Ninas resa

Ninas resa

Nina's Journey is a feature film, but with an authentic narrator. We follow Nina and her family during six dramatic years, half of them spent in the Warsaw ghetto. The film tells the story ...

Nina's Journey is a feature film, but with an authentic narrator. We follow Nina and her family during six dramatic years, half of them spent in the Warsaw ghetto. The film tells the story ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill R (es) wrote: It had a lot of humorous moments Paul Rudd likeability I really enjoyed this film watch it when you have a chance I recommend this film Grade B+

Byron B (kr) wrote: There are interesting special features about the making of this film on the DVD. From these I learned that Lee Daniels's film was complete when Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey came on board simply to help push the distribution. Precious easily passes the Bechdel test with Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Gabourey Sidibe, and Precious's classmates. The story is heartbreaking, the dream sequences are creative at relieving the tension to show where Precious would rather be, and, yet, there are notes of hope that come together by the end.

Nathan C (au) wrote: I was looking forward to this movie, I was not happy!I was rather Disappointed about the ending. It wasn't the way it's suppose to end.It was suppose to end when dracula was really dead,It was suppose to end without the Bad Marks.At The Same Time it was not 22% Bad! Jesus?Score: 5/10

Huw G (fr) wrote: Almost a great satire, but it's as if the life was drained from it. There's clearly some clever writing gone into it, but each time it's about to build on itself, instead it does the very thing it's supposed to be satirising, and dumbs back down again! Plenty of social commentary, but the big message has been comprehensively stifled.

Melissa W (ca) wrote: Unforgivably dull. Where's the plot? The only redeeming feature is Scotland's natural beauty in the background of every scene.

Travis B (mx) wrote: Perhaps one of the greatest thought provoking films about vampires ever! This is one of the finest observations on the subject of vampire Love! This film even transcends the thoughtful barriers of Warewolves! This series sparkles, just like lovely vampires it Creates! This is also perhaps one of the greatest films to be seen by human....and "non-human" Eyes! Please enjoy!

Tim M (ag) wrote: Ron Howard effectively portrays the gravity of the situation these astronauts faced, in combination with superb performances and the feel of a director who lived through this incredible event.

Darlene M (ag) wrote: Just a slightly less entertaining sequel, but Joan Cusack is absolutely fantastic as the psychotic, adulterous nanny!

ClaRita C (us) wrote: Hah! not sure how that dumbass didn't see it coming. at least he's with his beloved now.

Nathan H (gb) wrote: Clashing cultures can be funny, and it is in this movie, sometimes, but not enough. One might be able to look past this flaw if the plot was interesting. Instead it is just aimless mess that leads no where. It's supposed to explore an immigrants journey, but it's just a badly throw together mix of melodrama and over sentimentality.

Lynn M (ca) wrote: really old movie, I saw it a long time ago, but would really want to see it again

SouICorruptionaolcom S (ru) wrote: I don't understand the praise that is showered on this film. I just didn't feel that it was compelling in the least. In my opinion the film is just plan lame.The last part of the film nearly put me to sleep. Even what should have been an emotional reunion of mother and son didn't stir a single emotion. The 30+ minute buildup to the aliens showing themselves had already bored me to tears by that point.If the only thing that was "groundbreaking" about this film was that it presented aliens as peaceful beings, well what else do I need to say.For me the only thing that kept the movie from being an "F" were the performances of Richard Dreyfuss and Terri Garr

Cyrus W (es) wrote: Most suspenseful and excruciatingly painful movie I've ever seen. You won't breathe normally for days.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/28/2011)

Ryan W (us) wrote: Hilarious movie with fantastic performances and surprisingly strong emotional depth.Score:4.2/5...???)$(($)(?'khhn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Jeff S (ca) wrote: One of the best crime films in years, featuring great performances from Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Hall

Adam T (es) wrote: Epic Kubrick film about an Irishman who hedges his bets to become a nobleman- if not fully respected among his family and peers. Tough slog at times but emerges as a meticulous drama with attention to period detail