No Blood No Tears

No Blood No Tears

Gyung-sun is a washed-up cab driver who has been trying to go straight after years in trouble with the law after being a big-time safecracker. Soo-jin wants to be a famous singer, but lives the life of a trophy girlfriend to her vicious gangster boyfriend. An unlikely situation cause these two different women to meet where they plan a daring solution to both their problems that will escalate and threaten the wrath of many powerful and corrupt people around them.

She drives a cab on the night shift and meets every scum there is. Gyung-sun lives a scant life day by day, but she used to be a professional safecracker that earned her the nickname, "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


No Blood No Tears torrent reviews

Jesse O (ag) wrote: Not as terrible a film as the reviews made it out to be. It's definitely a movie that requires a lot of patience as a lot of the story hinges on the reveal of what is actually happening in the midst of red herrings and misdirection. You're kept as much in the dark as the characters in the film...that can be a positive and a negative. It's a positive in the sense that it keeps up the suspense. It's a negative because it pretty much stalls character development. It's all about finding out who they were and not getting to know them as they are right now. I guess you could say the film does find a balance between the two, but I don't think it does at least. Because of that, in some parts, the movie can drag tremendously and feel completely aimless. You've no idea what the endgame is and you're completely left at the mercy of the screenwriters and the film crew. If they wanted to throw in aliens out of nowhere then, no matter how cheap it was, they'd be able to get away with it since they pretty much sidestepped addressing the issue until it absolutely needed to. I had to watch this in two sittings because I was so tired I had to sleep, so because of that the film probably flowed much better than it would've if I had watched it in one sitting. It's just one of those movies. While the film is certainly trite and unoriginal, I think it does a good job at keeping you intrigued enough to make you watching until the end. I think there's a sense of intrigue and mystery that makes watching somewhat interesting. You're invested in finding out what happens. The acting is perfectly fine, if unspectacular, but it also lacks a bit of consistency. Can't put my finger around it, but something about the acting felt really off to me. I found the climax, everything before the last shot itself, to be a little sentimental and melodramatic for what is supposed to be a tense experience. The last shot itself is pretty dark and depressing where all hope is gone and the future is incredibly uncertain. So many people have been lost, that it's hard to believe that, if you think about it as a continuous world even after the film ends, then finding a cure for this plague, that wiped out a large chunk of the world, will really make up for how many people were lost. But this reveal feels really cheap in my opinion, because while it has everything to do with what's going on in the actual film, it also has nothing to do with it. It's weird how that works. The reveal that they're a group of scientists working a cure for a plague has nothing to do with the amnesia all of the characters have. To me, it comes across as a way to needlessly complicate the plot. Instead of telling a simple story about the zombie apocalypse, they had to complicate matters by adding in the amnesia stuff to make it seem like it's fresh and original. It accomplished the exact opposite, cause it's obvious why it was done. I appreciate the effort, but it didn't work. If you look at Contracted, an anti-zombie film if I ever saw one, it tells the start of the zombie apocalypse in a very clever way that, if it would've been seen by enough people, would've pretty much revitalized the genre. I think this doesn't try as much to revitalize it as much as it tries to throw you off from ever thinking about the fact that it is a film about the zombie apocalypse. It does so in a hackneyed manner, but at least it makes an effort. Ill-fated, but an effort is made nonetheless. Wouldn't exactly recommend this film, doesn't really offer anything new or that interesting. Requires a lot of patience and will probably annoy more people than it will satisfy.

Cooper H (nl) wrote: The typical Sprite movie with the twist of main character I hated. Never wanted anything to go right for Hamm's JB. The two Indian players were good as supporting characters.

Hieu N (it) wrote: Pretty insightful in an uncomfortable way. Good directing and acting, but unfortunately the characters were just not so likeable, that I ended up failing to care enough for their story.

Rini N (fr) wrote: Need to watch it again

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Kiyosho Kurosawa abandons the horror genre for and existentially reflex character study. Flawed but interesting.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

vieras e (es) wrote: It's a shame that only fragments - a mere third! - of this film have survived, not only because it seems like it would've been a good film, but also because this film has probably the first homosexual character ever written for cinema (Paul Krner played by the wonderful Conrad Veidt).

Ben C (ca) wrote: Hungry eyes & baby trains. It's a great movie. Moo Tang.

Jeff H (au) wrote: Anyone who goes to this movie and actually laughs even once, probably should just stop going to movies period. ADAM SANDLER SUCKS NOW! IT'S OFFICIAL!