Noor pensionär

Noor pensionär

One lovely day a young man, a former ballet dancer suddenly finds himself on a pension and begins searching for a new place in life. Fate brings him together with a rather mischievous young...

One lovely day a young man, a former ballet dancer suddenly finds himself on a pension and begins searching for a new place in life. Fate brings him together with a rather mischievous young... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arvinth K (au) wrote: the worst super-hero movie ever --- such a poorly scripted & executed --- not even a single thing in the film can be appreciated --- took 2 days to watch this movie :'(

Morten B (gb) wrote: Man venter og venter, s tror man den bliver god og bliver skuffet igen! Det her fungere ikke, slet ikke! Det er under min vrdighed!

Joetaeb D (kr) wrote: Never mind the fact that it adds little new to it's 80's premise. What's not to love about Escape plan teaming macho men Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger together, and a second half that's so pulse pounding and fun filled?

Steve C (ag) wrote: Let's be honest here, i am not a professional critic, not by a long shot, but i have seen more than enough movies in my life to have some pretty opiniated thoughts about the movies i see. I have seen some bad movies in my life, but i have to tell you, if i were to compile a list of bad movies, i am almost 100% certain this one would be in the top 3. From the second i popped this one into the dvd player i knew i would be in for a boring ride, this is the type of flick that you watch until the end even if you are barely keeping awake because you convince yourself that maybe the ending will redeem the movie, but then you are monumentally disapointed. I was lost during the whole movie, this really is story telling at it's worse, it basically comes down to a bunch of people running around in some dark ''spooky" corridors during the whole movie, once in a while a "scary" shadow lurks in the darkness. I never truly understood the movie and the end just makes you want to scream in pain because you have just spent two hours of your life thinking you will get answers at the end. who are these kids? are they dead? alive? do they just want to leave? are they really bad? do they feed on flesh? what happens to the main characters? guess what? you never find out. Who is this Luna chick who directed the movie anyways? i don't blame her for not revealing her full name after making a piece of stinky poop like this, if she had given her name i'm pretty sure i would have sued her for the 3$ i spent on the rental. Only reason this movie is getting 1/10 and not 0/10 is because Oksana Akinshina is pretty hot and Rade Serbedzija is a hilarious guy(ok not in this movie) but just looking at him makes me laugh, plus it's kind of funny looking at him talk to himself in this one. Please take my word for it and leave this one on the shelf.

BellaRay (mx) wrote: Always looked really budget to me.

James M (es) wrote: As a movie made for TV it's good but I think the man deserves a bigger audience

Ethan A (fr) wrote: There are way worse Bond films, but there are also way better ones. With some pretty kick ass action sequences and a great theme, Octopussy is a tid bit underrated in my opinion, even if it does fall into complete lunacy at times.

James G (ag) wrote: Ken Russell makes a good old-fashioned musical. That's right, showtunes and a boy-meets-girl love story, based on the corny but fun musical The Boy Friend. It still has Russell's trademark cine-literate layers, with a deliberate nod towards 42nd Street and homages to Busby Berkeley, the story on stage paralleling events backstage (a la Kiss Me Kate), and a Bachhanalian fantasy scene which is more akin to Russell's familiar 'decadent' style. It's an excellent cast of many of his regular actors. Twiggy is the nominal star, but for me this film is all about Antonia Ellis, a backstabbing vamp who (appropriately) steals every scene in which she appears. It's a real oddity, very quaint (something of an anachronism when it was made), but enjoyable and interesting to watch Russell's repetory show a lighter side (several actors can also be seen in The Devils which came out just prior to TBF). It has to be noted that Twiggy is excellent in this, her first acting/singing role, the camera loves her, she has an unaffected naturalness appropriate for the role, and carries a tune sweetly. Shamefully unavailable on DVD like many of Russell's classic major studio movies.

Amber S (ru) wrote: Funny and endearing..

007 W (es) wrote: Tango is such a good movie, it's one of my favorite kids movies of all time

Carol H (kr) wrote: One of those so-so films; the kind that you don't love or hate.