No Time for Love

No Time for Love

Circumstances force the unstructured yet charming Danish Bohemian novelist, Simon, to share his flat in Copenhagen with the very organized and beautiful Swedish lawyer, Malou. Simon dreams of children and a family. Malou is solely focused on her career. Despite being in opposition they warm up to each other. But even though opposites do attract - can they also manage to live together? Against all odds their meeting sets of a chain of events, which will ultimately change their lives forever.

When career focused Malou meets Bohemian Simon she realizes that opposites DO attract and that it's really only when you're open to the unexpected, that you truly live and feel life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather R (fr) wrote: cartoon alright not as good as movie

Steve W (jp) wrote: This bromantic comedy sees a real estate agent with no male friends seeking a best man for his wedding. The first hour or so is nice, with some hilarious set ups with him trying to find a guy, but it slows down in the final third of the film. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are great, and have amazing chemistry, but there is no conflict. The conflict really forced, and it feels artificial that the wedding would not happen. Overall its a forgettable bro flick.

Shaeda M (jp) wrote: Entertaining and nice movie, easy plot though

Hli L (jp) wrote: Unconvincing great intentions for a worthy cause. I just wish it were to WTO what Blackfish was to Sea World.

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Josh S (jp) wrote: AS good as the first.

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Tim W (jp) wrote: Great actors, intriguing plot line, this movie motivated me to live life today as tomorrow could be teeming with monster mosquitos.

Sean M (ca) wrote: It was definitely a good movie, no doubt about that, but I was disappointed with all the stuff it was set up to do but never accomplished. Movie cover featured, and big names on set David Carradine as Count Dracula and Bruce Campbell as Van Helsing, never actually did anything whereas small-timer Jim Metzler took all the screen time.

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