A cop is suspended from the force when he gets to personally involved in solving the murder of a womanizing L.A. songwriter.

Police detective Joe Warner investigates the shooting of womanizing composer Keith Vincent. Evidence points to suicide and that is the official verdict, but Joe doesn't buy it and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nocturne torrent reviews

August C (jp) wrote: Visually striking but looses a bit of steam in a muddled message.

Meredith W (gb) wrote: Great casting with Colin Farrell and Jim Broadbent. subdued and restrained in its approach, very British I would say. Quite emotionally charged though as the film examines its title in an interesting way. When was the last time Blake (or us) really seen our father? Was it at the funeral or his sick bed?

Amber O (nl) wrote: Ahahaha, it's like soft porn for all three generations. OK, not really, but a bit surprising, a slow chick flick with some gusto.

Deadly V (us) wrote: The three brothers re-join for the last time...

Patrick O (it) wrote: I saw this when I was 12 at boarding school in UK. I was brought up in West Africa and although we didn't have Lions this film destroyed me with longing for home. Of course in reality Joys' story ended tragicallyandt the abiding sense of Africa in this film is authentic.

Jack R (us) wrote: A very fun and energetic children's film with an iconic, imposing performance by Julie Andrews and culminating in one of the most emotional scenes I've ever seen in a film, involving George Banks receiving fateful news from the bank he works at and walking there to meet what was coming to him.

David B (it) wrote: Warner Brothers studios of the late '20s & early '30s is said to more openly and bluntly portray the lives and struggles of average, working-class people. Moreover, this dance director, Busby Berkeley, is alleged to be somewhat more sensual than their peers.All this is important to me because I find most movies of the 40's and 50's to be way, way too pristine, sterile, and politically-correct (for that time). I am looking forward to seeing more movies prior to the formation of the Production Code Administration (PCA) (1934-1968), which required all filmmakers to submit their films for approval before release (to monitor for everything under the sun).

MF J (ca) wrote: The unique Werner Herzog is embarking us with him deep beneath the surface of the earth for a tour of the Chalet cave in France. The documentary is very interesting and entertaining with Herzog himself narrating the story. In 3D , i have no doubt the film must look amazing. Great documentary.

Zinc Z (mx) wrote: I like it but its way to long

Brandon W (fr) wrote: Where do I begin? When the trailer for this film came out, I was extremely pumped. It came from the team behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and looked like a badass western film. What sad is that this film has all the tools for success. It takes place in the lawless frontier, it has a great cast and some of the action set-pieces, especially the climax, is so well choreographed and exciting. The problem lies in the story and characters. With a western like this, especially a Disney one, you don't need this super complex story that is over 2 hours long for it to be interesting Although, if you do want to have a super epic complex story, you better have some dynamic characters... this film does not. I love Armie Hammer and I love Johnny Depp, but they have little to no chemistry together and their comedic chops are extremely lacking. With the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann all worked well together because they all had enough screen-time to build character and empathy with the audience. Here, I cannot even tell "the girl's" name in this film. Hell, I couldn't tell you anybody's name other than Tonto. That is a really bad sign that you don't even remember the main character's name. He is supposed to be this badass "Lone Ranger" but instead, we get a wimp who doesn't believe in shooting guns... Okay, who was the studio executive to let that one slide? Overall, it's watchable. For anything, admire it for its locations, production design and action set-pieces. Unfortunately, that is not enough to hold most people over. People want to like and remember the characters in their movies and we didn't get any here.

Ian M (br) wrote: A Hammer Film that paved the way for horror & sci fi later on. Brings out tension beautifully. Really well-made and still pretty disturbing. A great piece of movie history.

Paolo G (it) wrote: Faceless bureaucrats shuffle paperwork posing innumerable hanko stamps that mark the moment a life will be terminated. The life is that of illustrator Shinichi Kaneda. We don't and we won't know what crime he committed, and it does not matter. The eye of the camera compares him to a little ant crawling on the tatami, whose life is casually snatched away by a well-meaning hotel maid.From a novel by Akira Yoshimura, "Vacation" will surprise anyone familiar with American prison dramas (or perhaps with the prison system itself) to the point of looking almost alien. Toru Hirai, is one of the prison guards, imprisoned by his job, who volunteers unsavory duty of assisting in the death of a man in exchange a one week vacation for his honeymoon, and above all to connect to an adoptive son that rejects him as his new father. We are with Kaneda even when he is not present. Time ticks towards his execution, and the film moves nervously back and forth in time leaving pauses and silences that make the confrontation with what is happening on the screen inevitable. Kaneda cries and drinks his last glass of water. Toru , the prison guard, looks on as powerless and resigned as the spectator. The result is a poetic, but tale of redemption, and an outstanding movie about the death penalty with surprisingly little melodrama.

Eric R (fr) wrote: Sooo good. Robert Ryan is does a great job in this film. The script is one of the best and its really a great story. Its very well shot and engaging with an amazingly unnerving ending.