No Doubt

No Doubt

A young girl goes missing just as a convicted sex offender moves into town. The girl's father, the inhabitants of the towns and even law enforcement believe he is responsible for the disappearance.

A family moves into the suburbs of Gyunggi-do. A while later a girl named Mi-rim goes missing and chaos takes over the village. Mi-rim's father searches for his daughter and while visiting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (fr) wrote: This is an easy watch for all fans of romantic comedies.The story was silly, but the romantic Jeana wins in the end.

Vanessa B (br) wrote: had no idea what was going on. way to artsy for me.

Brad H (jp) wrote: The storyline could use some work but the uniforms are spot on.

Turo R (br) wrote: Ylltyksekseni elokuva sislsi hienoja elmnviisauksia :)

DeniseSedale W (br) wrote: i loved every minute of it. this movie was funny and sad. this is a very heart felt movie. i recommend this movie to everyone.

Mark R (de) wrote: Not very funny at all. Steve Oedekerk comes off like a very irritating B-grade Jerry Seinfeld.

Thomas B (br) wrote: Grade - BA highly stylized entry from DePalma that, whilst hinting at some interesting themes, never really explores them past a surface level; causing the films protagonist to be unrelatable. That being said, there's enough here for 'Scarface' to remain entertaining. Just not enough to live up to its status as a 'classic'.

Eugene H (br) wrote: OMG! They don't make films like this anymore. Incredible cinematography and directing. Strong story and acting. Very scary. On par, in my opinion, to The Exorcist, which inspired this gem. Warning! You might want to take a long shower and go to church after watching this movie.

Ellen B (gb) wrote: Absolutely ADORE Margaret Rutherford. She's the BEST Miss Marple EVER!!!

Michael H (br) wrote: A cynical black comedy of manners in which Alec Guinness serves up 8 lovely performances.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: the one where Spock destroys God...