No More Baths

No More Baths

* When greedy land developers attempt to push a kindly widower off of his property, they receive an unexpected challenge from his ten-year-old neighbor in this family-oriented drama that shows a little love can go a long way. After being robbed of his family by a tragic fire, Jake opened his doors and his heart to the children of Glenwood Springs. Having learned a thing or two about helping others from his parents, who work as legal-aid attorneys, Jake's ten-year-old neighbor Keagan is troubled to learn that Jake's home is in jeopardy as land developers and government bureaucrats move in to make way for new developments in the neighborhood. Quickly organizing his friends into a powerful but peaceful protest force known as the "Glenwood Springs Kids Corp." Keagan and friends learn an important lesson in responsibility as they come to the aid of an old friend in need. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Jake lets the children play at his home and tells stories of his role in the civil rights movement. A developer wants to have the elderly Jake evicted from his home to increase real estate value, so the kids decide to go on a bath strike. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley G (us) wrote: It was better than the 2nd one.

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William T (jp) wrote: Melancholy, romance and drama for a typical Almodovar movie.

Mandeep S (mx) wrote: Is there any role which Amitabh cannot do? Answer is "Hell No!".Even though the movie script is full of flaws and fails to grip viewer, Amitabh and newcomer Jiah do full justice to their roles.Bonus to the film is the song sung by Big B himself. Not the greatest of movies, but still worth a watch.

Amy T (fr) wrote: I loved this. Something about it was incredibly captivating. I love how dark it was, the forest, the cows. Greatttt stuff here.

Melvin W (br) wrote: Vinnie Vincent: You always wanted to be like your brother didn't you Jimmy?Richard Lawson: Dead.David North: VERY dead.If PBS attempted to make a horror film, it would come out a lot like Sometimes They Come Back. This movie was pretty much torture to watch. Okay it is a made for tv movie, but I don't care; at least make it somewhat enjoyable. I don't like to call movies corny because it's an overused statement, but damn is this movie corny.The flashbacks that Jim has of him and his brother are simultaneously embarrassing to watch and hilarious. The dialogue is just so fake between them. As for the rest of the movie, it isn't as bad as the flashbacks, but still horrible. I haven't read the short story by Stephen King, but I highly doubt that this captured it like he wrote it.The movie has a lot of King elements that he uses in so many of his stories. A man comes back to a town where he lived as a child like in Salem's Lot and Dolores Claiborne. There's a gang of hoodlums that tormented him and his brother as kids like in IT and Stand By Me. The whole plot is about overcoming something from the past that is effecting you presently and if you don't deal without it forever. I guess by those plot details, it reminds me most of IT.Sometimes They Come Back is down there with the worst of the King adaptions that I have seen. Not quite to the level of Dreamcatcher, but still almost unwatchable. The cast is bad, especially the actress who plays his wife; I'd write her name, but honestly I don't care enough to even look at the credits.

Yash B (br) wrote: It really is one of the saddest movies you'll ever experience. It also raises a lot of ethical questions that really make you think. The film is fairly short but it can easily spark many discussions. It's a movie that stands the test of time since the themes are truly timeless.

Edward F (gb) wrote: Classic Bogart noir, and the film that really got him started. A superb story of an ex-con who gets all the bad breaks, shot agains nostalgic background scenes of a semi-legendary "California as it used to be"!

David F (gb) wrote: Violent and strangely funny film about a futuristic Japan where a class of students each year is taken to an island and made to murder each other until there's only one left. It's gory and shocking at times, humorous and silly at others, as the kids stress out about being put into an impossible situation by the adults in the film. Some of them embrace the violent scenario while others can't bear to live in it and odd bits of their former lives keep popping up in the plot like their crushes on each other and childlike characteristics.

Ari S (jp) wrote: One of the most original and clever takes on the horror genre in every way. Every cliche gets better as the film goes on to address them and pull them apart. Entertaining, funny and conceptually brilliant.

Tyler L (nl) wrote: This movie fucking sucks in like 10 different ways. So the acting is complete shit. the story made shitty sense like i can go watch a child's cartoon and it would have a better plot then this. I spent more time laughing then screaming at this movie, oh wait that's because i never screamed. Whoever wrote the script for this movie should be fired. 0/10 would not watch again.