Nina's Heavenly Delights

Nina's Heavenly Delights

A feisty young woman returns to Glasgow to run her deceased father's curry house.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cooking,   lesbian,   indian,  

A feisty young woman returns to Glasgow to run her deceased father's curry house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nina's Heavenly Delights torrent reviews

Rony P (br) wrote: A stark peep into the lives of a group of wayward Serbian teenagers. Isidora Simijonovic is a knockout.

Lucy I (nl) wrote: Very little dialogue, but palpable emotion. A good little picture, slice of life. Tender and sweet, but not very juicy.

Tyson P (ca) wrote: I thought it was cool but im a nerd. I found the cg animation to be pretty impressive and there are moments in the movie that look like you could pick up your ps3 controller and start playing. I thought that was cool. The mouths dont move well to the words but you get used to it after the first twenty minutes.

Jed D (kr) wrote: "More twists than a Chubby Checker,one-hit wonder". This is a definate surprise,hit! Jaime King (Sin City) and Josh Cooke, give outstanding performances. Thumbs up!

Jack A (de) wrote: This movie is just a fun time, Plain and simple. Off beat, random, ridiculous and a genuine laugh generator. The premise itself was funny. So many little random moments. I loved this movie. Please Andy, make another one!

Robert B (es) wrote: The script is what brings Reign Over Me down. The acting through each individual scene is fine. The problem is that the story is so mixed up that one never knows what to think or feel, doesn't know where it is going, and feels no resolution at the end. The pieces don't fit together. It could be argued that life is like that. Sure, but the movie is not filmed in such a style. The style leads you to expect something more uplifting (even if it's unrealistic).

Simonti M (mx) wrote: soopa cute rom-com...bout hw love strikes yu wen yu least xpect it..abhay deol n ayesha t luk v cute 2gther..imitiaz ali once again illustrates thru the mvee dat confusion is the other name for love...wonder hw i missed dis one..!!!

David M (au) wrote: A fantastic movie that has as its backdrop individuals that have OCD. The main characters, played by Michael Sheen and Shirley Henderson, are played thoughtfully and carefully. You really feel their pain and their struggles as they try to live a normal life. The movie was very funny, but not at the expense of the malady they share. A very enjoyable movie, worth the time to check out...

Dan E (mx) wrote: Chris Tucker is absolutely braincell killing

Jason G (mx) wrote: Like a script written specifically for Cary Grant... which he would have turned down for not being good enough.

Geri E (us) wrote: Kubric, must have been losing his touch near death. This movie has no substance whatsoever but is not lacking in long drawn out "talking head" scenes. The only reason i finished this film, was the faith i had in Stanley Kubric and the hope that it would at some point climax (no pun intended) this is by far, nicole kidmans worst performance and one typical of tom cruise. This films ONLY redeeming quality is it's visual appeal. Sorry not sorry, to all those hyping this movie on every corner of the internet. I said it. This movie blows.

Griffin M (ca) wrote: Doesn't have Refn's signature style that he developed in later years, but "Pusher" still captures the drug-and-crime-related thematic elements that he focused on later in "Drive" and "Only God Forgives". So instead of being a beautifully shot but horrifically violent crime movie, which I'm pretty sure Refn does as a metaphor, you're instead looking at the characters with disgust and confusion, wondering what went wrong to put them in such a shitty environment and why they keep pulling themselves lower and lower. It doesn't feel like a Refn film, but it does play like one.

Kristie K (gb) wrote: Hi. Hello. How are you? Hello.

Linda B (de) wrote: Note that 18% of critics liked it but 86% of the audience liked it. My entire family used to gather round the TV and spout the lines of this fabulous Western spoof about a "real" good guy. In the tradition of great spoofs and like young frankenstein and Airplane - this little gem has been greatly overlooked and underestimated. So if you've got a sense of humor and a finely tuned sense of fun, you won't want to miss Rustlers Rhapsody. And to all the RR fans, I ask you... "you got a light?"

Brad W (mx) wrote: Sorry Doug, this was really horrible. I watched it all and it didn't get any better. The main characters voice was extremely annoying! Horrible acting as well. I must say that I was mesmerized by the animals though!

Craig C (gb) wrote: One of the strongest anit-war statement committed to film. More relevant now than when it was released. Essential.

Trevor H (gb) wrote: An unusual plot in which Hepburn helps Holden write a script as his deadline looms, though she does so by acting out a set of scenes with him, the scenes moving cleverly from their imaginations and back to the cold reality of 'no progress'. Though this movie doesn't show Hepburn at her best, it has enough shots of her in stunning costumes to keep the viewer occupied. Perhaps a movie for Hepburn fans only.

James H (kr) wrote: A definite personal favorite, with both Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr giving amazing performances. The character development is so rich. It is believably done, such perceptive direction. A truly great classic that is always interesting. Brilliant.

Amol K (br) wrote: It is based on a real life boxer. Saw it one late night on TNT and was hooked. I have seen this movie atleast 4 times since. Love the way flynn portrayed the character, considering he was a boxer himself.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: There's only really one main reason to watch this film and that's for the special effects, They are fantastic some of the best I've seen, The acting wasn't great but noone goes to watch a film like this and expects Oscar performances.