No Tears For The Dead

No Tears For The Dead

Abandoned by his mother shortly after immigrating to America, Gon is raised by the mafia and grows up to become a cold-blooded hitman. Though usually flawless in taking out his targets, Gon makes a terrible mistake of killing an innocent young girl. Swamped by feelings of regret, guilt and shame, Gon no longer wants to be a hitman, but his boss gives him one last mission. So Gon finds himself in Korea, the land of the mother that abandoned him, on the trail of his last target. But in bitter irony, that target is Mo-gyeong, the mother of the dead child.

Being abandoned after immigrating to America, Gon was mafia nurtured and grow into a cold-blooded killer. She regreted killing a baby and wanted to give up her job. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Molly H (nl) wrote: BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!

Paul O (fr) wrote: A dragged out dull, boring film. Easily one of the worst horror films I've seen.

Tony P (ag) wrote: Despite having several problems, particularly with pacing, Alabama Moon holds up very well. It may just be my love for the state of Alabama and seeing all the beautiful Alabama scenery, but something about this film really rang home for me. I highly recommend watching it.

Christal J (mx) wrote: Acting was alright, but the story was too predictable and pretty unoriginal. It teaches a nice lesson in accepting people different from you and to also believe in yourself too. But, besides all that, it's still pretty bland.

Sara S (de) wrote: I don't think it would be nearly as funny to me if I didn't watch Criminal Minds.

Sandrine D (nl) wrote: L'histoire est un peu pousse l'extrme; mais c'est bien men par les acteurs, dont Andr Dussolier.

Emy L (kr) wrote: You see what they are trying to do, but it really doesn't work. It's already been done before, and much better.

Lee W (gb) wrote: A crossing of cultures, lives, and lifestyles, A movie that you walk away with a smile

Cassidy U (es) wrote: oh i thought this was good!

MF J (ru) wrote: Meg Ryan is trying herself at something new but she fails to truly convince as a boxing coach in this otherwise pretty entertaining film.

Emod L (es) wrote: 58%Although short on the gore and mythology that made the video game so great, "Mortal Kombat" is cheesy, action-packed fun.V: 46%

Bridget B (ag) wrote: Very charming and romantic, although the latter half of the movie felt like it had been a three-hour film cut down to just under two. The beginning flowed with ease, but the later story felt choppy and a little contrived. Jason Scott Lee (and his younger counterpart, as well) was absolutely luminous and a wonderful choice for the romantic lead.

James H (br) wrote: 52/100. This made for television movie rarely rises above ordinary. The cast in general is good though, especially John Forsythe. Fairly suspenseful and it has some clever twists. The score is a little overdone. Watchable, but not very memorable.

Wayne H (br) wrote: An enjoyable movie with a predictable ending. They made too much use of Lon Chaney's eye close-ups. It was Lon Chaney meets Dragnet. It is worth watching.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Although it's one of the esteemed director's lesser-known works, "Empire of the Sun" is ripe with themes acquainted to those who love the work of Steven Spielberg, and it feels very familiar. It's a worthy story centered around a conflict during World War II that not much is known about, and the filmmaker tells that story with the same passion and style that has become his trademark.Unfortunately, I also found the film to be somewhat cold and uninvolving, with a lead character atypical of Spielberg, a precocious young boy played by Christian Bale. He's difficult to like in the beginning simply because he's a spoiled brat, but I suppose that's the point. But after the war is over and the lengthy film comes to an end, you never get the sense that he has evolved.It's a rather unemotional journey, and you just wonder what the point of it all was. The film seems to shelter Bale (and the audience) from the true horrors of the way, and a great many details are ignored which would appear to be quite important and relevant to the story. Most notably missing, in my opinion, is the Pearl harbor bombing which is only alluded to in the very beginning of the film.It'c very clear that the filmmaker was trying to tell a very personal story against the vast backdrop of the global conflict, and these minor qualms could have been overlooked had it been able to better connect with its audience. Sadly, "Empire of the Sun" will remain one of the director's good movies among a great deal of great ones. Everything about it feels right but it left me rather indifferent.

Phillip P (ru) wrote: Why have I only just seen this film :-D