No desearás al vecino del quinto

No desearás al vecino del quinto


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Kyle O (mx) wrote: The cartoon was great, and the movie was a great start, however he didn't really use his powers hardly at all. I'm hoping to see more action in the second movie! I know that there was a lot of setting up for this character that needed to be done but I still would've like to see them shortened the set up and incorporate a few more fight scenes! Go watch the cartoon, and wait for Max Steel two to come out, then watch both movies back to back and you'll really enjoy it!

Loren R (mx) wrote: Ein guter und eine moderne umgesetzte Neuverfilmung des John Wayne Klassikers Die Shne des Katie Elder".Der Film ist roh, dreckig und hat einen sarkastischen Unterton, was auch den Humor betrifft. Die vier Brder sind gut besetzt. Was gut ist, die Brder knnen verschiedener nicht sein. Trotzdem halten sie zusammen und kmpfen fr eine gerechte Sache. Auch wenn die Charaktere im Leben unten durch gekommen sind, denn jeder hat seine eigene persnliche Vorgeschichte, haben sie doch eine liebevolle Seite an sich. Das ist bei diesem Film eine gute Charakterzeichnung gelungen. Fazit: Ein moderner Western mit unzimperlichen Figuren, die es trotzdem nett meinen!

Robert I (it) wrote: Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung together again!!! That makes this film worth watching!

Joyce B (br) wrote: lmao this is a good film!

Javier F (au) wrote: De las nada innovadoras secuelas Disney, esta por lo menos mantiene el espritu de la original.

Alan L (br) wrote: Besides being totally crazy this movie is mainly one thing: not good. Despite the pretty well actors. Deep inside this movie might have some (more or less) important message, but it completely fails in transmitting it.

Randy P (ca) wrote: It's darker and more gross then the other Farrelly brother films, but in the end it still has it's punches that come out of no where and make you laugh, and it has some heart to it.

Ola G (jp) wrote: Dr. Larry Roberts (Albert Finney), a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, is puzzled when four beautiful models working in television commercials request cosmetic surgery to make changes so minor as to be imperceptible to the naked eye. When these models later start dying under mysterious circumstances, he discovers they are all linked to the same advertisement research firm.The Digital Matrix research firm rates advertising models using a scoring system to measure the combined visual impact of various physical attributes in television commercials. In an experiment to increase their scores, some models are sent to Dr. Roberts to get cosmetic surgery to maximize their visual impacts. Though the models are physically perfect after the surgeries, they still are not as effective as desired, so the research firm decides to use a different approach. Each model is offered a contract to have her body scanned digitally to create 3D computer-generated models, then the 3D models are animated for use in commercials. The contract deals seem to be incredibly lucrative for the models: once their bodies are represented digitally, they get a paycheck for life, never having to work again, since their digital model is used for all their future work in commercials. However, when these same models start dying under mysterious circumstances, Roberts becomes suspicious and decides to investigate Digital Matrix. He has a strong interest in investigating the deaths: he is considered a prime suspect by the police (from evidence planted at the scene of one of the murders) and his most recent patient, Cindy (Susan Dey), is the last of the models to be digitally scanned. During his investigation, Roberts discovers some advanced-technology devices the Digital Matrix corporation is using to hypnotize consumers into buying the products they advertise. He also discovers the Light Ocular-Oriented Kinetic Emotive Responses (L.O.O.K.E.R.) gun, a light pulse device that gives the illusion of invisibility by instantly mesmerizing its victims into losing all sense of time...Michael Crichton's "Looker" is challenging in so many places. Been wanting to see this for a long time. However, the plot holes (there is a different version with less plot holes..) are bigger than The Grand Canyon, the acting is quite rocky and Albert Finney seems to have no idea what he's is doing in this movie and why he is in this movie. "Looker" comments upon and satirizes media, advertising, TV's effects on the populace, and ridiculous standard of beauty, which in a way are topics as current in 2013 as it was back in 1981. Theres some sort of atmospheric feeling to "Looker" that makes you think of a Brian De Palma thriller, but it hardly reaches De Palma standard. There appear to be two versions of the film. TV airings have been of a slightly different edit, containing a sequence in which Reston, after detaining Roberts and Cindy in his mansion, explains why he had the other models murdered (the reason for the killings is a plot hole in the theatrical film). He says the models were the 'measurements' and that it was corporate policy to 'shred old documents' that competitors might use. On the DVD commentary track, Crichton alludes to the difficulty of editing Looker, which perhaps accounts for why the TV version contains more exposition. This makes no sense really. How can this very important piece of dialogue have been edited out? Nah, "Looker" was not what I hoped for. The only enjoyment for me was to see the stunning Susan Dey, my favourite from "L.A. Law.

Nick F (mx) wrote: Don't really get the hate for this movie. I enjoy its barebones plot and characters, it keeps the action from lagging and the story simple. Chase movies work best when they keep to a simple premise and focus on the chases and quirky interaction between the characters. Just enjoy it for what it is.

Matthew L (gb) wrote: Empire of the Sun is a powerful, intense, and emotional masterpiece boasting a strong act by Bale and great directing by Spielberg.