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Kishen is a newspaper baron married to Kaajal, a housewife who suspects her husband of having numerous non-existent affairs. Pooja is the believing wife of ever-philandering globe-trotting businessman Prem. Kishen and Prem are thick pals. Sanjana falls in love with Prem's loyal photographer Sunny and they get engaged. Kishen gets tired of his jealous wife and tries to have an affair with Bobby, a call girl. Due to circumstances, Bobby is introduced as the wife of Kishen during Sanjana's wedding, and as Sunny's wife to Kaajal. It becomes a bundle of confusions when all three couples meet.

Kishen is a newspaper baron married to Kaajal, a housewife who suspects her husband of having numerous non-existent affairs. Pooja is the believing wife of ever-philandering globe-trotting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (de) wrote: This is going to be a pass for me.

Kara H (es) wrote: Surprise, surprise...

dan b (de) wrote: The cover art gives you the impression that this is an American Pie knock-off, which is why i watched it. Instead what you get is a horrendous piece of shit. Felt like a Friday The 13TH movie where Jason forgets to show up and you're left watching annoying characters doing annoying things and it all seems fucking pointless.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: An old palace with old tragedy in India and now a ghost haunts the halls, an evil witch who demands revenge ... but all is not how it seems in this inventive blend of comedy and drama, medicine and magic, tradition and science, with, of course, some singing and dancing on the side. I was pleasantly surprised. There is some pandering to lowbrow tastes, but hey its a film, not a course in quantum physics. Finally, a Bollywood film I liked. They got me.

Raffi G (au) wrote: This is such an insult to the film industry. This movie is such a waste of money. It would have benefited more people if they donated this money to charity.

Martin E (it) wrote: As a huge fan and long time player of the video game Freelancer, I was immediately blind to any form of hole poking. Wing Commander is essentially Freelancer, The Movie (Albeit coming out earlier than Freelancer), making it automatically brilliant. My only niggle was casting Freddie Prinze Jr. Not that I have a gripe with him, I just don't think he played the hero too well here. Nuff be said, I'm in the minority that actually like the film.

Sarah H (es) wrote: One of those whatever can go wrong will type movies. It doesn't really stand the test of time, as it has a bunch of typical 80's movie tropes that wouldn't be seen today. It is fairly funny but it isn't one of Martin Shorts best.

Er D (ru) wrote: Schon die Anfangsszene verrt den Ausgang der Geschichte. Jedoch ist dies dramaturgisch gut eingesetzt, da es den tragischen Verlauf des Lebens der Geschwister um einiges verstrkt. Man sieht sie, man kann es nicht anders formulieren, beim Sterben zu. Als sie dann stirbt (und dies dann im Off kundgetan wird), und sie eine Feuerbestattung erhlt, kommen einem unaufhaltbar die Trnen. Und um Seita ist es auch schon geschehen, da er den einzigen Lebensmittelpunkt, den er noch hatte, auch verloren hat ..Der nchste trnenreiche Schub kommt natrlich mit der letzten Szene...einerseits ist sie traurig, andererseits freut man sich auch Fr mich ist "Grave of the Fireflies" die beste Produktion aus dem Hause "Ghibli", ein richtiges Kleinod, der den unzhligen Opfern eines Krieges ein Gesicht verleiht und es ist ein Film, der nicht scheut die Wirren des Krieges drastisch darzustellen, ohne plakativ oder sensationslstern zu wirken. Unbedingt einschauen, Taschentcher bereithalten. Er wirkt auch Tage danach.

Ben S (mx) wrote: Daniel Craig's unlicensed Australian clone runs afoul of some racist roving gang members in a post-apocalyptic future that has a drive-in converted into a prison island like badassville where the only thing that matters is what your drive/sleep in and the woman you have in the passenger seat that gets neked' at your command. This is the world that we need to create if we ever want Jesus to come back since it's the only thing that will appeal to his bloodthirsty savage soul.

Emilie L (mx) wrote: My favorite Bergman.

ld p (jp) wrote: Wow one of the heaviest movies I have ever seen. The despair of the Brazilian Underworld made me glad to be an American as I exited the theater. I saw this in 1981 on the big screen in Dallas Texas. Having living in Brazil for a year when I was 21 I have a liking for all films Brazilian. This one is a real torture shocker. Its 2009 and I am interested in seeing it again but Net Flix is not stocking it. I ordered Hector Babenco's Ironweed today but that film also has a long wait. I might see if I can buy it on ebay or amazon. I might get into the plot of Pixote later in the week if i have more time to write here but for now I will just state that this is a very very powerful film. A must for ever student of serious art film. five stars highest rating

Keegan S (de) wrote: hilarious. seriously kick-ass fighting sequences.

CJ C (ru) wrote: Lon Chaney Jr. makes a great wolfman, but not a very good Dracula. I particularly like him as the wolfman in ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN.

Mnir E (ru) wrote: It was really nice, takes you to summer and you will have love to french girls..

Cameron P (fr) wrote: For a low budget found footage film the special effects weren't too bad, but the script and unbelievable situations with wild animals instantly becoming attached to humans definitely let the film down. A lot of it was just too unbelievable, especially when cameras would get lost or broken, which should imply that half the footage of the movie would itself be lost along with the cameras, yet we had just sat through 80 minutes of it all. Another issue was that it was in no way scary or suspenseful. There would be scenes which were obviously meant to make you jump out of your seat, but you just find yourself not caring. In the end I was expecting this movie to be awful and actually found it a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting, especially the first half of the movie. The acting was okay, but overall if the script was better and the situations more realistic this would have been a much better film.

PieterJan V (ca) wrote: Packed with cliches but enjoyable!