Arrogant, self-centered movie director Guido Contini finds himself struggling to find meaning, purpose, and a script for his latest film endeavor. With only a week left before shooting begins, he desperately searches for answers and inspiration from his wife, his mistress, his muse, and his mother.

The movie follows arrogant, self-centered movie director Guido Contini who is struggling to find harmony in his professional and personal lives, while balancing the numerous women in his life including his wife, his mistress, his film star muse, his confidant and costume designer, an American fashion journalist, the whore from his youth and his mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Des S (br) wrote: This movie had its funny moments, but it was just too dirty for me and didn't have much of a storyline.

Mrssexly R (nl) wrote: I saw it but I really like this movie too much fake too much

Don S (gb) wrote: Despite the best efforts of Danielle Panabaker, this horror/comedy sees scores of water park customers devoured by mutant piranha. Yeah, I don't really see the comedy in that either. Foolish story with the water park being the only believable aspect. Sequel to Piranha 3-D, which I did not watch but will now that I know Elisabeth Shue is in it. Cannot possibly be worse than this.

Francisco S (ag) wrote: Better that first film! Good screenplay, Sarah Jessica Parker had very good role and Kim Catrall was better that ever! Carrie is eternal! But a little predictable and nothing new on this genre.

Melania S (nl) wrote: Not as good as the first one of course, but it's effects.

Liesl E (nl) wrote: Tells the basic story of Krakauer's book but fails to bring anything else to the table. The music is terrible and the acting isn't much better, much of it bordering on overwrought cheesiness. The running narration contains foreshadowing that is not even the slightest bit subtle. It's fun to see character actors Richard Jenkins and Jeff Perry pop up in small roles, but otherwise this is not very good; you'd be better off waiting to see Everest.

D M (mx) wrote: Sean Connery belongs to a class of people in the future who kill low-IQ people b/c their god told them to. Their god is a huge floating head and one day 007 hops a ride in the god-head's mouth to see where it goes. Henry Jones Sr. learns their god is really just an image controlled by a hidden group of super-fit intellectuals. Captain Marko Ramius cannot stand the fact he was duped, so rebels against his leaders. While the movie directly references the WiZARD of OZ, it is more of an allegory about religion. Pretty ridiculous with way too much focus on penii.

JohnnyLee T (kr) wrote: Harris is magnificent and Rachel Roberts matches him when she is on the screen - but Harris is in every scene and we never tire of watching/studying him. Yes, he has the Brando attraction. He shows his full range here, even singing (with arms crossed across his chest the whole way!). And his shouting out for Margaret is a direct reminder of Brando's crying out for Stella in Streetcar. Half a star off for to me the lack of motivation for Machin's misogyny (maybe we are just meant to take it as part of some sportsmen's makeup) and the sometimes confusing time- jumps. But thank God we have Harris's performance to always watch. I wonder who won the Academy Award that year. Trivia: look for Edward Fox as bartender in non-speaking part 10 years before Day of the Jackal. Also, delightful bit of comedy between Minchin and Arthur Lowe (the future Mr Mainwaring of TVs Dads Army) about false teeth!

Gabriela G (us) wrote: Classic masterpeice! I love this movie

Issac L (au) wrote: Malle's career debut feature length at the age of 26, a stylized dramatization of a well-planned murder goes berserk. Florence (Moreau) and Julien (Ronet) are two lovers out of wedlock, the only barrier is Florence's senescent but wealthy husband Simon (Wall), for whom Julien works as a corporate clerk, they diligently hatch a plot to get rid of Simon and make the pretense as a suicide scene. The scheme is executed according to the schedule until a last-moment hiccup (Julien forgets the damn rope on the roof), a black cat is always ominous, just when he returns to the company building to fetch it, Julien is accidentally left alone in the elevator. Meanwhile, a pair of youngster Louis and Vronique (Poujouly and Bertin) lift Julien's posh car for a wild ride, en route, a harebrained Louis shot a German couple in a motel using the identity of Julien. The same night, Florence is aimlessly roaming around the streets of Paris, looking for her absent lover! Things will get messier the next morning when Julien gets out of the elevator, he is wanted by the police and Florence starts to get a grip on the entire misidentified situation, after a concise confrontation with Louis and Vronique, a few developed photographs reveal the real culprits of both homicides, the star-crossed lovers meet their comeuppance as well as the hotheaded Louis.Logically speaking, its 88 minutes running time seems a bit sketchy for clarifying the police's investigation procedure and there are a flew negligible plot holes dangling (e.g. how the rope without a trace appears at the entrance of the building is never explained), obviously they are not Malle's first choice. The picture is mostly preeminent for the bounteous close-ups to examine his then lover Moreau's emotive visage (under a plain make-up free naturalism) with her inner voice-over, equally impressively is the Black & White shots of the night view on the expressway and in the interrogation part under a pitch-black background, it is a conflation of Film-Noir with a budding La Nouvelle Vague. My personal recommendation is a heart-in-the-mouth set piece for the acrophobic when Julien tries to scale down from the elevator when it abruptly descends, Ronet is solely in his prime and later his mojo would be evoked unconditionally in Malle's THE FIRE WITHIN (1963, 9/10). Two thumbs up to Malle for his immense dexterity in such an incipient stage of his career. One can also find some scattered fun in the film, such as the chic vehicle or the gizmos of a spy camera or the telephone-cum-pencil-sharpener, certainly for me they are eye-openers. Let's not forget Miles Davis' saxophone-heavy score, downright impromptu, but tallies with the film impeccably! A more on-topic note is the alert message "never leave photos around", if only everyone could have watched this film before we reached this epoch of selfie fever, the world would be a bit less tumultuous indeed.

Charles P (gb) wrote: A worthy piece of World War II patriotism and a terrific showcase for John Wayne.

Alec B (br) wrote: For an action picture, it's excessively dull. Yes it cuts the dead weight out of the original novel but what remains isn't remotely engaging. It's a disappointing waste of Ford's talent, who would seem to be the perfect choice to play Jack Ryan but he just isn't given him much to do except look grumpy.

Matthew L (ca) wrote: I've never cared for the work of Nick Love and this film does nothing to reverse that feeling. Its sadly a standard cop and robbers flick loaded down with cliches and pub tough man bravado. It has some aspirations of being the British 'Heat', the Trafalgar Square shoot out being the key indicator but the whole thing just fizzles out into nothingness.

Marvin N (jp) wrote: only adam sandler is a worse actor than ben stiller.