A man, who has been married for 27 years, falls in love with his 18-year-old daughter's friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom M (it) wrote: Very well made but also very narrowly focused on bad outcomes, rather than the broader uses and range of stories to be found among the users of Second Life. Basically, the documentary ignores the fun or the therapy to be found there.

Kirk C (br) wrote: I only hope that this movie holds true to Ayn Rand's novel.

Mikko D (ag) wrote: Some good scenes but time to time I'm really disturbed by the lead actor and his overacting. The storyline is little bit wierd and it's not taking your heart as it should. But okay movie.

Simon D (es) wrote: I have to say, first of all, I didn't know what I was letting myself in for here. I expected a biopic of one of the motown girl groups. Unfortunately it wasn't that. I was disappointed to not recognise any names as the realisation hit me that this was fictional. I began to wonder if it was worth watching but gave it time. There was a lot of music in the film, not good music either, but as it was a film about singers I lived with it until the moment struck about 45 minutes in when the cast started singing their lines, in a Jesus Christ Superstar kind of way. The warbling began to get unbearable as the familiar cast of other R&B films exchanged howls to an indinstinct drum and brass backdrop. At exactly 1 hour and 3 minutes my common sense kicked in and I turned it off to spare myself the remaining horrors in store. I was conned into watching it for an hour. The film makers must have known that they can't turn the dialogue into song too early otherwise the musically sensitive of us viewers would turn it off too early. So they drag you in to what seems like a normal music film then, just when you might think that you've watched too much to give up now, they pull out the musical terror. Spare yourselves, don't watch it.

Mitch W (ca) wrote: This is what Hamlet 2 wanted to be: a stupid, somewhat blasphemic portrayal of Jesus. Except this one is actually funny. Rifed with complete zaniness throughout, including ridiculous fighting scenes, shopping montages, and musical numbers, this film is, if anything else, fun to watch. Is it good? Heck no. The acting is terrible and even the voiceovers are poor. Is it short? Fortunately, yes. Even after 30 minutes the kitschy vibe starts to wear off. Is it random? Very. It's what redeems it in a lot of ways. I did hate the narrator guy, though. There were quite a few biblical references going on, so those who know the base material well may get extra kicks out of it (or get upset that much more). Of course, it's riddled with blood effects and gory body parts to give a more campy, grindhouse feel (as if the 1970's film grain didn't do that already). JCVH is a silly story, but it was mostly enjoyable.

Thoma N (de) wrote: This interesting and insightful movie deserved more publicity outside of Latin America. That being said, as a Brazilian I have to admit that our cinema has an unhealthy obsession with our dictatorial past.

Nicolas M (it) wrote: Je ne suis pas folle vous savez !

Joyce R (au) wrote: Perhaps the best of the BRD trilogy.

Tara J (us) wrote: French cartoons are the best.

Tyler S (br) wrote: The 'Road' movies were all absolutely hilariously written, and the perfect chemistry between Bob Hope and Bing Crosby was so much fun to watch. In this episode, Hope and Crosby journey to Africa and fight a man wearing an ape suit. Cool.

Marvia G (au) wrote: In Bella's list. Probably will go tonight if Nana doesn't take her this afternoon.

Zachary M (fr) wrote: The only Zack Snyder movie I can say I truly loved from start to finish. The fast style of directing along with a screenplay full of interesting characters makes it a must see for not just horror fans, but lovers of all cinema. The characters are ones with not only defined identities, but who make choices with consequences they must live with. In so many ways this film eclipses the original, which I always found far too slow and drawn out. Why more of Zack Snyder's movies haven't turned out like this I don't know. Hopefully he can reclaim his lost magic again and continue to put out movies that are not serviceable, at best, but truly wonderful again.

Marischa B (gb) wrote: Probably the worst movie I have ever seen.... Only finished it 'cause we paid for it. Zero fluidity, very poor storyline... Full of holes, hard to follow, cheesy boring script. Attempts to include moral life lessons and love stories were entirely unsuccessful . R. Hall was horrendous - trying to mix-up her ditsy slut role by adding a bit of drama to her acting did NOT work. We chose this movie based on Bruce Willis ' and Catherine Zeta Jones' involvement . It is shocking they were willing to associate themselves with this film. They were OK in their roles with what they had to work with .... Crap. Do not watch this movie. Life is too short.

Yash B (br) wrote: It's a silly movie but it is too much fun. I like watching it whenever it is on TV casually and I think it isn't one to be taken seriously.

Asriel D (ca) wrote: I would've liked it a bit more... if it actually followed the books.

Christopher L (kr) wrote: And here it is, at long last - Adam Sandler's worst film. "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" is one of the most mind-numbing, worthless, completely uninvolving experiences I've had with a film, and that's really a shame. Sandler must be a very nice guy. Smart, too, I imagine. It comes out in his best roles, like in "Punch-Drunk Love", "Spanglish" and "Funny People". There's undeniable talent there, as well, and a definite ear for funny. So, what the hell is this tripe? Not even intelligent enough to be offensive, the movie just sits there on the screen, desperately unfunny and undoubtedly expensive. There's one scene in particular that really got on my nerves: Mariah Carey (!) is whining incessantly about her allergy to bees after one character says he saw a bee in her dressing room. She drones on and on about there being a bee, and her allergy. I was begging for someone to slap her. After about half an hour of failed sight gags and unfunny race jokes, I kept thinking about what better films could've been made with the millions poured into this sad, lifeless production. I also kept thinking about making some pasta, and how I needed to do the dishes. I walked out on the film with maybe twenty minutes left to go. I did the dishes. I made some pasta. I tried to forget about the two hours I'd just wasted. It didn't work, but the pasta was delicious.Zero Stars