Nine Queens

Nine Queens

An Argentinian crime drama revolving around a sheet of rare stamps (the Nine Queens).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   jealousy,   italy,  

Two con artists try to swindle a stamp collector by selling him a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps (the "nine queens"). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ng L (fr) wrote: I love Donnie Yen's acting but I find the movie ended too abruptly.

David S (es) wrote: Shocking, incendiary, and intelligent. The film takes an even-handed, in-depth look at both sides of the abortion issue, and one leaves with more respect for the humanity at the core of the arguments.

Maymay A (gb) wrote: An interesting premise with a promising end result, Collateral must not be missed. Great performances from Jamie Foxx and most especially Tom Cruise.

Eduardo C (it) wrote: Big wave surfing terrifies me, but it is definitely something I will try before (or more likely, JUST before) I die.

Adam R (es) wrote: Thoughtless and crude. (First viewing - Teen years)

Erica M (us) wrote: i kept watching hoping it would get could and it didn't, it hurt to watch this movie, yet it was unintentionally good for a laugh

Dan B (it) wrote: I really loved this movie. "Oh, I'm okay, it's just a bee sting".It's all the more better knowing that Gunn did it.

Dan M (jp) wrote: Billy has a sadly disturbing trait. Bonus: Julie Christie!

John D (it) wrote: Four stars for the theme song alone.

Mereie d (au) wrote: This movie based on a play (Reigen? from 1896/97) by Arthur Schnitzler is interesting in many ways. The most interesting aspect is no doubt the narratological frame, in which some kind of omniscient narrator (who regarly takes on the shape of some side character in the story) takes us viewers by the hand, stating explicitly we are dealing with a work of fiction (in the opening scene he even walks past stage props, changing his contemporary coat into one from the late nineteenth, early twentieth century) in which he will enlighten us about the peculiar phenomenon of love, visualized as a choral dance (hence the German title Reigen? and the French La ronde?) performed by a number of different couples. It is mainly the sublty ironic commentary of the narrator and the awkwardness of the characters while absorbed in their love games that make this film into something of an amusing comedy. The narratological meta-level gets particularly funny when the narrator is operating a merry-go-round (yet another symbolic reference to the title of this work), facing a temporary breakdown, which is mirrored in the relationship of the couple he happened to be talking about at that moment. When the alarming clouds of smoke lift and the contraption resumes its action, something similar happens in the romantic encounter at hand. The couples discussed all represent different types and classes of Viennese people from the historical period Schnitzler is referring to, and in particular their illicit or otherwise risqu (C) or socially unacceptable relationships (soldier with prostitute, bored rich lady having an extramarital affair, well-to-do young man with servant girl, respectable gentleman with actress, etc.). Their goings-on are all quite charming and in a sense timeless and recognizable. Still, I couldn(TM)t shake off a slight feeling of boredom while watching this movie, which might have something to do with its age (release year 1950), but somehow I don(TM)t buy that. No doubt, Schnitzler wrote an interesting play (which I now definitely want to read after seeing this production) and Max Oph 1/4ls made a revolutionary movie, but I keep getting stuck with the impression it could have been done in a more captivating way than this. I rate this 3.5 stars (7.5/10), which is less than it should deserve.

Dave H (de) wrote: Not as funny as I hoped considering the talent involved. Perhaps the satire of stage ego is sharper than the satire of Nazism (both easy targets, but espec the latter!), this film (while wonderfully droll) has a foreboding/threatening vibe that belies the slapstick farcical elements. That's not a bad thing, you know? Actually the film this MOST brought to mind was Inglourious Basterds!!! Both enjoyable and interesting, and definitely worth another look one day.

Jos L (kr) wrote: Meryl is brilliant. She looks and speaks just like Lady Thatcher. Oscar number 3 completely earned.The film, though, falls into a completely irrelevant story that is based on a left-wing phantasy. It doesn't feel right to name a film about dementia "The Iron Lady". This isn't showing Margaret truthfully - it seems like a form of revenge.Poor directing, bland script and brilliant acting. Oh, the score is excellent too. These two factors help uplift a film that feels empty.