No Return

No Return

A thriller centered on a man who is accused of a crime he didn't commit.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:trial,   remorse,   lawyer,  

A thriller centered on a man who is accused of a crime he didn't commit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


No Return torrent reviews

dee b (fr) wrote: How about a quarter of a star!

Shawn S (kr) wrote: The story and the cast are good, the visual effects aren't bad, and the death scenes are entertaining.This is almost as good as the original.

MF J (ag) wrote: Fascinating story and thrilling film. It took me a while to watch it because i had some many unseen films to catch up on but boy was i happy to watch this one. Very good story, great acting, plenty of action and food for thoughts throughout the film. Definitely a must see. Hooray

bill s (gb) wrote: Any doc that gets me pissed off and worked up about being pissed on is worth it's weight in gold and that's a good thing.

Courtney H (au) wrote: I think what bothers me the most is how the ghosts are terrorizing the shit out of these poor little kids! The ghosts are supposed to be the spirits of the mom and two kids who were innocent, good people who were brutally murdered by the nut job husband, right? So my understanding is that their souls cannot rest until they get justice for what happened to them and they are trying to get the attention of the new tenants so their bodies can be located and have the husband be brought to justice. Ok, so that's all fine and dandy but what bugs me is that, again, they are the ghosts of good people - not evil, psychotic people. Yes they are rightfully angry and vengeful but their anger is toward the one who killed them, not the young kids who moved into their house. They could have made their presence known without terrifying the girl half to death, I mean of course she would have been scared at first seeing ghosts but they could have shown her that they meant no harm. Instead it's portrayed like the ghosts are getting off on torturing the girl and scaring her to death. I know it wouldn't have made for a good horror movie if they had been nice, friendly ghosts but in that case the movie shouldn't have even been made. Sure, it was entertaining enough but if it were me I'd be thinking, "why the hell . "would I want to help you asshole ghosts after you've tortured the shit out of me?!" You don't really feel sorry for the poor mom and kids getting murdered anymore after you see all the fucked up things they do to the kids, they end up looking like just as much of dicks as the husband did!

Ryan F (ag) wrote: Let's be honest - this is a cheesy, schmaltzy coming of age chick flick but I do love watching this movie. As someone who grew up in the 80's I do love seeing this through the rose tinted glasses of 80's nostalgia. Weather it's the music, the dancing, the forbidden love story line or the famous one liner, nobody puts Dirty Dancing in a corner.

Masaio S (ca) wrote: This is just a fun movie. Great movie to watch on Halloween. Also, good for someone just starting to watch horror movies.

Jay C (jp) wrote: Not seen it yet, but heard it wasn't that incredible.

Jakub P (ag) wrote: I think this is Formans best American-era movie, together with One Flew and Larry Flint

Jamie I (ag) wrote: I haven't read this graphic novel this is based on but there were times when I could imagine scenes that were ripped right from the comic. These vamps aren't like the vamps I've come to love (Anne Rice's). They are not passionate. They are not emotional. They are not romantic. Instead these blood drilling vampires have one goal: feed. They are not interested in making others like them but they are hell bent on destruction. And when one of these vampires die you don't feel sorry for them. One drawback is this flick is really slow. The "action" scenes (if you can call them that) are few and far between. Is it just me or do movies about really cold places make you feel really cold? The vampires screech their way through killing 90% of the town. It appears only their leader can talk (with poorly constructed sentences at that). The few survivors move from place to place to survive the 30 days of darkness. These vampires aren't letting any survive. They bust the Pipeline and set the town ablaze. But when his ex-wife is trapped Sheriff Evan (Josh Hartnett) makes the ultimate sacrifice injecting himself with vampire blood so he can save everyone during his last moments of humanity. The "hells yes" moment comes when Evan punches straight through head vamp's head during their final bloody battle. Sadly Evan watches one last sunrise with his ex-wife before blowing away. I liked this and I recommend it. I think I need to read the comic now.

Austin F (mx) wrote: 69% Jack Sparrow as a character has officially lost his freshness, but the movie certainly tried harder by featuring a mostly new cast, and shortening the length and confusion with results that are still the same as every other time.

Steve J (us) wrote: Kids love it. predictable standard Disney lore. But what do you expect.

Chris C (us) wrote: Despite a slightly convoluted narrative, Criminal Activities is gritty and slick as it delivers great performances by John Travolta, Dan Stevens and Jackie Earle Haley.