Ninja Masters

Ninja Masters

Mandy slaves away at two jobs struggling to support her family while dreaming about resurrecting her father's martial arts academy, a once famous school now forgotten since an accident took his leg. When Mandy rescues wealthy businessman Ho Kwan from muggers he offers her a job as his bodyguard, and she agrees when he also offers to support her family and restore her father's academy. Before long, kidnappers appear and despite Mandy's efforts Ho Kwan is abducted, but not before he slips Mandy a box. Upon investigating, Mandy learns Ho Kwan was kidnapped by ruthless gambling impresario Sung. The box contains a key to a mainframe that controls online betting on fights to the death, and in order to reach Ho Kwan, Mandy will have to join the tournament and gamble with her life.

Mandy slaves away at two jobs struggling to support her family while dreaming about resurrecting her father's martial arts academy, a once famous school now forgotten since an accident took his leg. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin S (es) wrote: Is this movie a joke?

Sean M (jp) wrote: A well made omega man, Sharlto Copley is great but the problem is in a world dominated by walking dead, there is not a shred of originality and no surprises if you have seen the trailer.

tit m (de) wrote: tout ce que jaime scenario de fou le jeu des enfants est bon la fin essssstraordinaire

Eliabeth D (mx) wrote: Epic fail. Maybe it got better but I turned it off after about 30 min. Sorry Ryan. RIP

Jose C (es) wrote: Great to see the future of Mexico City...

Walter M (it) wrote: It is 1916. Like many other young Englishmen, Stephen Wraysford(Eddie Redmayne) is serving his country in the trenches of France. Unlike many others, he is an officer. That entitles him to his own space, along with threatening a soldier with court martial for dereliction of duty and complaining to another officer about his soldiers being used to guard tunnel diggers, especially after one drowns.It is 1910. 20-year old Stephen has traveled to France to inspect the factory of Rene Azaire(Laurent Lafitte). One day, Stephen spies Rene's younger wife Isabelle(Clemence Poesy) bringing food to striking workers.Even though it has nothing really new to say about its none too subtly expressed themes of the randomness of war, there are still things to appreciate about "Birdsong." First, there is Eddie Redmayne which is very important. Then, there is the sensual love affair which works to help illustrate the movie's contrast between peace and war in early 20th century France.

Patrick C (ru) wrote: Fair to middling. If you don't mind a story with a ton of plot holes it is a good action-gangster-thriller. It is hard to get past the hard core gangster that turned US Border Patrol. Evidently they don't DO background checks anymore and gangstas from the hood can speak flawless English when the occasion demands it. The movie would have been better without the stupid gangbanger angle and if they had focused on a tight border patrol-smuggler-minute men triangle.

Audrius M (fr) wrote: Really good piece. This movie is not about car business it's about act of the selling witch is an amalgam of contemporary values - you fuck them or they fuck you. I do recommend to see this movie.


Todd L (au) wrote: It's odd to see Dick Van Dyke as a sort of lovable bad guy, but this comedy about a butler who resorts to crime when his employer has run out of money is both clever and funny.

Chris A (it) wrote: John Ford + Shirley Temple + Victor McLaglen = Incredible Movie. This is sensational family entertainment. It has all of the innocent fun of a Shirley Temple picture, combined with the masterful direction of John Ford. The chemistry between Victor McLaglen and Shirley Temple is wonderful. Every scene they have together is just perfect.

Carlos F (us) wrote: Decent remake of the lost film. "London After Midnight". Included as 1 of 6 in the MGM "Legends of Horror" DVD Box Set, it contains a great restored scene featuring Carroll Borland.

Brett H (ag) wrote: A surprisingly fun and creative sci-fi flick that doesn't take itself too seriously and paved the way for Roland Emmerich's career of overblown and ridiculous blockbusters. The story is fairly original and as the mystery unfolds I found myself getting more and more invested in the characters' predicament. The two leads are 80s legends James Spader and Kurt Russell who are passable, though Spader always sounds a little flat and uninterested to me; he did do the film for money after all. The special effects hold up amazingly well, especially in the portal scenes involving the title's, Stargate! It's a bit hokey and I couldn't see myself watching it again, but it spawned a very successful TV series and set Roland Emmerich on his career-path to destroy Earth in every consecutive film; so it has some merit!

Aaron S (mx) wrote: Fascinating and surreal as all hell, though it always feels like it lacks SOMETHING. Still though, Bakshi's work always has enough visual achievements to keep even this most jaded viewer spellbound. Remove the final 10 minutes, and its near-perfect.

Eric H (de) wrote: Well, I haven't read the book, which seems to be better, but I liked the movie. I agree that it was pretty inconsistent, and the end could have been done better, but overall, I liked it a lot.I even liked Nicole Kidman in this movie, which says a great deal because normally I can't stand her. What can I say? Romantic comedies appeal to me. Not the best ever made, but enjoyable.