No Clue

No Clue

A missing person, a beautiful dame, and a hard-boiled detective.

In a case of mistaken identity, a salesman is hired as a private detective by a woman to find her missing brother, and complications ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (gb) wrote: "Phantom Boy" is a quiet, peaceful little animated film, arriving just in time as a salve for a noisy, angry world.

Rae D (ca) wrote: I thought this was cinematic generousness. I can't for the life of me figure out why it was given such bad reviews!

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William A (de) wrote: A very funny western movie. Great cast

Ben D (nl) wrote: A tender hearted, spirited little film that brings together a wonderful cast of characters for a closely observed human tale about old schoolfriends coming together again. Timothy Hutton is particularly good, and Natalie Portman in a very early role shows much of the talent that marks her later career. Ted Demme handles everything humanely, and as a consequence Beautiful Girls is a film well worth tracking down.

Sonya W (de) wrote: Sounds really baaaad but it has Cirk AND Linda in it.

Clarissa C (nl) wrote: this is such a twisted but cute love story!

Senor C (mx) wrote: Ive seen a fair amount of vampire movies that have come down the pike & mostly my enjoyment is based on the main vampire. Robert Quarry is alright but he sure as hell isn't Bela Lugosi, Christpher Lee or even Jonathan Frid from House of Dark Shadows. It's not all his fault though. The script is written in such a way that his adversaries aren't too bright. To try to trick him into revealing he's a vampire you get confrontation dialogue like 'Do you believe in werewolves?..well do you believe in vampires?'..yes? well shit then you have confirmed our suspicions! It just made me snicker more then anything else. It does have moments though like when some chick is munching on a kitten. Gruesome but made me laugh (& throw up in my mouth a little bit)

Weston W (mx) wrote: one of the first films i ever truly hated. saw it multiple times in its awfulness

Esther V (de) wrote: The first hour is good... the second hour bored me to tears.

Stephen A (ag) wrote: OK, this is kind of an awesome little 60s gem here. Astronauts sent to explore a newly-discovered planet must deal with several dilemmas, and they do so intelligently. The film approaches it's main plot theme in a unique way, and unfolds it gradually, though it can be guessed beforehand. The acting is very good, though sometimes stiff, as some late-60s acting can be. It can also be somewhat wordy and even melodramatic, especially after the plot theme reveals itself. Visually, it has a scene that resembles one in the previous year's "2001: A Space Odyssey", and that tends to date the movie. Some of the actors went on to star in the 1970 TV show "UFO," which is delightfully campy and worth checking out on DVD. Despite these small points, the space flight itself is realistic, and considering this was 1969, the scenes inside the cockpit of the spacecraft also had a realistic look. (Look for some 21st Century video technology in use, too!) One thing: I suspect a love scene has been cut, but I can't prove it. It would have been a distraction anyway. Unlike most Sci-Fi films, this film will make you think about the plot, and that's well worth a look. I'm pleased to have this film in my video library.

F B (mx) wrote: Very enjoyable detective crime film which even I managed to follow despite my difficulties with concentrating. I probably missed a lot but I managed to get the basics to understand what happened.