Nobody Knows Anything!

Nobody Knows Anything!

An aspiring filmmaker learns that success in Hollywood doesn't come as easy as she suspected as she attempts to discover the formula to success. When the guidance of her helpful has-been uncle fails to pave the way, Sarah Wilder must seek the advice of such Hollywood heavies as Mike Meyers, Ben Stiller, and Fred Willard -- only to discover that the old adage is true and Nobody Knows Anything about how to succeed in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles.

In this comedy about Hollywood, Sarah thinks making a movie is easy. With the guidance of her screenwriter uncle, she goes on a wild journey into the world of Hollywood where she meets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paula L (nl) wrote: Outstanding performance by Sean Penn!!! He is probably one of the greatest actor alive.. The movie is strange but if you give it a chance it is quite good although there are parts that don't work.

Inta K (au) wrote: nice action movie about crazy earthquakes in usa..

Kristina K (au) wrote: More Werner than Lynch. Well it is a Werner movie after all. Good stuff.

Matt H (ag) wrote: After having watched the good "Talk to Her" and the masterpiece "The Skin I Live In," I was really expecting a lot from my 3rd Almodovar movie, and, unfortunately my expectations were not met. Broken Embraces is a melodramatic soap, and even worse, a boring one at that. Take the love triangle seen a million times with rich guy and his mistress, throw in an uninteresting writer/filmmaker, and you've already seen this movie. Well made, I admit, but really a shallow piece of work when examined at all. A small revelation about Diego near the end is laughingly obvious and dull, very much like the rest of this movie. I think this is a case of the director and audience clashing over stakes and priorities; the big revelation is almost less about what happens to Cruz than what the writer/director's long time partner did a long time ago to hurt the guy's movie, the restoration of which is supposed to be the emotional climax of the film. The problem is no ones cares, and the movie within the movie doesn't look so hot anyways.

Aaron K (it) wrote: Romain Duris is a great actor.

Chris S (ru) wrote: I wanted to like it... Not really original, and really, not that funny either. I'm honestly surprised William H. Macy signed on for this one. This is definitely forgettable.

Sylvester K (nl) wrote: I zoned out after about 30 minutes, the plot failed to engage me in what goes on in the film, characters were dull, I wish I could have gotten the 85 minutes I spent on watching the film back.

Aleks C (es) wrote: Sometimes I have no words.

Michael B (jp) wrote: Entertaining! A wild ride! A Shocking, fast-paced thriller!

Alec B (es) wrote: The scenario that puts the plot in motion and the plot itself might be a little too ridiculous but I can't argue with how well tension is mined from the ever changing mutinies, counter mutinies, and counter-counter mutinies. One of Tony Scott's more effective efforts.

Carmen L (br) wrote: Okay, I love these darned cartoons!^_^ They are just so funny(better in french). I love the little doggy and the character who gets whacked all the time for playing the harp!:P HAHA!

Jessica H (fr) wrote: a strange film that does not quie accomplish what it sets out to accomplish. I found my brain liquidfying everytime I hear a bad one liner. It's one of those films you might catch on tv when there is nothing one, but you quickly turn the station to anything else, unless you are in the mood for something scifi like.

Cameron M (jp) wrote: Like a one-sided conversation with a popinjay and tedious to the point of restlessness, My Dinner With Andre loses the initial intrigue of its originailty with its faux-profound stories that aren't engaging even once the conversation becomes two-sided.

Facebook U (de) wrote: Well done and Michelle is herself quite the beauty. Unfortunately, and maybe it's impossible, Michelle doesn't have the je ne sais quoi that made Marilyn so fetching. Michelle does her impression well enough in the drama queen side of Marilyn, since we don't have much of an idea there. Eddie does come up as smitten and his bits work. Kenneth as Laurence Olivier grabs the film and gives it a good spin, which helps tremendously. Sweet and sour story.

Monique M (gb) wrote: This is my very first time reviewing, so please bare with me!Saw this on Netflix and on a movie channel with my boyfriend long time agoNormally, I am picky on when it comes to teen movies, but this one had caught my eye ever since I watched one person made a rewind about it.Anyways, She's All That is actually a good movie to me and I watched it at least three to four times whenever it comes on TV or if I ever feel like watching it again on Netflix.The fact that the main character Laney Boggs went from dorky and unpopular to a beautiful, popular girl had actually inspired me to write out something similar to my persona and it's like an ugly duckling moment if you ask me.Mm.. Paul Walker really played his role as Dean Sampson, Jr very good and I actually want to see more of that kind of character in other movies. Overall, I would give this movie a 5 out of 5 because I just love the movie and I prefer to watch old 90's movies.