No lo llames amor... llámalo X

No lo llames amor... llámalo X

A veteran porn director fallen on hard times mortgages his house to film with his former colleagues what will be the best film of his career, "El Alzamiento Nacional", a pornographic parody of the Spanish Civil War.

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No lo llames amor... llámalo X torrent reviews

Pranav K (kr) wrote: Average, silly, fantasy film of John Abraham--a chic flic. There are a few good parts. Prachi Desai is really nice.

Cade H (it) wrote: Killing Them Softly started out great. It involved a poker game heist, had some tense moments and it all seemed like there were more big things to come. Unfortunately everything slowed way down and the story never got back to a high point after that. There were some crazy, gory death and beat em up scenes that were up there with the best of them, but it all lead up to a meaningless ending and Brad Pitt was never utilized to the fullest. There were to many points where 2 characters sat down and chatted and it dragged on and was straight up boring. Then there would be a nice bloody action scene followed by a boring chat session. The film had some great things going for it and put a lot of time into the kill scenes but the rest of it was boring and needed something more.

Nuwan S (fr) wrote: Interesting Movie...!!! :D

Cheryl C (it) wrote: The two brave lead actresses give this movie a fresh feeling that lasts. It found all of it very real in a great way. Recommended

Bradley W (fr) wrote: Little Children is a fascinating and disturbing glimpse into suburban life, without a group of intriguing and diverse characters. The performances here are just outstanding. Kate Winslet and Jackie Earl Haley truly stand out, giving raw and unflinching performances that both terrify and amaze me. Patrick Wilson is also fantastic, giving us a real look into the life of this empty man. Noah Emmerich is very underrated as well, as he steals the show in some scenes. Everyone in the film was at the top of their game. This detailed vision came together extremely well, and it really left me thinking for days after I had saw it.

Stephen B (fr) wrote: Not bad. Clint Eastwood movies you can never go wrong. Well writeen story but I felt that it could have been a bit more powerful.

Chris (it) wrote: I could barely stay awake during this so that tells you something

Rohan D (it) wrote: A great great movie of its kind. Much inspired from the movie "Buried" which wasn't as gripping as "Brake" to me.Really can't understand the low scores here,as it was a gripping movie and didn't bore for a single minute.Great stuff,must watch if you're a fan of movies like "Buried".

Robin T (es) wrote: Not for all public! For a very advised people!!!!