguish. So while I'd say it is a worthwhile film, it's also not the type of film I find enjoyable nor is it something I'd go about recommending to others. However, if you want to watch something less typical and more challenging then you could do worse than to put Equus in your queue.

Scott R (de) wrote: A Murder mystery that involves forensic analysis and Harvard. Their work saves an innocent man and helps them track down the killer. Montaban plays a good cop who sometimes has to get hard, it was melodramatic at times and a predictable. However the use of forensics must have been groundbreaking for the time.

Mike (es) wrote: I don't know why this has no reviews and not even a movie poster. This was a great movie! I really liked it and even after everything they do, you still feel for them. I love this movie.