Bill Marks is a burned-out veteran of the Air Marshals service. He views the assignment not as a life-saving duty, but as a desk job in the sky. However, today's flight will be no routine trip. Shortly into the transatlantic journey from New York to London, he receives a series of mysterious text messages ordering him to have the government transfer $150 million into a secret account, or a passenger will die every 20 minutes.

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A Z (ag) wrote: Are you really surprised that the critics didn't dig this?Tarzan and Jane are a happy, upper class, straight white couple. Married. No squabbles with each other, perfectly happy. The white hero saves a lot of black people, and they admire him. He the white man is the "beloved son of Africa." Yeh. Much too pure for today's Libernazis. Don't be surprised at their reactions.The movie was excellent.

Jennifer K (ag) wrote: Weird movie but great acting, i love Christian Kane in this his voice is just amazing!

Nicholas B (jp) wrote: Without a doubt top 3 christopher walken movies. hes almost as insane as he is in deer hunter. Dogs of War is in the top 15 movies i have seen ever.

Dan M (nl) wrote: Very sweet little flick - It's a bit dated, but it's also bit timeless, so that's not really an issue. A bit of a cat and a curmudgeon theme. Reminds me a bit of Jim Jarmusch movies.

Fabrcio M (gb) wrote: an avant-garde trash served as the sole purpose of inspiration for big names like quentin tarantino. the end!

darth v (kr) wrote: This is really bad. I guess Treat Williams and Ronny Cox couldn't find any work, so they took on this horrible project. How far these second-tier stars have fallen. Even the special effects were super cheap like the crap they show on SyFy these days.

Drew S (ca) wrote: I was very impressed by this one, I don't know why but it was very well done.

Erin O (mx) wrote: A very interesting black comedy that's apparently developed a pretty big cult following over the years. As evidenced more famously in "Psycho," Anthony Perkins makes an excellent nut job.

Joshua L (de) wrote: The cinematography and some of the acting was good but the movie was so shit!