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Ray S (gb) wrote: This flick does a great job of detailing the run-up to the disaster and has a great sense of immediacy when the events unfold in real time. But the aftermath and the horific damage to the environment will be left for another movie, or most likely a series of documentaries.

Robin P (kr) wrote: Another one of the Hallmark movies that I liked.

Jonathan D (mx) wrote: Tom Hardy gives a great performance of "Charles Bronson". It has weird art visuals and will lose a lot of viewers that simply won't finish it. I almost shut it off about 2 times, but stuck with it. It's a disturbing movie to watch and doesn't have much story to it, just a great performance by Tom Hardy. Also, it has a cool soundtrack.

James H (us) wrote: A very moving film, but also way too long. I wish it had focused not so much on the one couple, but instead have focused on various characters. Very well acted, even with it's excessive length, it remained interesting throughout. Beautifully done.

David M (gb) wrote: I could have gone without seeing this movie.

Juli N (jp) wrote: A brilliant mockumentary that is a MUST SEE for Werner Herzog fans!

Amanda A (ca) wrote: Definately a look into lives of women of all different walks of life..even as they are friends...

Andrew O (mx) wrote: Die Hard reminds us that when an action film relies heavily on its brain and heart, as well as a healthy dose of gorgeous visuals, it can be a masterpiece just as easily as any other genre.

Scott R (ag) wrote: It has its moments, but it has plenty of dull moments too!