Jimi, a computer game designer, finds that his latest product has been infected by a virus which has given consciousness to the main character of the game, Solo. Tormented by the memory of his fled girlfriend Lisa and begged by Solo to end its useless "life", Jimi begins a search for people who can help him both to discover what happened to Lisa and to delete his game before it is released.

Jimi, a successful computer game designer, finds that his latest product has been infected by a virus which has given consciousness to the main character of the game, Solo. Tormented by the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel M (gb) wrote: "Ellie Parker" is a deranged, but yet, intuitive film on the struggling Hollywood actresses lifestyle of casting calls, nocturnal partying, and internal conflicts. Naomi Watts was a tour-de-force as the Parker protagonist. Her effusive expressions were a thing of beauty. Watts' acting voltage remains hot in Tinsletown. Too bad the same cannot be said for the Ellie Parker character she plays. Ellie goes from auditioning for a part in a Southern period piece soap opera to going through the opposite the end of the Hollywood spectrum just a few hours later by auditioning for a part in a soft-porn cheap flick. Director Scott Coffey shot the film in video which gave it a reality take. Mr. Coffey woke us up with his tasty-sugary crafty techniques but was a bit "sweet & low" with his cyclical screenplay. Chevy Chase also drives the film with a scene-stealer performance as Parker's eccentric agent, Dennis Swatzbaum. My primary "Ellie Parker" peeve of the film was the arrogant character Sam, played by Rebecca Rigg! The movie got definitely rigged with her suffocating performance. "Ellie Parker" would be an effective prototype study for aspiring female actresses, but will not probably satisfy the general movie audience. Nonetheless, that Parker Sister, Naomi Watts, is the super savior of "Ellie Parker". *** Average

Tanner B (es) wrote: Chicken Little (2005) ??D: Mark Dindal. Zach Braff, Garry Marshall, Patrick Stewart. Disney's first completely CG animated feature is awful kids fare (with heavy-handed pop-culture references that actually upstage its main characters!). Reluctant chicken gives lies of UFO sightings in his home town. (Naturally) they don't listen, until they eventually see it for themselves in flimsy climax that actually rips off WAR OF THE WORLDS-and with awkward pop music thrown in for good measure. Iffy animation style and bad character designs run rampant in idea that was ill-conceived from storyboard level and somehow only gets . . . and gives us no one to care for! Repulsive and one of the worst "big"-budgeted animated movies of all-time.

Nicole P (ag) wrote: the title says it all ... good movie

Alexandra T (it) wrote: This has been my favorite movie for as long as I can remember!!!LOVE IT!!!

Chris H (jp) wrote: An overly long, meandering film that cant decide between being a romance film or a serious historical drama.

Sam S (mx) wrote: So So So Stupid and funny. John Landis b4 he was successfull

kate j (es) wrote: i might like this film

Donnie B (us) wrote: This is the best of the three in a series that most directors and writers could never even hope to achieve.

Charlotte C (kr) wrote: Great film story is a bit slow to start with but all together great film

Ian C (kr) wrote: Text book Hill. The class of Paxton and Sadler make you forgive these early roles and comical performances of legends Ice-T and Ice Cube.