No Breathing

No Breathing

Two very different restless youths join a swimming competition for love and friendship which is, in fact, a rite of passage to growing up.

Set in the world of competition swimming. Woo-Sang is a national swimmer. He pursues the number one spot. Won-Il is gifted swimmer, but stopped participating in the sport after . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar G (nl) wrote: Extraordinario trabajo. Una leccin de realizacin. Con actuaciones, guin y direccin soberbios. Una maravilla.

Francisco L (ca) wrote: Home Alone: The Holiday Heist has a promising start, and being a failed tentative of make an original movie of this franchise, this movie lacks of humour sense, good actors, or less cliches.

Ed C (ag) wrote: Vanity film, since screenwriter = lead actor = co-producer => 3 x fail.One line summary: Bad werewolf script overshadowed by terrible camera work.----------------------- Frankie and Molly, two women with rage issues and non-healing wounds, meet at a bar and get to know each other over drinks and drugs. They eventually bond over the fact that they have both been bitten by a werewolf. Molly turns; Frankie deals with that. Then Frankie is kidnapped and taken to Annabelle, who rips out one of Frankie's eyes to replace one of hers. Frankie eventually counterattacks and gets away. She finds her stepfather, Fenton, and his alter ego. Will Frankie get free of the werewolves, or become part of the community?-------Scores------- Cinematography: 2/10 Framing, lighting, focus, depth of field, and continuity errors---all suck rocks. Throw in shaky camera. Sound: 4/10 Not very good. I needed the subtitles all too often. Acting: 0/10 Uniformly bad. Screenplay: 0/10 That opening was -8 points all by itself. The film's plot development was as murky and jerky as the camera work. None of the characters were interesting.

jason a (mx) wrote: This movie was fun back when Miley Cyrus was... you know... GOOD!

Niek S (ru) wrote: Strong cast, well-directed Dutch drama. With the occasional comical moment.

JamesMasaki R (fr) wrote: "Minna, Yatteruka?" is the very best "Beat Takeshi" movie, not a "Kitano Takeshi" movie. All of his comic sensibility is right here, about sex, violence, slapstick, toilet humor, and craziness that is just... Beat Takeshi. I know everything about this movie is hysterical, but I know a lot of other people will find it strange and incomprehensible. I know the story makes absolutely no sense, but that's the fun in watching it. Definitely an artistic change for Takeshi, as his later films had more of the wild and absurd style frequent in "Getting Any?". Oh, so the story? A mid-30's lone guy decides it's finally time to have sex. But how? Buying a car? Flying first class on an airplane? Becoming an actor? Becoming a Yakuza? Becoming an invisible man? Becoming a human fly? Why not?

Svend C (ca) wrote: Do yourself a favour. Watch this if you ever get the chance. Its mind-boggling

Madasyn H (de) wrote: The Kingdoms of the Spiders is a movie that should only be watched once and never again, it's a good bad movie. It's the kind of movie to watch with a group of close friends and laugh at the lack of story line and the thought of tarantulas taking over the world. It's understandable that the special effects aren't up to the standards that we look for in movies today, but that doesn't mean that that there couldn't have been a better story line. The dialogue of the movie felt forced and unnatural. The only well done character development of the movie was the connections between Rack, Diane and Terry. The love triangle was a good idea, but was ruined when Terry died. Although her death was tragic it allowed Rack and Diane to survive the rest of the movie together, while taking care of Terry's daughter Linda. I also did like the ending of the movie, yes cliffhangers can be fun; but in this situation I would have liked to seen some kind of resolution of the movie. Whether that be everyone dying, or more excitingly there being some kind of cure or extermination to solve the spider problem. The movie took too long to get into action and I wish I would have been drawn into the movie sooner. Also the very last scene of the movie when the camera was zooming out of the house and showing the big picture of the town was awful. I would have liked to have seen something I don't want to say realistic but something that wasn't so obviously a drawing. The spiders however did a fantastic job and were creepy and mysterious as all spiders should be. Being one of my favorite animals I was glad to see them be recognized to their full potential of horrific creatures that should leave you feeling itchy and jumpy.

Catherine C (nl) wrote: Total gratuitous violence for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Lots of assassins killing other assassins, and then some running backwards ninjas, who kill other assassins. Lots of blood and guts all over the place. Quite an eye opener. My friend made me watch it, as only a guy could...

Micheal Myers Brother (mx) wrote: I liked this movie- had some alright acting, Ann Michelle is absolutely hot in this movie and I liked the witchcraft ceremonies at the end along with the topic of a witchcult gathering, though I wish there was more horror in it than erotics- overall it was something I could enjoy

chris c (br) wrote: Possibly the worst movie of the past 20 years. I would rather listen to a Jehovah's witness giving a time-share presentation while getting a prostate exam from Shaq than watch this movie again.

Cameron A (nl) wrote: "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones", while it is more watchable than its predecessor, proves to be a worse film still. The performances have no depth to them (in particular Christensen and Portman), though we are given a great performance from McGregor. However the story lacks credibility, and aside from the battle at the end it lacks any excitement.