No Weapon Shall Prosper

No Weapon Shall Prosper

Action - Diana lives her life trying to appease her husband's abusive outrages. She finds comfort and guidance in the arms of another man. When her husband discovers Diana's extramarital affair he threatens everyone she cares about. Lost and with no direction to turn, Diana finds solace in God and realizes she was never alone. - April Marcell, Aries Marvin Uzzle, Ryan Harrington

The ugly truth of domestic violence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


No Weapon Shall Prosper torrent reviews

Eli N (kr) wrote: It does literally nothing new. It just steals things from Chucky, Rosemary's Baby, and countless other better films. Just don't waste your time.

Joy E (fr) wrote: Absurd... just absurd...

ChadPoop G (br) wrote: This film was very HEART felt and I liked it, but Its too bad I cant recommend it to everyone I know cause of the unnecessary cussing in it.

dragon g (gb) wrote: inspiring and tells us all the dame truth ...

Daniel A (it) wrote: first of all, this five star rating is a general rating to the whole series, aswel as the review. secondly, its a magnificent study, more than anything else. more than the label of documentary or tv show. I saw the whole series, from when the subjects were still children, until they're 49, and I must say, its so damn interesting to see and reflect on how people, in general, evolve, wether mentally or physically. Its also briliant because it provides a comparison basis to the viewers, as it did for me. Its no problem to be 7 and say you want to be an astronaut and prefer to play instead of thinking about girls, its no problem to be 21 and don't have a clue of what to do in the future. these are just some examples of some things that are all part of life and growing up, and this doc proves that quite well.

Lubna S (gb) wrote: I LOVE THIS WHEN I WAS A KID

RetroMagFan (mx) wrote: Rabbit is being an Easter Scrooge and Pooh, Tigger, Roo and the gang must show him the spirit of Easter.Not one of my favourite Pooh films as this is just A Christmas Carol put as an Easter version.People who like Roo will hate Jimmy Bennett's voice and Rabbit's mood like pushing Pooh and the others out of his house and slapping Tigger is just too intense for a Pooh film.

Tony Raul G (gb) wrote: Loved this picture, terrific performances

Exinco e (au) wrote: ha..ha whoopy again? she must be funny

Erin D (jp) wrote: a very good film, it's about seeing the bright side with all your might.

Dean M (ru) wrote: Director Fred Olen Ray delivers a campy, sexy, very bloody parody about attractive prostitutes who dismember their unsuspecting customers.

Camden N (mx) wrote: Sorta boring, but there was a neat scene where


Mr P (br) wrote: Campy and fun. Enjoyable if you get off on b-movies and werewolves in general.

Diego E (ru) wrote: OK translation from the book to the screen, but its not close enought to the queality of the original story.

Arslan K (ag) wrote: This movie comes from mixed reviews but I would say this is a really funny movie. Christopher Walken is amazing in it so is the rock. One of my fav comedies