Niu gui she shen

Niu gui she shen


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Mandarin
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Niu gui she shen torrent reviews

Josh T (es) wrote: Compared to the two-part Dark Knight Returns and the more emotionally complex Under the Red Hood, this is just a placeholder, yet another retelling of Batman's origin. We get more Jim Gordon, which gives some fresh material, but as a whole, it remains little more than a setup story. While the comic may have had an impact, this adaptation, while well done, does not.

Ben B (jp) wrote: Wow. I mean, wow. That was quite possibly the worst 81 minutes of film I've ever subjected myself to. Where to start. OK, so going into this I knew it was going to be bad. I mean, a film called Ninja Cheerleaders with George Takei being the only person in it I've heard of isn't a great start, but I had hopes for it being the fun kind of terrible. Nope, it was the regular kind of terrible through and through.Just so you have an idea of what we're dealing with here, let me summarise the plot: April, Courtney and the other one (Monica I think) are cheerleaders who dream of going to Brown, because you see they're all smart, philosophical, big-thinking, independent women (the film labours this point with some hilarious debates and discussions in the first half of the film). But because Brown is expensive they're also strippers - or go go dancers - at a local strip joint. Oh, and they're also ninjas under their sensei Hiroshi, who also happens to be the guy who runs the strip joint. Following this so far? Good. Some Italian mob boss is back in town and wants the club, which used to be his, back, and so he kidnaps Hiroshi. There's some additional nonsense in here about finishing up finals, cheering on the basketball team and winning some all city strip competition all in the same night, but I stopped caring very quickly.The plot is retarded, the dialogue is terrible, the cinematography is dreadful, and the acting is so stiff it'd make the horrid love child of Hayden Christensen, Keanu Reeves and several planks of wood look dynamic and charismatic. About the only person who appears to be having any fun with it is George Takei, who looks crazed and like he was probably on something during filming (and I swear at one point he nipple twists the mob boss whilst fighting him, all whilst chuckling in some demonic way).There's just so much stuff in it that I burst out laughing at, mostly in disbelief that someone thought it was a good idea to put in a film, the majority of which is so horrifically cliche I'm not sure this isn't the work of some demented genius. I mean the Italian mobsters in this have to be seen to be believed, it's really something.Also in the hilarity stakes there's some transitional effects the 80s would have been embarrassed by; though these do feature some of the brief glimpses at tits you'll see. Actually, what's kind of impressive is that despite featuring a good number of quick titty flashes and two striptease scenes featuring our dynamic trio, I've never seen a more un-erotic film. Seriously, the striptease scenes lack any sort of titillation at all, which makes me think someone missed the point a little. Oh, and who's in attendances at one of these stripteases, why none other than a gang of sailors straight out of the 1950s who wait for the girls post show and get in a fight with them when they won't play ball.Other amusements include the fact that at many points the 'background music' is mixed so loudly you can't actually hear the lines being said, not that that was any great loss of course. Scattered throughout the film are some police station that look liked they were filmed on some low-rent mobile phone.Oh, and remember how I mentioned that the film goes to great lengths to prove that these are smart, intelligent women (they're off to Brown after all), well at a few points they need to get out of a situation with a cop, and so what do they do? Do they use their smarts to quickly out-think and out-fox the cop? No, they act like flirty ditzy bimbos. As you would.Possibly my favourite bit of silliness is a random female Asian assassin (a dark ninja don't you know) called Kenji who talks about herself in the third person: "Kenji wants you to know her name before Kenji kills you." Sure.Man, I was really hoping for something bad, but at least fun. But no, just plain bad. Very, very, very bad.

Ariella S (ca) wrote: Interesting concepts but failed execution - character development falls short, but is thought provoking and intelligent.

Guy T (us) wrote: Good for a saturday evening movie to just chill out and relax to and a few good laughs!

Glen W (ca) wrote: This is in my top 3 rated films of all time!A great performance by Kurt Russell, portraying a man who did things his way and not the way the "board" wanted to do things.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 95%Watched this on 1/10/14Frailty is creepy and suspenseful supernatural thriller with a lot of twists and turns. It convinces you to the very end that it is not a kind of film that you imagine to be and then it shows you it's true self. Frailty is well acted and directed with a lot of key horror elements. This is a good film that no one will watch or acknowledge.

Kyle M (br) wrote: The animated portion is more healthy than the gross-out, unhealthy live-action whereas we watch Murray suffering there at his least, except the moment where he comes back as himself at the end. What makes the animated portion more healthy is the great animation that's fun, with good voice actors to give us doses of comedy (and occasional toilet humor). Thanks to that portion, this is probably the Farrelly Brothers' best. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Paul B (us) wrote: Not bad. Has some good heart to it. Nicolas Cage is pretty great as usual.

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Godzilla vs. Mothra earns it's praise for the successful reinvention of another Toho icon, much to the enjoyment of fans of the classic Mothra. This Godzilla flick embellishes mostly in the realm of faux mythology, and sometimes overindulges in the niceties. A pair of twin prophetic fairies, named the Cosmos, serve as guides for the human characters in the film; and they face the ultimate task of convincing an entire nation to avoid the fate of their own deceased race, delivered by the devilish Battra. The film's third act combines the best special effects 1992 had to offer, with the shlock-fest that is a three way brawl between the two halves of Mothra and the king of monsters himself: eye-popping to the say the least.

Isaac J (us) wrote: Pretty much your standard big dumb action movie with top notch wall to wall gun, knife, and kung fu fights. The flick is also notable for its general nastiness, which is kind of uncharacteristic of a Sammo production. For instance there is a whole sequence when our heroes are stuck in a Vietnamese prison camp and a bunch of kids that look about seven take turns playing Russian roulette on prisoners, occasionally blowing their heads off and horghing. There's also a bit where Sammo himself straight cuts a bitches hand off. Two thumbs up.

Rodney S (us) wrote: This 1974 Pete Walker classic, is a definite trip into the macabre. A woman and her husband are sentenced to around twenty years for cannibalism and murder. And now, they have been released and are living on a farmhouse, and only their oldest daughter knows, at least that's what she thinks. The younger daughter lives with her Sister, but goes her own way on everything, usually ending in trouble. Meanwhile at the farmhouse, Mama is taking out whoever she can and storing them under the straw in the barn, after she uses her nice little drill to tenderize them a little. None of this is bound to be good about all of this, and as the story moves on, the more demented it becomes. Walker creates a world of "no body gets out of this one alive" kind of theme, even though the ending is somewhat of a surprise, and I certainly liked it. No Hollywood endings in a Pete Walker film. Very nice little bloody British horror film for the holidays, and after all these years, it holds up very nicely. Highly recommended, with a good commentary with Walker himself on the DVD.

Jaime L (mx) wrote: Great as a comedy at any rate. "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!"

Paul W (us) wrote: Heroin addicts in Ibiza before it was taken over by euro-trash trendy socialites? Sign me up!

Jim F (kr) wrote: The movie was typical Seagal, don't watch it if you don't like what he always does. I kinda liked it!! Does anyone know the name of the "Demon" statue behind the evil magician?

Alex S (fr) wrote: Comedy classic, best of Bill Murray.