No hoi wai lung

No hoi wai lung


Three high-octane cops--an unorthodox one from Hong Kong, a straitlaced one from the Mainland, and one from the Philippines--join forces to demolish an insidious counterfeiting ring. Cops-and-robbers action fare taken to its most gleefully bullet-ridden extreme. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren S (mx) wrote: I love movies and I love art. This is the first movie I've seen on forgery in the art world. Could have had a better plot. But I enjoyed this movie alot.

Criss T (es) wrote: Funny and great film

Chris Y (mx) wrote: the most nothing I've ever seen

David G (us) wrote: To examine the connection between the Portestant Reich church and the Nazi party and learn more about those who stood up against Hitler and his fascist regime, this film explores the subject well. Most movingly, the documetary shares the story of a pious, brave, and insightful Christian who did not follow the traditions of anti-Semitism which compelled so many German and Italian Christians (including the Catholic Church) to line up behind the Axis Powers and buy into "final solution." Bonhoeffer is a hero to be remembered.

Mo N (br) wrote: This flick is slightly off kilter but explores a (dysfunctional) relationship in a very compelling way.

Eric J (ca) wrote: Decent drama about the ins and outs of a large black family. Vanessa Williams shows she can act, in case "Ugly Betty" didn't convince you.

David W (es) wrote: it was a whole lot better then it sounds like it would be

Ken S (it) wrote: Clearly by the time the 90s rolled around, Mel Brooks was out of ideas. He had attempted to finally break out of parody and doing original comedies again with "Life Stinks", but as that was a commercial and critical failure, it looks like he just decided to go back to what had worked for so long. I doubt he had any real good ideas, so he just made fun of Robin Hood because the Costner movie was still fairly fresh. The film is hit or miss throughout, which is a shame because I want to like a Brooks comedy, and I like both Cary Elwes and Dave Chappelle. Chappelle, it seems, does better work when it is on his own terms, and Elwes pretty much had this role nailed much better in the earlier and more successful film "The Princess Bride". Brooks himself apparently co-created a Robin Hood parody TV show that was fairly short-lived, but the critical consensus seems to be that that show was better as well. This has some average medieval jokes and some rehashes of jokes Brooks did better in earlier films. If you want a good medieval comedy, "The Princess Bride" or "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" are suggested instead of this average parody.

Morten L (fr) wrote: Not too bad. Steve McQueen and Brian Keith are always good.

Ian C (ag) wrote: I liked this the first time I watched it but loved it the second time round. Wilson is always likeable and works well with co-lead Sudeikis. The gags are text book Farrelly gross out, the shart, fake chowder and Hog-Head on the brownies all cracked me up. This is worth watching for Richard Jenkins alone. His character Coakley is one of my all time favourites. Comedy gold (if ya enjoy toilet humour that has no morals).

Peter B (gb) wrote: Officially the weirdest movie i have ever seen. Don't go in thinking you will "get it" on your first viewing, because you won't. Beautiful cinematography and top notch editing make this art house film one to remember, and possibly understand, on further viewings.