Surya is a gym coach and he is very close to Sri and his family. Murthy is Sri’s father and Meghana is his sister. Surya is a man who fights against any injustice he comes across and this brings him into direct conflict with Raja Goud. In a separate track, Sriram gets into major trouble in Saudi Arabia and Ravi Teja must do everything he can to save his friend’s life. In a curious twist of fate, only Raja Goud has the ability to save Sriram from certain death. Will Surya enter into a compromise with Raja Goud? How can Raja Goud save a man in trouble in Saudi Arabia? That forms the story

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:friend,   motorcycle,   bar,  

The story begins with Surya (Ravi Teja) who owns a gym center and he also has a good friend Sriram (Srikanth). Surya is in love with his friend's sister Meghna (Deeksha Seth) and after some... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anke V (es) wrote: only 6.8 on imdb, i don't get. The acting is very subtile, Ewan playing a role with asperger syndrome... the humor is very smart.

Steve D (ca) wrote: Not a big fan of the characters but this is a good movie for the fans of the game

Kelly Y (gb) wrote: A surprising release from, in my estimation, the best director in Iran maybe the entire middle east. The state of the Haves and plight the Have Nots are subtley presented in a film that has relevance not just in relation to the country of origin but in pretty much every developed place on earth. That said given when and where it was made I am floored that it has seen that light of day. Many of the Iranian directors, certainly Panahi, have picked up the Neorealism mantle and have refined and run with it. This is not to be missed.

Patrick W (ag) wrote: This film begins a downturn for the franchise as the cast members take over directing duties. Most interesting portrayal in this film is Christopher Lloyd's Klingon villain. He does a great job despite having such a storied comedy background. The film itself, however, isn't very spectacular.

Paul D (fr) wrote: A campus revolution movie, Jack Nicholson's first foray behind the camera is cool at times but just too dated for the rest of it. When BBS hits, they hit hard (The Last Picture Show, Five Easy Pieces, Easy Rider), but when they don't (Head, Drive, He Said) the movies are barely even remembered.

Jackson S (es) wrote: Vastly underrated. This movie reminds me of Taxi Driver meets All In The Family. Can't believe Peter Boyle never got an oscar.

Jasenko P (ag) wrote: The 2 star are only for Anthony Quinn who makes this movie watchable, the rest is a stupid and false story that makes no sens what so ever.

Guido S (jp) wrote: tries to add uplifting message to a basic story

Greg W (kr) wrote: didn't like this at all