No Panic

No Panic

Johnny Kraaykamp is released from jail. His pal Rijk de Gooyer comes up with a plan to rent themselves out as handymen, especially since Johnny is able to fix anything with just one slap of...

Johnny Kraaykamp is released from jail. His pal Rijk de Gooyer comes up with a plan to rent themselves out as handymen, especially since Johnny is able to fix anything with just one slap of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry R (us) wrote: This a touching, real life love story... brilliantly acted.

Whitney B (gb) wrote: A beautiful, heart-breaking, intense and simple documentary. Just fantastic.

Anya S (es) wrote: Another Lifetime movie that was actually not that bad to watch story wise, and it also answered the question, where did Alexa Vega go? Even though the story was not too bad the whole visual aspect was weird, awkward, and completely unrealistic. When they shot in the school there was not one light on, the only light source was the natural light coming through the windows with this strange blue accent. This movie came out when I was in high school, and I have to say there was absolutely none of this obnoxious bullying taking place between the other students.

bill s (mx) wrote: Blew all there money on the special effects......that's too bad because they might have had something.

Lian C (kr) wrote: Nothing more than a few laughs.

Jrme C (ca) wrote: everything has been said about this movie, if I had to praise just one aspect it would be the tenderness with which it depicts the life and feelings of twelve-year old boys. In traditionnal fiction they are ridiculed or despised. here there grace, their sincerity and their imagination were magnified. that alone makes the movie worth seeing. how this is done gets it 5 full stars.

Jay B (jp) wrote: Fun, teens-acting-a-fool, road-trip movie.

Nico B (kr) wrote: While the film has some impressive animation and special effects for the time and the casting is decent, Small Soldiers falls flat as an overly confused film that cannot decide whether it wants to be a family film or a disturbing twisted substitute for Toy Story and Gremlins, not the best film to show your kids, they will develop a fear of playing with their toys!

Deke P (de) wrote: liked it. Especially cuz i love Carmel, California, and was stationed at Fort Ord in 1970.

Matt H (ag) wrote: What a delightful comedic classic! This movie feels undervalued as I've never seen it discussed anywhere before. Charles Laughton gives a hilarious performance, and his comic pairing of him and Charlie Ruggles (that must have been confusing on set) is classic and one that deserved a whole series. I've never seen a funnier depiction of someone drunk as the one Laughton portrayed. Sure it's over the top exaggerated, but the coy smile Laughton wears sells it. Charlie Ruggles' character may have a little too much Yosemite Sam in him, but it somehow still works. The other real standout is Leo McCarey's direction. He helps the actor's nail there comedic timing and has a great sense of pacing. He's directed a great body of work that also seems unappreciated when compared to the notoriety of other great American film directors, and I'm starting to find him on par with Ford, Hawks, Huston, Ray, Curtiz, Minnelli, etc. McCarey is probably my third favorite classic comedy director after Hawks and Wilder (Wilder may also deserve more credit for having co-written many of his movies to one degree or another), and he's also capable of making some terrific drama (Make Way for Tomorrow is a classic and is sort of the American Tokyo Story).

Brandon S (us) wrote: Sydney Pollack's Out of Africa is a well made film filled with strong performances and great cinematography, but it doesn't keep the viewer in any suspense. From the opening scene of an elderly bitter Streep you know that she is going to have to go through the typical Hollywood treatment of heartbreak. With all the positives the film has and it's exotic location, it still just doesn't take me in to really invest in any of the characters even after almost the three hour length.

Trevor F (nl) wrote: one of the worst movies ever made!