Nishi Ginza Station

Nishi Ginza Station

This short comedy concerns the extramarital affair of a drugstore owner. It is based on a popular song by the star of the film, Frank Nagai.

This short comedy concerns the extramarital affair of a drugstore owner. It is based on a popular song by the star of the film, Frank Nagai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy H (us) wrote: Great film - really can't understand the bad reviews

Devon C (kr) wrote: another hair raising adventure from the buddies

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Jonathan H (ru) wrote: Boring and didn't really seem to have a point.

stefn birgir s (ag) wrote: A crap rip off of Gremlins

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Robert B (gb) wrote: Rififi is an entertaining but dated crime thriller. While gritty (and at times misogynistic), the film lacks in noir feeling. Recommended to anyone that enjoys a good heist film, but don't expect Rififi to be of the same caliber as The Wages of Fear.

Meagan D (kr) wrote: It seriously gets better every time I see it!

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