No Control

No Control

In the movie, Eduardo Moscovis is Danilo, a stage director obsessed with the injustice committed against XIX century farmer Manoel da Motta Coqueiro, case that initiated the process of extinction of death penalty in Brazil. Incited by a beautiful and mysterious woman, Danilo takes a fateful decision. He stages a play about the case with himself as Motta Coqueiro and psychiatric patients playing all the other parts. When the borders between reality and fantasy start to blend, Danilo relives the historical facts in first person, all the time conscious of the tragic doom of his character. Full with uncommon characters and surprising turns, the movie approaches the issue of death penalty in a refreshing new perspective.

In Sem Controle Eduardo Moscovis is Danilo, a stage director obsessed with the injustice committed against XIX century farmer Manoel da Motta Coqueiro, case that initiated the process of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell G (es) wrote: A man dressed as a woman is usually funny. This is no Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire, but there is still good fun here. An egotistical NBA player finds himself banned from basketball. Rather than learning his lesson, he disguises himself as a female pro basketball player. Nothing is remotely believable and it often takes things a step too far, but it is consistent in its approach and shakes out pleasant simple laughs along the way. Miguel A Nunez Jr is animated and colorful in the lead role. Except for his manager, played by Kevin Pollock, the rest of the cast is rather flat. While that is not a good thing, a movie like this can survive acting deficiencies as long as it has a main character to lead the way. It will not stick with you for a long time, but it is worth watching if you enjoy a goofy sports comedy.

The Next Starfighter (us) wrote: Was that footage of an elephant being electrocuted by Thomas Edison real? That was some crazy footage. It's feet started smoking! CRAZY!

Lee M (de) wrote: Hollywood adaptations of successful French comedies seem to almost always be a waste of time. A classic example of this is Joel Schumacher??s Cousins, an American retread of Jean-Charles Tacchella??s Oscar-nominated 1975 film Cousin, Cousine.

Curtis B (ag) wrote: They really don't make comedies like this anymore.

Evangelos C (au) wrote: Good, if not stretched a little too much. 'Barry Lyndon' is an interesting choice of a film, better suited for patient viewers and Kubrick's fans. The old-time story is told through carefully measured cinematic dialogue, the occasional delectable narration and a heavy load of music. The latter is relatively flawed in the earlier parts of the film, overpowering dialogue at times it shouldn't while being repetitive and not particularly suited to the varying occasions, but music eventually becomes good enough, graciously accompanying dialogue or vividly emerging to shroud the action. Silence itself in the form of background noise becomes deafening at times, but in a rather helpful way, as if it was music on its own. The details in sounds generally does great, with even the least noticeable movement of a dress being captured and transferred to the viewer's ear, further supporting merging the audience in the atmosphere. The photography itself is stunning, masterfully using light and shadow, and smoke or fog, in a grand variety of shots from close-ups to others so far and wide, we can't even see the actors' faces. Each and every angle has its own significance, whether we see large chandeliers or petty candles, from the fields of battle to the not less vicious salons.The fact that this film is divided in two parts makes the concept of watching it a little more bearable, but be warned, if you can't stand 3 hours of a slow-paced story, this likely isn't for you. Others will appreciate the output in filmography, and the widespread but otherwise dense plot and emotions.

Jordan R (jp) wrote: (4.5/5) I'd call it a serious guilty pleasure film, but that would be dishonest; there's nothing guilty about this. Insanely quotable, beautiful cinematography both on the ground and in the air, and some of the most memorable performances I've ever seen. If I had to make a list of my favorite films ever, Top Gun would easily crack the Top 15.

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