A look at the future and how to solve global problems such as poverty and the environmental degradation through a series of interviews with Nobel Prize winners.

A look at the future and how to solve global problems such as poverty and the environmental degradation through a series of interviews with Nobel Prize winners. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles G (ag) wrote: I liked the movie even with the obvious stereotypes.

Kilo D (it) wrote: The images and characters stick with one for years after and with a second watch "Gomorrah" holds up despite some flat moments in an otherwise emotionally exhausting gangster flick.

Luckee C (es) wrote: Golmaal is an excellent surprise sprung by the director. It is way above its expectations, and is sure to deserve credit for that! Make sure you don't miss this one... and watch it with your whole family! Recommended! Verdict = Semi Hit

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Aditya G (kr) wrote: (+) Views of great american grasslands(-) everything else

Russell H (de) wrote: actually not bad. The acting was pretty good and it never got boring. Good modern take on the fairy tale.

Daniel W (ag) wrote: Quite a revealing telling of the story of Stuart Sutcliffe, and of the Hamburg-era Beatles. It's not the most endearing portrayal of John Lennon for those who may only know of his later images, but I daresay it's probably a fairly accurate one.

Maher S (ag) wrote: wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwwww

James B (jp) wrote: it moves faster than many of the films in this vein, which does make it more watchable at times, but also it shows far less restraint than those movies. it hits you with dark, heavy concepts and doesn't dare to resolve anything...

Eric R (de) wrote: Oh Lord! What have I done to thee to be cursed with such a hunk of garage Alien rip-off in my VHS collection? I mean look at that glorious old VHS artwork? Doesn't that promise a schlocky good time in the vein of Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World? That awesome VHS artwork sure fooled me and I was sadly dished up an alien liquid turd instead.This Alien-rip-off has a group of astronauts while exploring a new planet (throwing a football in zero gravity no less!) discover what looks like a baked potato wrapped in tin foil. They bring the damn thing aboard only for what looks like a gooey sock to crawl out. Later we are introduced to another group of people aboard a space station and do to some electrical malfunction the station blows up! So finally, what seems about halfway through the film we are finally introduced to our main characters who are on a spaceship that just managed to escape the explosion of the station. Sadly this vessel that escaped also has that gooey sock creature which has grown to be the size of a large dog. Our dog sized snot ball decides to start killing off our crew one-by-one, Alien style!This complete Alien rip-off suffers the most from low production values. I mean the production designer couldn't even design a ship which has hallways no one can stand in! I shit you not the crew has to crawl on their hands and knees to every room! Everything from the shit design of the ship, to the effects, to acting, and to the none-existent directing is AWFUL to the highest extent. It's so damn bad that I only could watch half of the film when I originally bought it at a pawn shop for a measly 50 cents. My sister and I however later found the film to have plenty of unintentional laughter and come to think of it I've gotten a $100 worth of entertainment out of the 50 cents I spent!Overall this is a horrible Alien rip-off in the highest degree. This comes nowhere near the entertainment value of Creature, Inseminoid or the above mentioned Roger Corman productions. This is definite bottom drawer Alien rip-off material. However just because it's awful doesn't mean it doesn't have some great unintentional laughs. Buy some beer, some pizza and invite some B loving movie lovers over to your place to have some great laughs. Also make sure to listen to the lovable "Crystal of the Star" ballad played throughout the end credits!Bonus Rant Part I (Spoiler): Our Alien at the end is revealed to be a good alien after he has become a born-again Christian by reading the bible in the ships computer. What!? The damn thing even has the gale to tell our last survivor that he only killed the other crew members because they threatened them in some way. What? The damn think chased one woman around a room and it thinks SHE threatened it! Bullshit!Bonus Rant Part II: Later VHS releases and the DVD release (which I haven't upgraded to yet) have a very deceptive cover artwork. The artwork was changed to have a more threatening looking Alien and crew-members sleeping in hypersleep tubes. This new artwork was no doubt created to make this look like even more of an Alien rip-off than it already was. Nice try fellas!

Emily S (kr) wrote: An incredible, little-known film noir that is as complex as it is intricate. Joan Crawford and John Garfield each give multi-faceted, gut-wrenching performances. I'm a music major, and I fully thought John Garfield was a virtuoso violinist. There are intense close-ups on his hands playing the violin! How could he not be? Imagine my surprise upon learning that Garfield's own hands never touched the violin in those scenes. Two different men were crouched under him playing the various pieces, one with the bow and one doing the fingering. It blew my mind. The satirical mastermind Oscar Levant also provides fantastic comedy relief with his dry humor and self-depricating moods. This film certainly deserves more notoriety than it's received, and I would recommend it to anyone that would love to see fantastic performances by wonderful actors.

John B (it) wrote: A weeper. It is interesting to see Cary Grant in very uncomfortable situations. It veers too much into the soap opera realm but is nonetheless a good afternoon film.

Andrew M (br) wrote: ShelterShelter 2010? 1/2 Watched 07 Apr, 2016Shelter (which also apparently goes by the name 6 Souls, but only on very specific platforms?) has some good ideas, but they are executed horribly. The first half or so of this film is a semi-engaging psychological drama about a man who switches personalities between different muder victims, as well as some of their physical traits. It's a compelling idea, but writer Michael Cooney eventually drops this admittedly alluring premise for a schlocky and cliche-ridden supernatural horror film. There's nothing explicitly wrong with supernatural horror films in general, but what Cooney, as well as directing duo Mns Mrlind and Bjrn Stein, has created is needlessly incomprehensible and convoluted. The film is half and half in terms of visuals: there's some solid camerawork at play at times, and other times the camera is stuck in a vanilla still shot that feels too distant or too close. The cast gives it their all, but nobody feels truly invested in this material. Julianne Moore (an Academy Award winning actress, mind you) seems to be trying hard, but lacks the emotional punch we know she's capable of. Jonathan Rhys Meyers mostly manages to nail the different personalities of his character, but there's no subtlety in his performance whatsoever. All in all, this is an entirely forgettable horror/mystery flick with very few redeeming qualities. Skip it.

Rayane E (nl) wrote: One of the best romantic-comedy I ever watched

Amanda W (kr) wrote: Different/Not bad/Kinda Liked.