A man who suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood.

The film is made based on the story about Noah in Bible. The Creator realizes that humans are ruining the world and themselves. He decides to completely destroy the world by a deluge. However, one person who represents to the good side of humans – Noah – is chosen to know the plan. He makes the ship for his family and animals to pass through the deluge cleaning all the sin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Noah torrent reviews

Marius M (gb) wrote: Najlepszy polski film jaki widzialem !!!

WeiThye L (ru) wrote: Director :4/5Cinematography? 5/5Cast : 4/5Story : 3/5Music : 5/5Watch again? : 4/5

Laara C (ru) wrote: Quite like this movie, it shows that you're never late to start something new like going to school. It takes dedication and patience, even if others don't believe or are hating. This character truly didn't back down he kept going strong. Its a movie with a great message that age is nothing but a number.

Gretta v (kr) wrote: Good music and good sex adding up to NO :/

Scott C (gb) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow plays British very convincingly. It's a sappy film, but alright for it's genre.

Marissa S (fr) wrote: Before watching this movie in high school I had no appreciation for jazz and swing music and the influence that it had on not only America but the world over. After researching the subject and learning of the the actual events that took place during this time period the depicted occurrences aren't only plausible but downright true to life. The suicide of the young man for his beliefs were not entirely uncommon, especially when it's as influential as the jazz and swing movement of the late 30's and early 40's. this is a great and greatly underrated movie for film and history buffs alike.

James H (es) wrote: A Keanu Reeves film that everyone has overlooked. Plays sorta simular 'Ted' character but with heart, in this deep story about friendship and loss.

Ben S (ru) wrote: Who knew that aerobics classes could inspire so much drama? A structurally disastrous, two-hour wallow in '80s emptiness. I enjoyed every minute--until the last 15.

Bruce B (es) wrote: If you want to see what films were like before being politically correct hit the big screen this is your film to watch. Just to see what life was all about in Harlem in the 1960-1970 made this film enjoyable. The dress of the pimps, the action taken by NYPD, The Mob and the Streets of New York. If your insulted by bad language then this is not your film. Blew my mind to see a film made in 1972 with the word raciest used so many times. Lot of enjoyable forgotten black stars. This one goes to the top shelf of my collection. 4 1/2 stars.

Bill T (es) wrote: Although I am not the biggest fan of Italian movies, I found Pasolini's Accattone to be quite raw gritty and well done. The story focuses on one man's plight in a thing called life in Italy. Trying to eke out a living by any means possible (which in his terms means practically doing nothing at all) Accattone essentially pimps out all the beautiful women he comes involves in, and when that doesn't work, is forced into manual labor. Pasolini does a commendable job here, filling his screen with Naples in the raw (well, from what I understand, Naples isn't exactly the most glamorous city to begin with), and does wonders with his mostly amateur cast. Although the film does run a wee bit too long for my tastes, this all in all, is a very good movie, one of which would be of interest to fans of Italin Neo-realist films.

Nicholas G (br) wrote: This film is changing the world! Powerful and inspiring!

Des S (nl) wrote: This was a decent movie, with the perfect creepy guy, but some of it seemed unbelievable.