No Substitute for Victory

No Substitute for Victory

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John Wayne hosts this video which was produced during the Vietnam War when the Communist threat was at its height. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sonny B (nl) wrote: Watched this tonight on Netflix. Every Star Trek fan should watch this. You will love it. Every person who has a parent should watch it. You will learn from it. Every person who has a child should watch it. It will make you consider things you might not have thought of before. Every person who enjoys acting, biographies or stories of a wonderful, talented gentleman who played a huge part in one of the most successful Science Fiction franchises will absolutely love this film. The participants tell wonderful stories about interactions with a man who managed fame as well as it ever has been. Leonard Nimoy was a talented actor and a fine human being. The world is a darker place for his absence.

Jay B (nl) wrote: Dumb, but still more entertaining than the rest of the franchise.

Ana G (kr) wrote: comdie lgre, on pleure pas vraiment de rire, mais on a pas trop le temps de s'ennuyer...

Amanda H (it) wrote: I found this film absolutely fascinating. I never would have imagined the amount of work that goes into a normal pageant, but then to add to that, the amount of work that goes into being a female impersonator. I have a huge amount of respect for the men in this film.

Annabelle F (de) wrote: Great movie trying to depict this horrible truth about human nature to the general public. I truly believe it is a must watch so as to have our eyes open, even if a little bit, to this global issue. Power is in numbers, so the more people are aware, the more we can make a difference for the better!___What disturbs me the most was reading some of the critics people left, when people reviewing these types of films have trouble understanding or refuse to open their minds and realise that this level of violence is even worse in the real world, and on a globalscale, sadly. That these unfortunate events are not simply colluded and stitched together to add "drama". Perhaps it's to help these people sleep better at night, thus they rather keep their eyes closed. I don't blame them. But no, the world is messed up, more than people think, and it cannot start to change for the better if people refuse to acknowledge the full scale of violence. It is easy to critic from the comfort of one's sofa, in the safety of one's home. It is easy to critic it as a simple movie. "[Bolokovac] is not an interesting character to say the least" said one critic. Really? Why. Because she had a mundane life, problems like hundred of thousands of middle class people experience? Because she one day started uncovering a sex trafficking ring. and instead of going back to her less than interesting mundane life, she decided to expose it? Because trying to fight a well entrenched acceptance of it at the highest of levels makes her finally slightly interesting as a character, as a human being (because let's not forget, she is an actual real person, in the real world, who exposed this hideous crime)? I am happy to know that at least she finally managed to interest you, dear critic X, and too many others with your opinion, as I am sure it was her aim.And yes, you could say that it is irony that I am writing down my opinion regarding these comfy-couch-critics from the comfort of my own sofa. This is the first time I write a comment. But these couch-critics caught my eye, and yes, angered me. I won't be reading critics again. But the difference between you and I, is that I am going to wake up tomorrow, and go physically work with with individuals affected by trafficking, some of whom had experienced levels of violence not even depicted in this movie. The difference between us, I know what I am talking about.

Andry R (ca) wrote: Buena pelicula, confieso que tenia resitencia en verla, pero una vez superado, la recomiendo. Excelente cinematografia y puesta en escena.

Jamie M (nl) wrote: There's good films, there's bad films, then 50 feet of crap. Then there's American Dreamz.

Reno V (gb) wrote: "PARENTS THE SIZE OF BREADCRUMBS" - 'Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves' is a 1997 comedy adventure, that forms the third installment of the 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' film franchise. I must confess I like this part the least. The same elements as the first film are used, but aren't as convincing. I do think kids will love it, as parents shrink to the size of a breadcrumb and have the adventure of a lifetime inside their own house. With Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters, The Flintstones) returning as inventor Wayne Szalinski. What would you do if you got shrunken? It's been eight years since the events of the previous film. Wayne (Moranis) and Diane Szalinski are living with their youngest son Adam in a new neighborhood. While Diane and her sister-in-law Patti are ready to leave on a trip together, Wayne and his brother Gordon must look after Adam and his cousins Jenny and Mitch. The two adult men go to the attic to shrink the Tiki Man, a statue that Diane hates. But both get hit by the ray. Because Patti forgot to give Mitch his medication, the women come back home. As they search their husbands, they also walk into the attic. With all adults gone, the kids plan to have a party...

Matt T (jp) wrote: Natalie Portman's first major role called for her to awkwardly try to seduce Jean Reno; a mere two years later, she brought an inestimable spark to Ted Demme's Beautiful Girls by playing a self-proclaimed "old soul" who's nevertheless far too young to catch the eye of Timothy Hutton. Considering that Girls' cast also included such famous names as Uma Thurman, Mira Sorvino, and Matt Dillon, the raves that 15-year-old Portman received for her work as the precocious (and, it must be said, utterly adorable) Marty were even more impressive. Not a lot goes on in this look at the commitment-shy shufflings of thirtysomething men in northern New England, and Beautiful Girls didn't attract much attention at the box office, but there's no arguing with raves from critics like Felix Vasquez Jr. of Cinema Crazed, who wrote, "Portman steals all the scenes with Timothy Hutton and lights up the movie in each and every one of her scenes with her beauty, charm and utter exuberance."

Ryan W (au) wrote: ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maan A (jp) wrote: Highly recommended mature comedy set during WWII.

Anthony C (jp) wrote: First off, I'm half Nicaraguan so that makes this movie so much more interesting for me automatically. Second, the true story this movie tells is amazing. Third, it's made really well, it's energetic and oddball and I love it. Fourh, the cast and acting is all awesome. Fifth, the score is by the late great Joe Strummer of The Clash. And Sixth cuz there's boobies in it.I only have one verrrrry strong curiosity, what the fuck where helicopters and cars doing in a period picture?>??

Andrew I (kr) wrote: Apart from some terrible music, this is a pretty good noir, even if the outcome is a little obvious early on.

Ian M (us) wrote: A Foreign flick to check out.

Susan S (gb) wrote: So bad - just - bad - soooo bad. Predictable mindless and poorly staged (smoke from Charlie's hut? Really? The experienced guide versus the millionaire and there's a question about who will survive? Really? The millionaire cleaning up his own mess in the ridiculous ending??) So bad it felt like the scriptwriter and director were taking us all for a ride. Felt like the actors were trying to go their best but were up against it with such a bad script and plot find such poor direction. Do I have to give it any stars?