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Adrian Z (ag) wrote: 2/5 - Guillermo Francella y Dady Brieva comparten una buena quimica comica como rehen de banco y asaltante, pero la trama es sumamente tonta y la calidad de produccion en si es muy mala. Tambien cuenta con una banda sonora atroz.

gia g (nl) wrote: I love this movie it's the best

Steve S (ru) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Justin Long is one of the more appealing young actors working in Hollywood today. Even if the movie isn't too good, he ia always likeable and adds a nice twist since he isn't the typical leading man. I just wished the material here was a little bit sharper and a little bitter cleverer. Long is a young man stuck in his little town of Patriotsville. It is a historical town that boasts of a almost seceret battle from the Revolutionary War. But now it is strapped for money so the mayor wants to bribe some native americans to build a huge casino in town to bring in more money.

BellaRay (ag) wrote: I'd rather kill you now. Please :)

Guido S (ag) wrote: A version of the much better TV show before that was made. Buffy is from a long line of vampire slayers and has dreams of her ancestors. Donald Sutherland is her watcher who teaches her what to do and about her history. Has a few cameos from David Arquette and Ben Affleck. Pretty good, but a definite step down from what the TV show would go on to become. Still kind of a fun blast from the past.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: ****It has an interesting story, good acting from all involved, and some great action. Harrison Ford really is great as Jack Ryan. It's a typical Ford film, and that basically means it's brilliant.

Jason S (fr) wrote: i didn't care much about this movie wasn't funny at all

Sam M (br) wrote: So funny, and fairly old fashioned style of comedy.

Bradley N (fr) wrote: Still the best Marvel had to offer in my opinion.