Nobody Loves Me

Nobody Loves Me

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On the brink of her 30th birthday, Fanny feels the door to marital happiness closing up on her. She is obsessed with death, even visits evening classes on dying and so it seems fitting, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (ag) wrote: Unable to transcend the original.

Rik A (ca) wrote: This was one of the better of the 8 films I caught at SIFF this year. It's got the right amount of tension and release, with a building sense it isn't going to end well.

LouisPhilippe D (jp) wrote: fuck there's not enough movies like these. AMAZING FILM, must watch!

Marina N (us) wrote: Fun to watch and Kareena's good mood is simply addictive. Love the scene where she is mistaken for a call girl :)

Michael K (us) wrote: among the worst of the worst

Glenn C (it) wrote: "Zombedies" seem to be running amok on our screens at the moment and Doghouse is a great little British movie. Its about a bunch of mates escaping the wives/girlfriends for a boys weekend in a remote country town. When they arrive it turns out that all of the females have turned into rabid cannibalistic zombie-like ferrals. Its very cool and the gore is aplenty (its good gore too). Its creative, genuinely funny and tight with a nice running time of 86 minutes. Loved it!

Drew S (it) wrote: YES THEY HAVE FIONA HORSEY'S ENTIRE FILMOGRAPHY ON FLIXSTER NOW!!! She is my goddess. My awkward, weight-variable, shitty British horror goddess. I am trying to find contact information for her to tell her that her movies are the best thing since anything ever, but all I've found is her band's Myspace, and I think that would kind of make me a dick to contact her through that. Also this is the best movie ever.

Casey B (kr) wrote: [b]Pharmacist[/b]: How can I help you?[b]Me[/b]: Umm, can I have some dopamine?[b]Pharmacist[/b]: (confused look)...[list][*]It was a tough decision to rate it a six. I was considering giving it a seven, but I had to be objective.[*]Conventional like most romantic comedy type movies, though this one has some intelligence to it and it was still enjoyable.[*]It makes you think a little about love: is it just a chemical reaction?[*]The lead guy (John Livingston) is a pretty decent actor though not great. To some it may seem like he's not a great actor, but I think it is just part of his character.[*]The lead lady is better (Sabrina Lloyd -- I think she was on the show Sliders) and she is very cute. Don't worry... that didn't affect my rating of the movie.[*][b]Recommendation[/b]: In the mood for some chemistry? Like that squishy feeling in your stomach? Awww, the butterflies won't stop fluttering...[*][b]Grade[/b]: 79.95% C++[/list]

Steve R (ag) wrote: This film has all the wit and entertainment of a present day Saturday Night Live episode. For some, that may sound like a compliment. For me, it is comparable to the end of life as we know it. At least Saget remains consistent in his output of base crap.

Jamilah C (es) wrote: Love this movie, very good.

Eric R (us) wrote: Producer Charles Band is sure good at coming up with really interesting ideas that sadly don't have a budget to properly back them up. Dollman falls into this category as the concept is really bad ass but the budget restrains the film from reaching its full potential. That however still doesn't strip it from becoming fun B-science fiction drivel!Meet Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson), a badass burnt out cop prone to violence on a far away world. He begins by saving a bunch of fat women in a laundry mat from a thug, gets fired by his superiors and then gets kidnapped by his arch nemesis who just happens to be a floating head (you see, Bardo blew away various body parts in previous encounters). He blows the hell out of the floating head's goons and then takes off chasing him in space ships. Both their ships hit some weird space disturbance and they are thrown across the galaxy where they land on Earth (the Bronx no less), a planet where Bardo only happens to be 13 inches tall! On Earth Bardo saves a struggling mother from some goons and our villainous head gets taken in by some sadistic thugs (lead by future Freddy Kueger actor Jackie Earle Haley). By the film ends we know some serious blood is going to be shed by these little guys!The film is literally split in to two separate parts: Pre-Earth arrival and post-Earth arrival and to be honest the pre-Earth arrival is the best part... and he isn't even 13 inches tall yet! This sequence with Bardo on his home world is dark, atmospheric and loaded with machoism and violence. I had a ball! The film actually takes a little of a nose dive once he arrives on earth as the film just isn't as interesting from a visual aspect, despite the novelty of having our character being only 13 inches tall.Director Albert Pyun is one of the best known directors for making schlock films. I either love or hate this guy as he can make some entertaining as hell B-movies or some that are downright unwatchable. Dollman thankfully is one of his better efforts. Hell I might go as far and say that Dollman might very well be his best film (though it would be a battle with "The Sword and the Sorcerer" and "Mean Guns" ). He actually does an adequate job here and loads the first part with a great dark atmosphere. Pyun impressed me with this release.As for the cast how could you go wrong with casting Tim Thomerson as Dollman. Dollman really is the exact same character as Jack Deth from the Trancer series so that means he's a loveable asshole. Great one-liners and tough as hell. Jackie Earle Haley is also wonderful as our head goon. I always felt that he was an actor that never got the respect he deserved but thankfully audiences are coming around today with his wonderful portrayals in both Watchmen and the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.The special effects take the blunt of the budget restraints as it is very obvious on more than one occasion that dollman is a "doll" in a toy spaceship. Even with the budget restraints Pyun does his best to get around the obstacles.Dollman is an extremely fun B-movie with enough extreme violence, kick ass one-liners, machoism, and a cool storyline to keep any B-movie lover entertained. Dollman is definitely one of the highlights out of Full Moon Entertainment's classic era. A sequel did follow in the cross-over film Dollman vs. the Demonic Toys but that film wouldn't come near the likability of this cult classic.

Jose Luis M (jp) wrote: Uno de los primeros trabajos de los Coen, casi caricaturezca pelicula y de humor negro.

Michael S (mx) wrote: Underrated at the time, overrated today this is not really a good film, yet it is facinating to see Hepburn actually playing a boy. The gay subtex is undeniable. But that does not make it a great film

John B (us) wrote: Very Hitchcockian indeed.

Derek B (mx) wrote: One of my personal favorites of Brooks. Wilder is perfect is Frederick Frankenstein (it's pronounced Frankunsteen), and his craziness is perfectly believable. The brightest spot in this film, for me, is Marty Feldman is Igor (prounced Eyegor). He is the funny guy, the one that throws the curveballs and doesn't appear to take anything seriously. If you have not seen this film, stop reading these reviews and go watch it.

chris d (ru) wrote: The cinematography is absolutely insane & innovative even through today.... great acting, blown away by this movie.

Nathan K (br) wrote: Ughghfyhjghthvjgmbhhhhhhniuj