No More Ladies

No More Ladies

A society girl tries to reform her playboy husband by making him jealous.

A society girl tries to reform her playboy husband by making him jealous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily F (gb) wrote: Such an interesting and emotional take on the classic young adult supernatural genre. Make sure that you bring your tissues, but it will be well worth it.

Gimly M (de) wrote: I've had viruses that kill you plenty of times before, and a couple that make you become a super-human, but from memory I think this is the first encounter I've had with both at the same time.Watching this movie from beginning to end just made me think about movies like Slither, Splinter and Shiver (recurring theme much?) who have all done this thing before, only... Well, you know, good? There were way to many bad guys antagonists, and the main characters were all just boring and annoying people to be around. At least when Justin Roberts became infected (above) he became a little bit interesting (if incredibly cheesy). I really can't see any reason why this movie needed to be released? It's entirely possible that whoever came up with the plot failed and coming up with the money, and he did the best he could, but this is not the sort of a film I'd want to be putting down on a resume.I wasn't strictly speaking bored, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I was entertained. The CGI was appalling the acting was only mildly better. The whole thing was mostly unbelievable. Though it wasn't that bad, it's sooo difficult to think of any actual positive points. On a pass/fail basis, I'd give this movie a big fail. It does a couple of things okay, but it's very difficult to follow, and doesn't really have anything that stands out in apositive light about it.17%-Gimly

Herwin B (kr) wrote: teary-eyed. ok. cried a river. thumbs up Aamir Khan!

alex r (fr) wrote: Very good movie, but not as good as the originally movie walking tall.

Brian G (kr) wrote: Bizarre and completely unpredictable. When Zebraman fights Samara (from the ring)...pure genius...

Bobby L (jp) wrote: Intertwining stories, all set on the Cayman Islands, that come to a head at a party, which is where we start. The movie was shot on digital video, which is sometimes underwhelming and the wrong choice (ie- Public Enemies), but here, is perfectly suited to the building chaos.That's what this movie really is. All the lives cross each other, some without ever knowing it, and it leads to violent chaos. Watching the unfolding insanity is pretty intense, thanks to a stellar cast. Orlando Bloom stars as Shy, a facial scarred native, with a haunting past, and most every other native doesn't care for him. He loves Zoe Saldana, and their relationship is not only the best written, but the one that sets most everything in motion.The cinematography is great, as is the lighting. The music, not so much. Which is not to say that it's bad, just not impressive. The acting, especially from Bill Paxton and Bloom, is very good.Unlike other intertwining-story movies from that same year (2004), this doesn't beat you over the head with it's message, it doesn't pander, and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. The ending is rather perfect as well.

Garry G (kr) wrote: whoa very powerful in it's simplicicty. Totally makes you feel, just by buying the supermarket cheap crap these people total slave to make, that you're part of a big conspiracy to exploit made me sad about the state of the world....but it's still an amazing film so check it out

Geoffrey D (ru) wrote: Short Story was GREAT and it was nice to see it adapted to the screen by the author himself.

jace b (jp) wrote: how do you get to see the movie

Tim W (us) wrote: Dumb and bizarre, depressing, pretentious, manipulative, cheezy, cliche, worse than Ferngully. Crawford is overrated. Ugh and the musical numbers.

Greg W (nl) wrote: A film of incantatory intensity and moment by a prodigiously gifted young filmmaker.

scott g (it) wrote: only getting around to this now, i found it dull at times, and it just dident grab me where it needed to.

Jonathan P (de) wrote: One of Dudikoffs better movies (along with American ninja) it has all can want from a low budget 80s flick, horrible acting, ridicoulos storyline, cheesy sound effects, and tons of action. All in all it is just a fun movie.

Dale H (us) wrote: Lame western, but nice scene of hotties Clint Walker and Mike Henry wrestling each other...

Donna R (it) wrote: got to love that dress and dance!

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Another good Abbott and Costello film.

Panta O (it) wrote: I thought that 2 h 30 minutes will be too long watching this silent romantic drama directed by D. W. Griffith and starring Lillian Gish. But this adaptation of the melodramatic 19th century play Way Down East by Lottie Blair Parker is for sure the best ever of the four made! There were two earlier silent versions, as well as one sound version from 1935, starring Henry Fonda. D. W.Griffith's version is particularly remembered for its exciting climax in which Lillian Gish's character is rescued from doom on an icy river. Some sources, quoting newspaper ads of the time, say a sequence was filmed in an early colour process, possibly Technicolor or Prizmacolor. I wish I could see that! Mine was all black and white. The melodramatic story of the handsome rich playboy Lennox (Lowell Sherman) who is exceptionally selfish and think only of their own pleasure, and his victim Anna (Lillian Gish), a poor country girl whom Lennox tricks into a fake wedding. When she becomes pregnant, he leaves her. She has the baby, named Trust Lennox, on her own, but the baby dies... she wanders until she gets a job with Squire Bartlett (Burr McIntosh) and David (Richard Barthelmess), Squire Bartlett's son, falls in love with her! Obviously, at that time the institution of marriage was considered as a suitable environment for the growth of love, not as a killer of love which usually is in reality. D.W. Griffith bought the film rights to the story that was elaborated by Joseph R. Grismer. Grismer's wife, the Welsh actress Phoebe Davies, became identified with the play beginning in 1897 and starred in over 4000 performances of it by 1909 making it one of the most popular plays in the United States. Although it was Griffith's most expensive film to date, it was also one of his most commercially successful. Way Down East is the fourth highest grossing silent film in cinema history, taking in more than $4,500,000 at the box office in 1920. Clarine Seymour had appeared in four previous Griffith films, and was hired to play Kate, the squire's niece. However, her role was given to Mary Hay, and Seymour's footage reshot, when Seymour died after surgery. Mary Hay was a worthy replacement! Worth watching not only as a part of the cinematic history, but as an art work of exceptional value.

Brian P (de) wrote: one of my favorite action/drama movies ever

Mike N (au) wrote: a pretty uncharming love story that manages to stay somewhat engrossing.

Igor A (mx) wrote: za site rokerishta :).