Noises Off...

Noises Off...

A travelling theater group has so much action going on behind-the-scenes it almost ruins the performances.

A travelling theater group find so much action going on behind-the-scenes, they almost ruin the performances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Noises Off... torrent reviews

Joe E (mx) wrote: this could have been fantastic but the low budget and bad acting couldnt make it exciting.. it was ok

Jennifer F (jp) wrote: a great documentary about how Afghanisan is changing cleverly told by following the first season of "Afghan Star" thier version of american idol. Afganistan from an Afghan's point of view. refreshing

Jesus H (it) wrote: aburida buu pero no es mala

Anne C (fr) wrote: e title led me thinking tat it was another time wasting film but i was actually surprised by e plot, as well as the professionalism of e characters, wanna see e contrast? -> Evidence (2011)

Alexa M (es) wrote: I love it 100%The ending is truly emotional and we need more awesome films like this.

Andy P (br) wrote: Having not read the novel, the film take an unexpected detour halfway that almost turns it into two completely different films. A terrific performances by Rupert Graves is the glue that hold it together, though.

Luc L (es) wrote: This is an entertaining pleasent fantasy comedy about a man named Larry Burrows (James Belushi), who doesn't realized he has a good life. After getting fired from his job for trying to find out why employees are getting layed off for the company, he works for. Then one night, while his car breaks out on his 35th birthday. He decides to have a drink in the bar and he meets an mysterious bartender (Two Time Oscar-Winner:Michael Caine). Larry always wonder what his life would have been liked if he just hit that baseball 20 years earlier. This bartender actually grained his wish, he gets to live this alternative lifestyle but he has an different wife, two children, a former best friend and a mistress to control! Belushi makes this movie fun to watch and Caine certainly adds class in his supporting role. Linda Hamliton plays Burrows' wife in his unalternative life. It is an underrated Belushi movie along with "Taking Care of Business", which both of these movies came out that same year!

Kara H (mx) wrote: Terrible acting. Maybe that's the style of the movie. But this I can't tolerate. Didn't watch the whole thing or even close to it.

Michael R (au) wrote: this was a great movie. one of the beat war movies ever.

Scott C (nl) wrote: I love David Mamet, but don't remember this very well. I didn't find Lindsay Crouse very engaging.

Timothy J (us) wrote: The original "The Omen" was decent. But this sequel is so mediocre that it isn't hard to believe that they didn't make a part 3.

John C (br) wrote: A romantic comedy as only Cassavetes could have made it. Though it's offbeat and certainly not for everyone, it's undeniably fascinating.

Jennifer H (au) wrote: A great story. Emotional and touching. Great song too.

Tom H (es) wrote: Decent Western with Rock Hudson arriving as a scout to a mad mans command, Unable to see eye to eye on Seminole Indian matters turmoil ensues as one man is driven by his own success , and the other is driven by a moral code. The ending was a little too easy for me, it should have ended with the path that the film seemed to be taken. But that would not be your typical Hollywood ending at that time.

Sean C (ag) wrote: Opens strong but becomes rather dull and predictable as it carries on. Dommic West is in top form here.

Prince P (kr) wrote: Love this movie such a classic