Nobleza baturra

Nobleza baturra

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Nobleza baturra torrent reviews

Catherine W (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie, the dark humor, the tense moments and especially ( for me) the message was: You cannot pretend to live in a lie forever. The truth always find a way to show up, the masks will fall down, and you have to face the truth, or that lie will sink you down, sooner or later.

Julio A (de) wrote: Good story, but the true best things is that Leon and Ada stay true to their character and this movie doesn't ruin the Resident Evil story.

Harry Thomas N (ca) wrote: this is one of my all time favorite movies. any one who enjoys traveling will get this movie. OPA!

Miikka O (es) wrote: Quite a strong movie, despite being really dark and grey. Cinematography in Sgisball is superb and when both the story and the actors are there as well, it kind pushes the film directly to a decent level. Yes, the movie has a few cliches and yes, there is some over-acting, but still, these things come in few numbers and the overall things the movie oozes is quality. Characters are quite interesting and the movie paints a realistic-feeling portrait of one of the Tallinn's suburbs. All in all, it's quite recommendable, especially for those ones who don't just watch those too obvious Hollywood movies.

Tim B (es) wrote: the gore made up for the bad acting

Carlos I (au) wrote: Very good true-crime flick about innocence lost, and lives ruined by horrible decisions based on trying to be a gangster. Ben Foster is an amazing actor.

Patrick M (fr) wrote: I know it didn't get very good reviews, but I like Steven Seagal and I'm fine with any movie he makes.

Joe O (ag) wrote: It's beautiful to look at and imaginative in its design, and yes, Robin Williams and Director Barry Levinson are 100% committed. But "Toys" still ends up being a tonally inconsistent, confusing mess.

Aephraim S (ru) wrote: Visually stunning, and Jeremy Irons in top form. And there are certainly some excellent bits adapting Kafka's themes, and amusing elements like the twin assistants, but this flixster description as a "stark art-film fable for lit majors" is a bit extreme for something which metamorphoses (sorry) from The Third Man into Moonraker somewhere along the way... Anyway, definitely worth the 98 minutes or whatever it was, but no great classic.

Camille L (au) wrote: Il y a une nergie et une honntet folle dans Pump Up The Volume qui fait que le film d'Allan Moyle reste une oeuvre culte pour les jeunes ayant grandi avec. Malheureusement, ceux qui ne sont pas de cette poque ne ressentiront pas les mmes choses, car mine de rien, Pump Up The Volume est tout de mme centr sur des problmes dsuets, le digne hritier d'un John Hughes qui ne doit plus vraiment parler grand-monde aujourd'hui. Ceci dit, les performances de Christian Slater et Samantha Mathis sont particulirement bonnes et la bande-son trs russie. Certaines squences sont marquantes, d'autres un peu ringardes, mais c'est ce qui fait l'originalit de ce Pump Up The Volume. A voir pour la curiosit.

Jared B (au) wrote: good damn this movie brings back memories! Nonsensical avalanche of silliness and obscurity!

Natalie M (mx) wrote: A Truffaut film that follows the downward love spiral of Adele Hugo (daughter of Victor Hugo). Based on a true story.

David B (au) wrote: Very entertaining Rogers and Hammerstein with lovely songs and some unusual touches such as a ballet sequence. Too bad this is not shown in theatres anymore as it was shot in widescreen and now the soundtrack has been remastered. Best enjoyed at home with your home theatre system up high.

Melanie S (kr) wrote: Out of the many renderings of this classic work, this is neither the best nor the most imaginative. But what points it gains is for the stellar cast and for the sheer visceral, albeit unrefined, nature of the filming. Putting a stage work on film is a difficult trick at best, no less so when it involves such a heralded work of the Bard as this. But this particular adaptation has its moments. For film, it's a bit over-staged and over-stagey, but you can't fault the overall talent and David Tennant isn't entirely miscast as the gloomy Dane. Tennant's best work emerges when he's opposite someone with chops and fearlessness to match his own, which make the best moments of this rendering the ones with Gertrude (appropriately Freudian, one could argue). Not for the faint of heart, but a valid adaptation nonetheless and while not entirely entertaining or lacking in content, it has enough shining moments to appeal to the most die-hard of Shakespeareans.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: David Lynch you are a genius.Eraserhead tells the story of Henry Spencer who lives in an industrial wasteland where he must contend with a new, strange baby, an unreliable girlfriend, a beautiful girl across the hall and the lady in the radiator.Never before have I seen a movie that disturbed me, grossed me out and left me confused, but for some reason I can't stop thinking about it. Eraserhead is both shocking and unique, as this movie drives into the mind of a man who's having a living nightmare of rising a child that he never asked for, the environment that he's living in and just how unhappy he is. What David Lynch is so good at doing is making he's movies feel like a nightmare or a dream, just by how it's directed and shot creates the effect perfectly, and Eraserhead is the icing on that cake. Watched the movie twice already and after thinking about it; Eraserhead is a work of art.

Private U (fr) wrote: This movie is about a mishap at the printer's. The card is supposed to say "Invitation to a Gunfight", but they get it wrong

Ron G (it) wrote: I watched on Amazon Prime and couldn't take my eyes off the screen. At several points I had to remember to breath.